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The New Man Movement hereby calls for Submissions into the third edition of her annual writing contest.

The New Man Writing Contest is a yearly contest organised by The New Man Movement, a body of young vibrant minds that desire a change in society, that begins with the youths; with the believe that writing has a power of changing men from the old to the new.

In its third year, The New Man Writing Contest is targeted at the promotion of literary works by combing through the forest of literary virginity in students of secondary schools, exploring the diversities of culture and personalities in Africa and keeping the bond of unity in creativity.. You can read about The New Man Writing Contest (NMWC) and previous editions here via www.thenewman.org.ng.

The 2018 edition would be hosted in honour of H.R.M, Oba Adedokun Abolarin Omoniyi, Aroyinkeke 1, the Orangun of Oke-Ila Orangun, Osun, Nigeria.

Submission Modalities.

Note: Entry fee is FREE

1. This contest is open to ALL STUDENTS of Secondary Schools IN AFRICA.

2. Entries should be sent via mail to newmanwritingcontest@gmail.com

3. The biography of the writer should be contained below the body of the mail (preferably after the submission) in no less than 100 words. 

4. Length of submissions
a. PROSE: Maximum, 8000 words.
b. POETRY: Maximum, 200 lines.
c. DRAMA: Maximum, 5 Acts.

This Contest is open from November 18th, 2017- March 21st, 2018.

All winners would be announced on this platform and ALL Media Partner Platforms.


1. 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners would be published in The New Man Writing Series.

2. A Certificate of participation in the contest will be issued.

3. Other submissions shall be published on online literary blogs, international journals and websites.

4. Top prose and drama works would be adopted into movie scripts (courtesy KBLAQ TV)

For sponsorship and further enquiries, please call +2348106155905, +2348065991278, +2348146798514, or +2348107978515.

November and the Konga Yakata Deal

Hello, Welcome to November. It is not just one of those months as we
have the #OdunLoSoPin feeling in the air. Christmas too knocks loudly
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Let's see gifts. Let's see fun.

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Fridays and the Dress Sense Palava

By Nelson Vincent | Ile-Ife, Nigeria.

Today is Friday and the average individual in this part of the globe
believes that the dress code should be a "native wear," showing the
belief in customs, culture and tradition, and possibly promote the
#ProudlyNigerian Brand.

With the #TGIF (#ThankGodItsFriday) hastags flying around, the bet is
made. What kind of outfit best suites a Friday? Do we rather say the
white man's collar, skirts, blouses, trousers and suits would be
preferred or the custom made local "agbada, buba and wrappers?"

Some adjoin the fact that Friday is practically a free day, a kind of
"free-styled" day in the Nigerian parlance. It is the start of a
week-end and so the dress could possibly affect the sensation of the
period, either positively or negatively. In this extraction, the
activities on a Friday actually matters, moving from clubs, vigils,
parties (especially the aso-ebi dominated ones), journeys and a longer
market list.

Our fashion sense has largely evolved in years. The fact lies that
with every passing day, it either gets worse or better. The matters of
self esteem goes beyond the principles of "you are addressed the way
you dress." In whichever case, the position of choice can still not be
ruled out.

It goes far as which gender is mostly affected by the wrong dress
sense syndrome. This too remains a battle of the mind, even though, it
poses a glaring answer.

Well, the question remains: What dress would you pick this Friday?

Let's have you in the comments box below!

#WonderFriday #TGIF #WeekendMuse

*Agbada is a long flowing gown
*Aso-Ebi, a unique dress worn by a group of people usually for an event.

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Poetry: Together

By Nelson Vincent A.

If you will take a land
I will pay for it.

If you will cut the grass
I will till to heaps

If you will buy the seeds
I will plant them all.

If you will water the crops
I will watch and guard

Until it grows
Your part remains My part
And harvest comes.

About Poem: Together is a poem that discusses unity. It strengthens
the Amos 3:3 Biblical verse, an allusion.

