If you are a blogger in Nigeria, chances are that you have been frustrated by many ad networks while trying to earn money from your blog, especially the popular Google Adsense. If this description perfectly meets you, then you have found the right post for you.

Before you jump to the list, one thing to take note of is the fact that every well meaning blogger must be hardworking enough to earn from blogging. Also, while this list is as comprehensive and accurate as it can be, your earnings may differ if you do not put in the right efforts. This means that in many cases, you must have tangible blog content and a willing stream of audience or blog traffic that will make you earn on these platforms.

That said, here is a list of recommended Ad network alternatives for Nigerian publishers. We manage a network of blogs at NELOC Media and we have tested these ad networks at one point in time or the other, so you can trust that we are accurate with our reviews.

1. AdNaira

Boasting in its membership of over 5000+ publishers, 2,000,000+ monthly impressions and 300,000 monthly conversions, AdNaira is an online advertising media agency that connects Advertisers to their target audience through high traffic websites and apps in Nigeria. Adnaira has a vision to become the best online media advertising agency in Nigeria, by leveraging on blogs and web publishers' platforms to get targeted audiences for advertisers. You can choose to signup as an advertiser or earn from your blog by signing up as a publisher here

2. NgAdverts

NG Adverts is an Ad Network  where advertisers can easily display their ads on thousands of websites. Like similar ad networks, the service makes it easy for advertisers to reach new customers on millions of websites while publishers get access to only the highest paying ads per time.

3. AdQuet

Adquet is another digital monetisation platform that connects advertisers to publishers across the web. Adquet has been around for a while now and the minimum threshold for withdrawal is #5,000. You can signup for Adquet and input their ad codes on your website or blog by clicking here

4. IntechAds

A very recent development in the advertising and publishing industry, Intech Ads is blazing the trail in digital monetisation for Bloggers. However. Bloggers are only permitted to sign up with one URL. This means that if you have multiple blogs, you don't stand a chance with all your blogs because you only sign up with one. The catchy thing with Intech Ads is that the threshold is set at #1,000 (which is interestingly the lowest in the industry) and so, we can only wait to see what big thing the future holds. You can simply sign up on Intechads here.

5. Dochase Ads

Dochase is another long time advertising company in Nigeria that seeks to help grow your Business, improve brand awareness, customer engagement and customer acquisition. The make payments to publishers every 30 days at the end of the month. You can sign up for dochase ads by clicking here

5. Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads is a popular advertising network that allows you to. You can signup for Propeller Ads here


6. Adsterra

Adsterra is an advertising agency that allows publishers to earn from thheir website's content. You can signup for Adsterra here

With all of these Nigerian ad networks for publishers that we have listed, you should definitely find one that will reward your efforts in blogging. To be honest, blogging can be very futile and frustrating if you do not have appropriate returns and that is why this post exists. While we hope that this list is comprehensive enough, there is also Foremedia Ads and a list of other related advert networks for publishers in Nigeria. However, we cannot confirm their authenticity at this time and since we do not have intentions to mislead the public, we can only say that we will update this article if there is any positive report about the other ad networks.