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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure...

Register for The Youth Capacity Summit 2017


The Crew of AWON ODO (THE YOUTHS), a youth-oriented show on Orisun
89.5FM, Ile-Ife, wishes to invite the general public to her Youth Summit scheduled to hold on Wednesday, October 11, 2017 at Conference Centre, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.

AWON ODO (THE YOUTHS), a 30-minute show, which airs on Orisun 89.5FM Station at the family hour of 5-5:30pm, focuses on contemporary global issues affecting the youth age range - societally and otherwise - and carefully examine them with the large audience participation and the invitation of Guests.

In the bid to further create a platform for perfect discussion and cross fertilize ideas to brace up for the necessary challenges of the youth period and diligently and consistently striving in our little
capacity to improve the status quo for the Nigerian youth, the Youth Capacity Summit becomes imperative.

would charge the youth to maximise their potentials and available opportunities for the modern day drive; also to get the facilitators not only to touch upon the issues affecting the Nigerian youth but also driven to proffer practical solutions and opportunities for
interested individuals in their respective fields.

It will also be an avenue for re-engineering the thoughtfulness of the total independence of the Nigerian youth without settling for less from the government at any level and suggest to the government at the state and federal levels the sustainable developmental strategies to project the youth as the pillars of the society.

The Summit would feature intellectuals (administrators, entertainers and entrepreneurs) who would lend their voice on the burning issues of human capital development and capacity building.

Seasoned intellectuals who would speak at the event include: Asiwaju Dayo Israel, UN Consultant, Amb. Adeniyi Matthew, President-General, World Youth Forum, United Nations, Mr Bankole Omisore, Special Assistant to the President of the Senate on New Media, Hon. Afeez
Bolaji Repete, Special Adviser to Oyo State Gov on Youth, Sports and Students Affairs, Mr Gbenga Ogunbowale, CEO, E-power and a Digital Marketer, Mr Oladayo Amusan, Online Entreprenuer (Tailoring), Amb Umar Galadima, Technical Assistant in the Office of the Special Adviser to the President on Youth and Student Affairs, Ace Comedian, Otolorin Kehinde Peters (Kennyblaq), Lizzyjay Omo Ibadan and a host of others who would lend their voice air their authoritative views on the subject matter.

The Summit which commences by 9am prompt will have over 250 purpose-driven youths as participants. The gate fee is absolutely Free.

Interested participants can register through


or contact the following numbers for further enquiries:
Kehinde (07031998843),
Suliat (08170785914).


Awosusi Kehinde
Programme Anchor_

Odemuyiwa Suliat Abike(Speaker Sully)
Secretary, Planning Committee.

Preventing Hurricanes: Duty or Instructions?

Recently, we have had so many natural disasters. A reoccurring one is the hurricanes.

Hurricane irma affected Florida in the U.S.A. killing more than 16 people and affected the power supply, making sure that about 2 million people lived without electricity.

A hurricane is a type of storm called a tropical cyclone. It forms over tropical or subtropical waters. A hurricane is a tropical cyclone that occurs in the Atlantic Ocean and north eastern Pacific Ocean. A tropical cyclone is a rapidly rotating storm system characterized by a low-pressure center, a closed low-level atmospheric circulation, strong winds , and a spiral arrangement of thunderstorms that produce heavy rain.

America has been hit by 3 hurricanes recently and they include: hurricane jose, harvey and irma.

Now what causes this disaster??

Warm ocean water plus the Earth's eastward rotation.

This is the simplest answer.

Scientists have already warned that the response to the recent hurricanes shows how terrifying and unprepared the world is for the kind of extreme weather events that will become very common as the Earth gets hotter.

How can these be prevented??

Take care of nature and your environment properly.

It's more than an instruction. It is a duty.

Araromi Emmanuel Oluwatobi is a writer, blogger and poet. He is a contributor to the Kilenra.com Idea and runs the Evolve Scientia Column on NELOC Blog every Wednesday.

I once took a break from purpose- Sijibomi Aremu on Walk The Talk

Walk The Talk is an Interview Series on NELOC Blog. Today, we have Mr. Sijibomi Aremu, a principal member of  BeyondThinkers, an organization with the "Discover, Inspire and Equip" principle. Let's read his story in the next few lines, his salvation experience plus his break from purpose.

NELOC Media: Can we meet you?

Mr Sijibomi Aremu: My name is Aremu Sijibomi Olumide.
I hail from Osun state. I attended Yaba college of Technology with a degree in Business administration and Management.
I'm currently serving at Loyola College in Ibadan, Oyo state where I teach Economics.