New Man Movement set to host writing contest in honour of Oba Adedokun Abolarin

Yesterday, organisers of The New Man Writing Contest, reviewed to be
the largest, free entry writing contest for students of secondary
schools in Nigeria revealed via her website (www.thenewman.org.ng )
that the 2018 edition of the contest would be in honour of H.R.M, Oba
Adedokun Aroyinkeye 1, the Oragun of Ila Oragun.

Poetry: One Road, One Vehicle

By Nelson Vincent.

Iya Sikira,
Aunti Janeti,
If you have lifes, live.

Iya Sikira paddles her feet
From Genesis to Revelation
Her husband, Baba Suberu
Has no remote for his home

Aunty Janeti too
The first daughter,
In like manner
Strolls aimlessly from bed to bed
The glory between her legs
Is perused by cows and dogs

Boda Tamedo,
He has a long chain
Plus a market list of ladies
His roll call of the captured and the prey.

One, two, three and four
Baba Suberu numbers his concubines
This family is a nation
who do we blame?
Moral Negligence or What?

It's One Road, One Vehicle.

(This poem discusses moral negligence. It largely contains words in the yoruba language, a South Western dialect in Nigeria.)

Love poem from a Chemist

By Olaniyi Olagundoye Samuel

Dear Sodium, 
I was a poisonous gas (Chlorine)
Before you came into my life (Sodium)
Your presence brought newness
Into my very person

The Backslider's Cure

Bible Verse=> Luke 15:11-19

The prodigal son was once under his father's roof, fellowshipping with him, day and night. Suddenly, he made a decision [to leave his father's will and to do his own will]. And as a good father, "he gave him whatsoever he would". The prodigal son followed his decision to gratify his fleshy desires in opposition to the thoughts of the father.

Are you like this prodigal son? 

How is your fellowship with God like? [Fellowshipping with God entails true worship, studying the Scriptures, prayer, etc.] Is it growing, stagnant or declining? The last two shows a backsliding state. Oh! You're busy? You see, God understands. He understands that you can be busy with normal everyday life AND STILL HAVE A GOOD TIME FOR HIM. Yes, He understands! That's why He has given you the Holy Spirit to HELP you [with everything all together]. He's powerful!

Still the question.

Are you like this prodigal son? What about those fleshy desires? Desire to get mad, watch pornography, masturbate, fornicate, lie, etc. What is your weakness? Do they control you instead of God's Spirit? (Galatians 5:16).

Beware of backsliding, that's the only way you can be cured.

After a while, the prodigal son needed food, just as some need spiritual food [to overcome]. The prodigal son ran to his father who had this food in abundance (Luke 15:17). He understood that his father was wealthy. Dear reader, you need to understand that God has what will make you thrive [spiritually, health-wise, ministerially, etc] in abundance. Run to Him for help today. That's the cure. Trust Him, He will surely restore you as His child, ("for this my SON" Luke 15:24) and strengthen you more.

N. B.: From verse 17, the change only came when he came back to his senses. As the restored sheep, you came back because of the consciousness that you're away. This consciousness is there because of God's love. Do not despise backsliders. Pray for them.

If you have backslided, please, say this prayer:

Oh Lord, thank you for your grace. I am sorry for going outside your will. Please restore me in Jesus' name. Amen. 

Please intercede for all backsliders:

God, thank you for your grace. Please make all backsliders conscious of their backsliding state and let them return to you in Jesus' name. Amen.

Thank you very much for your time.

God bless you. Shalom.

Death again?

 By Damilola Funso-Adu Deborah

Death, why would you take Rita?
I expected the loud "lub"
From the heart of this good sister
Who passed out in the bathtub
Lo! I heard no sound

Register for The Youth Capacity Summit 2017


The Crew of AWON ODO (THE YOUTHS), a youth-oriented show on Orisun
89.5FM, Ile-Ife, wishes to invite the general public to her Youth Summit scheduled to hold on Wednesday, October 11, 2017 at Conference Centre, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.

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