Running a business in Nigeria or anywhere else comes with a lot of responsibilities; from production to organization, to customer care, taking stock, and so on. The digital space has always created so many opportunities and innovative ways of solving problems, creating solutions to make life easier, faster, and seamless.One of those solutions is Google Workspace.

Google Workspace has been around since 2020 and it's not a new thing but not all small business owners are taking full advantage of these tools to help them reduce tasks and improve the smooth running of their business. So, if you own a business and you need tools to help you run it smoothly, you definitely need to read this.

What is Google Workspace?

Picture a group of work applications like email, documents, sheets, forms, file storage, and so on synced together to get things done with a cloud-based built.

For a start, I'm going to highlight the common tools in google workspace that can help your business daily.

1. Google sheets

This tool has a lot of functions and might want to explore them but your focus should be on calculation, formula generator, and data input. With this tool, you can get your numbers and figures in order and accurately. It's fast and saves time. You can derive insights and manage sales using this tool. And this will help you decide what you need to improve or change in your business regarding sales and data.

2. Google Drive

You can wave goodbye to data loss by using this app. The storage function allows you to store all files in one location. There is always enough space to store your files. It's safe and on days your device crashes or freezes, drive will help you pick up from where you stopped and everything is automatically stored in cloud space where you can access it from anywhere on any device.

3. Google Docs

This is where you can create, and edit text documents for your business. It's a web-based word processor. The changes you make are never lost. You can share your work with anyone if you have a team or someone outside your business. And you will be able to see the edits as they make the changes.

It's easy to work with anyone on a particular document and you will be the one in control to permit or not permit who sees or edits the document.

4. Google Forms

This is to create forms for surveys or questionnaires. This can be achieved the same way you'll use the docs app. There are no technicalities, just pick and drop format. It is professional and meets the standard for a good survey or questionnaire. You can also access the data of your survey and analyze it with the google sheet mentioned above.

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5. Gmail

This takes care of all your professional emails and keeps away junk or spam emails. It's free from ads and it comes with the option of customizing employee email to go together with the company domain. There is the smart reply and smart compose that are enabled to help you compose your email better.


One good thing about the Google workspace tools is the fact that they are integrated instead of jumping from one tool to another. You have everything you need in one place. If you have team members you will be able to share work or projects with them for collaboration easily from any device and anywhere.