NELOC Media: Corper "shun"! What inspired BeyondThinkers?

Mr Sijibomi Aremu: What inspired us to start BeyondThinkers was Matthew 25 vs 14-30.

In 2015, Some young guys came together, with a scriptural reference {Matthew 25 vs 14-30}, they have experienced people in tears because those people couldn't achieve their dreams.

We discovered that Education is gradually falling and everyone is losing value in our environment, everyone is in chase after money and fame regardless of how they get it...... Our society especially teenagers are all losing focus because of the wrong information they have, so with God's leading we established the initiative where we discover, inspire and equip teenagers and youths with great talent in Nigeria.

At first we were called Positive Thinkers. But during the registration, we discovered that an organization already had the name. So we prayed and got the name BeyondThinkers.

NELOC Media: BeyondThinkers... Inspiring. More grace.

Mr Sijibomi Aremu: Amen

NELOC Media: You started in 2015, what are your achievements so far?

Mr Sijibomi Aremu: A lot.

Inspiring members.

Hosting of an annual conference where we allow members to Exhibit their talents

We call it DFCC, which means Drive for Change Conference. We had the first version last which was tagged; The Giant Leap.

This gave and encouraged BeyondThinkers members to look beyond their current status and take that big step towards greatest and in attendance we had 127 people in 2016.

NELOC Media: How tough has it been in fulfilling all these?

Mr Sijibomi Aremu: Sincerely speaking, I don't think we have encountered a tough situation in achieving them. Everything has being working for our good. It is all about Jesus.

NELOC Media: Beyond the societal relevance, Can you tell us about BeyondThinkers?

Mr Sijibomi Aremu: Wow! BeyondThinkers.
We do three things...
We discover, Inspire and Equip.
Let me take it one by one.

We at BeyondThinkers believe in the inert skill(s) that lies within every man. No man is born worthless or without skill/gift; this is the drive, the exact reason that propels us to creating value to life. We are set to search and dig out from as many youths and teens that enrich the nation.

That is one.

It is continuous thing. From Discover we move Inspire.

Discovery of a purpose isn't the end of it"s process to becoming valuable; there's the refining moment. Every discovered treasure in its crude form gets to be refined. In the refinement lies the extent of its beauty and attractiveness.
That's what we do at this stage.

We don't just discover and inspire; We empower, We Equip you. It is the creation of platforms that enables people to exhibit their skills; showcasing what they have to the world. And we do this once a year #DFCC
Also, it creates a connection with professionals who have attained remarkable success in chosen fields.

That's all we do

NELOC Media: What positive impact has the NYSC had on you?

Mr Sijibomi Aremu: (Plenty o)
I am the Treasurer of my CDS group. It taught me two things.
1) I must be accountable
2) I must be responsible.
And I thank God

NYSC is involved in a scheme called SAED Skills and Acquisition Entrepreneur Development. I joined the public speaking section of it, to improve myself professionally.
NYSC is fun I tell you.

NELOC Media: Do you follow the idea that NYSC should be scrapped?

Mr Sijibomi Aremu: No.

But it should be Optional as for me. coupled with an increased allowance.


NELOC Media: BeyondThinkers and NYSC? How have they merged.

Mr Sijibomi Aremu: It is not fun my Lady.

I and the principals of BeyondThinkers had to rugged it to keep the two running, and we don't know how we did it. It is God. I can say what we did actually, was to delegate work and duties to non-serving individuals. Then we do monitoring.

NELOC Media: Please narrate your salvation experience?

Mr Sijibomi Aremu: Very funny serious experience. Long story though, but I will cut it so short

I was not that academically sound back then, though I loved God and everything about Him, yet I didn't know Him.

So my dad came to see me in school that very Sunday, with a message for me, given to him by a pastor.

The message was I should always read Jeremiah 33 vs 3 and my life would change. I started it because I was desperate for that change. Friends mocked me then. Family members too.

I started a personal prayer with the scriptural verse. To the glory of God my life changed. My brain opened. My memory was able to retain things I read.. I said to myself "Oh miracle! Life is coming up". I wrote all exams once and passed! Jamb, post Jamb. I got admission.

I joined YCTCU, Yaba College of Technology Christian Union. That was where my life changed totally. Baptism of the Holy Ghost and the rest.

I give glory to God.

NELOC Media: Wow! I'm inspired!

