• Who we are

    NELOC Media is a Digital Branding, PR and Communications company that deals with online property. We are poised to setting the standards via our digital trends in content, branding, graphic representation, videos, media ICT, website design and development and related media services.

    An integral part of our purpose-driven investment is our commitment to the pursuit of excellence irrespective of changes in the future and increasing uncertainty in societal trends. 

    We exist to create and promote a sustainable brand that will redefine existing media standards and lead the new digital evolution.
    To do this, we help businesses to inspire and implement solutions in the society through our high quality products and services at affordable prices while leading the way for socially- conscious business.

    We also develop and nurture the young dexterous workforce to aggressively promote the creative drive for sustainable development and foster unique values in upcoming entrepreneurs.

    Again, we successfully create a connection with our customers, employees and business partners so as to have a chance to increase overall profitability. We proffer solutions to societal problems with our high valued products, services and innovations, build aspiring entrepreneurs and commit ourselves in the pursuit of excellence.

    Our team of smart staff makes a family of young, cerebral minded persons working together to give the best of creativity out of a place of learning, teaching and collective growth.

    Our Policy and Core Values is crested in the E.C.R.I. This acronym is our creed and responsibility in our services. The E.C.R.I depicts

    E- Excellence in our services, involving the very best hands in customer satisfaction.

    C- Commitment in our words as we hold them dear to heart and work towards its fruition.

    R- Respect to our customers because we value your personality, putting an extra touch of perfection to your esteem.

    I- Integrity in our services, making us do the right thing always.

    Brands we have worked with
    The Echo Digital

    The Technology Market


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