NELOC Media: At what particular point did you find true purpose?

Mr Sijibomi Aremu: Young age I will say.

I found out I had this ability of speaking to convince you to do my will. So I used it as a strength. Motivating people towards their dreams. Especially the lazy ones!

NELOC Media: Have you ever thought of taking a break from purpose?

Mr Sijibomi Aremu: Yes I have done that before. Ask Why? Things were not working the way I wanted, so I stopped, and do you the message I got from God?.

He said since you gave up on your purpose, can I give up on you too... for where!
I jumped up back and changed strategy about life.

And I've been fine since then.

NELOC Media: Wow! I'm inspired.

NELOC Media: Based on the fact that youths are faced with a lot of distractions, what is your advice from your experience?

Mr Sijibomi Aremu: They should read their books. Fix their gaze on Jesus. Finish... With that, the sky is the starting point

NELOC Media: Your parting words to all BeyondThinkers and everyone with a purpose.

Mr Sijibomi Aremu: Expect the highest and best you can imagine, and work to make it so. But don't let judgment cloud the value that is already yours to live.

Know that every moment is a beautiful moment. Open yourself, humble yourself, allow yourself to embrace the beauty in whatever form it takes.

NELOC Media: Thank you for coming sir. God bless you.

Dellasdiary Set to feed a hundred by October

There's this kid that comes to my house everyday when I was young, I personally thought she basically came to play like other kids not knowing her parents sent her so early to come so she could eat with us.

Little money. Poor feeding.

Let's take a step in eradicating this! Let's make someone smile!

*FEED A HUNDRED* is October 21st!


Feed A Hundred is s project to be hosted by The Dellasdiary Movement in October 2017.

We are feeding a minimum of 100 people with the inclusion of beggars, orphans and the needy generally in Lagos, Ilorin, Ibadan and Ife.

We need hands and cash!

Please do well to make donations to;
Marvellous Onyekponwane
Zenith bank

For more information contact
Marvelous: 08103299263
Acalypha: 08147258808
Adeola: 08148660651
Elumide: 07037410896

Spiritual Cosmetics: Give me my load

"Elizabeth, what's this?" Her conscience pricked her.
"What? Oh! I can't believe this" she said when what she just did dawned on her.
"This thing has wasted my time" she said, almost crying.

Then the Holy Spirit brought to her remembrance what Kenneth Hagin did to the devil- he kicked him out when he was disturbing him from listening to Jesus. Just as the devil was disturbing her from doing the right thing, thereby wasting her time.

God, Music and Man: Walk The Talk with Bayo Adegbite

NELOC Media: Can we meet you?

Bayo Adegbite: My name is Adegbite Adebayo Samuel. I'm a 26years old graduate of Political science, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. I was born into a family of five although, my father is late, as far back as 1997

NELOC Media: Awww, so sorry about that sir.

Bayo Adegbite: It's okay sis

Bayo Adegbite: I'm a Music minister with a passion to preach Jesus all around the world with the sounds of Heaven

Bayo Adegbite: I hail from Oyo state

NELOC Media: "But my father is late, as far back as 1997..."
With this, how was growing up been for you?

Bayo Adegbite: Well, It was tough, really tough, especially for my mother who suddenly found herself a single parent. It was like the silver spoon was taken away, but nonetheless, she did everything in her power by the grace of God to give myself and my siblings quality education, good morals and taught us to love the Lord. A lot of credit goes to God through her.

NELOC Media: Inspiring! Your mum is indeed a strong woman. I thank God for His grace upon her life.

Bayo Adegbite: Yeah, God be praised.

NELOC Media: What inspired Aninilematanile?

Bayo Adegbite: After completing my  undergraduate studies, I had been trusting God for an unusual grace to compose songs that will bless many around the world. I just want to be a vessel unto honour. One day, as I was heading back home from work, I started singing in the spirit (singing in tongues), a melody then struck my heart, I couldn't stop singing it, but it was still in tongues, so I asked God to help put words of understanding to fit into the melody, and not long after, I remembered a beautiful name of God I got to know in one of rehearsals in the fellowship meeting (RCFOAU) in the university. Aninilematannile! Meaning The Inexhaustible God, The One who is All-Sufficient. That was it! A new song had arrived!!!

NELOC Media: Wow! Interesting

When did you start music?

Bayo Adegbite: I have been involved in music since childhood, in fact every member of family sings really well, but started 2015 professionally when I released my debut single.

NELOC Media: Wow! That's great.

Bayo Adegbite: Yeah😊

NELOC Media: As a gospel artiste, please narrate your salvation experience?

Bayo Adegbite: I got saved through a friend way back 2007. He just showed me love and then I saw how things were working out for him, so I decided to give God chance, but now I know He gave me chance! No regrets!

Bayo Adegbite: A chance*

NELOC Media: Wow!

Who are your music mentors? Your role models in this field?

Bayo Adegbite: My music mentor is my Mother, Mrs Adegbite Stella Olayide, she taught me how to stay on key by dragging me to weekly services to lead the praise and worship lol and Role models are Don Moen, Wale Adenuga and Nathaniel Bassey.

NELOC Media: God, Music and Man... What do you think is the bond?

Bayo Adegbite: God is the originator of music and also the creator of man. The bond here is that, music is one of the most potent weapon in the hands of men to establish and advance the kingdom of God on earth.

NELOC Media: Wow!
Recently Tasha Hobbs collaborated with Nicki Minaj. What do you think of gospel artistes collaborating with secular ones?

Bayo Adegbite: I'm not one to judge, but if i could just lend my voice. My stand is that Whatever is Gospel is too precious to be meddled with the secular world. There's a distinct line between we do in the kingdom and what goes on in the secular. We preach Christ, they preach self, so when we involve the secular guys in collaboration, in my opinion I think there's a loss of sense of identity.

NELOC Media: Wow! What's the future of gospel music in Nigeria?

Bayo Adegbite: Beyond words can say or describe!!! There's an army rising in this country. God is raising music ministers after His heart

NELOC Media: And I'm one of them! (smiles)

Bayo Adegbite: Oh yes!

Bayo Adegbite: Music ministers are churning out great songs. And believe soonest, our songs will change the course of this country, Africa, and the world at large  for good.

NELOC Media: Amen!

How do you balance your music with other obligations-- career, etc?

Bayo Adegbite: It's not easy but I'll just say you'll always find time for whatever you love or love doing. So with God's help I try to prioritise well

NELOC Media: What is your greatest challenge as a musician?

Bayo Adegbite: I don't know how best to answer this but, I put a lot of good pressure on myself and the good pressure is to better the person I was yesterday by improving today, but Jesus is up to the task through me

Let me just say, staying positive and motivated in midst of discouragements is my greatest challenge.

NELOC Media: You started in 2015? Wow! That's great.

What are your achievements so far?

Bayo Adegbite: I believe my greatest achievements is how the songs God has given has touched the lives of people. Recently someone told how she got baptised in the Holy Ghost with evidence of speaking in tongues while singing one of the songs God gave me. That for me is a great achievement!

NELOC Media: Wow! I love this testimony. That should be the testimony of all gospel singers.

NELOC Media: Where do you see yourself in next five years?

Bayo Adegbite: Next five years! Well I believe by then by the special grace of God, I would have joined of frontiers in the gospel music ministry in Nigeria and the world at large to keep advancing the kingdom of God through music

NELOC Media: Hmm. What would you love to say to your supporters and to inspire other musicians?

Bayo Adegbite: To all those who have supported me so far, I want to say a big thank you. I'm immensely grateful. I also humbly ask that you keep praying for me like you've always done. May God keep us all in Jesus name. I love you all.

To my fellow music ministers, we must keep pushing for excellence and trust God for every step we intend take. let's keep raising the banner of Christ, drawing men solely to Him.

NELOC Media: Thank you for your time sir.
I love your story, and I'm sure our readers are inspired by this.
From NELOC Media, we say, "thank you"🙂

Bayo Adegbite: My pleasure NELOC media.

Michelle's Musings: A Special Kind Of Love....

...coming soon...

Here's the thing about love:

It's hard to put into words.
Love brings up emotions that run the gamut from agony to ecstasy.
Love can inspire us to accomplish some of the craziest and most amazing feats.
Love can make you happier than you've ever been,
Sadder than you've ever been,
Angrier than you've ever been.
It can elate you and deflate you almost at the same time.

One thing I do know is that:
Whether you've Loved and Won or Loved and Lost, it's ALWAYS Worth it...

*A Special Kind Of Love- is the story of my Greatest Love so far.
I won't say I've Loved and Lost, coz to me there's No Loss in Love.

I am Michelle Joshua...

Education: Rights or Privileges?

Walking down my street in the ever busy city of Lagos, I pondered so hard on how the government and others have taken education with such levity.

Education has always been a right in the 1948 declaration of Human Rights going down history,  it stated in the article 26 "Right to Education" it was not "privilege" to education.

Education as stated by some government officials as a business which is not for the poor masses but for the rich and famous. I weep in my heart!!!

In Nigeria tuition fees of states owned institutions ranges from 100k - 300k some are above , I sat down under a Mango tree with unripe fruits thinking about how a father who sells meat and a mother who sells bread and makes profit just enough to eat can send his/her children to this institutions with exorbitant fees.

A civil servant who earns 100 thousand Naira per month and has 3 children in the higher institutions who pays 300k per session in a state owned institution ,  he  collects 1.2million annually as salary and expends 900 thousand annually for his children fees, he has barely enough to pay for rent, to pay for the children rent not to talk of increased price in feeding.

If any government propose on increasing the tuition fees of higher institutions, will they increase the salaries of our fathers and mothers ???
Will I ever get an answer from a government official??

The so called federal govt owned institutions who pay less receives thousands of admission seekers jostling for a few available slots whose majority has already been decided by the management (VC list, pro chancellor list, prof list, lecturers list) please which  list will the remain poor masses belong to?
The private institution is a no go area for the poor, it a place for the privileged politicians and we'll to do individuals.

Nigeria of about 200 million population have a majority of about 112million poor citizens.
If OYO state governor ,Abiola Ajimobi can say Education is not for the poor that means "112 million citizens are not entitled to education"
We continually complain of increased crime rates, thugs everywhere, prostitution and others; this will continue to increase until the educational system becomes friendly to the poor.

Ask a lautech student he would tell you education has never been a right it has always stayed as a privilege.

I hope one day, you and I will be privileged to be educated.

Horla oluwa©

Musa olaoluwa is a student of Lautech, a poet and a social writer. anatomist in the making. He writes from momusa70@student.lautech.edu.ng

Learnaholics Academy Africa opens scholarship application portal


The Learnaholics Academy, Africa, in collaboration The Gardener's Network and the Youth Empowerment and Support Initiative is offering Scholarship Awards to thousands of qualified African Youths.

Carefully read the Requirement/Eligibility, How To Apply  details below.

TLA invites electronic application for her 2017/2018 edition of Personal and Professional Skills Scholarship in the following courses;

1. Business Development and Management
2. Customer Service Skill
3. Digital Marketing
4. Crisis Management
5. Team Management
6. Communication Law and Ethics
7. Business Ethics
8. Community Leadership
9. Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
10. Career Development
11. Health Management
12. Stress Management

Online - 2months

To be considered for this scholarship, applicants

1. Must be an African

2. Must be 16 - 35years by/before December, 2017.

3. Must have access to the internet

4. Must duly fill and submit the e-application form

Interested applicants should click here to fill the application form

*Please note that we will accept applications through this e-form only .  All other means will be treated as void.

*Multiple applications disqualification.

In line with our e-scholarship administration system, selected applicants will be contacted via email.

All applicants are therefore advised to ensure that valid personal email addresses are properly entered into the e-forms.

Deadline : Closing date for receipt of e-applications is strictly 30th October, 2017.


Share to help others

Goodbye, Dear August

Dear August,

Today, you leave in the same dress you came. We have managed you for thirty one days of mixed feelings. With a break, we have worn our "bests" and tasted the "worsts", smiled and frowned, laughed and cried...

August, as you leave like the August Visitor, please hold back no thing. Remind me, that the year would end, soon too.

Make memories of unfulfilled resolutions haunt me. That I may be accountable.

Then, vanish, like Lot's lingering lost wife...
Within seconds, minutes, hours... Into thin-fat air.
I will wave, Dear August.
It's a farewell, not a goodbye...
Till next year, if God says yes.

Let me birth a good child today to remember you tomorrow.

And, Let Spetember step in.

Goodnight August, the visitor. Good Night.

© -Mantras Inspiratio

Walk The Talk with Daniel Oni

"A Christian Record Label is a great leap..."- Daniel Oni, Artiste and Photographer

Today, we peeped into Daniel Oni's personality and discovered dynamism. What makes him unique? Join this read. It's worth it.

NELOC Media: Can we meet you?

Daniel Oni: I am Daniel Oni. An undergraduate of English Language. There's a lot I can say but I'll like to keep it short.

NELOC Media: We would love to know where you hail from. And your institution.

Daniel Oni: I'm a native of Ekiti State. I'll like to not disclose my institution.

NELOC Media: Wow! So you love pounded yam (#winks)

Daniel Oni: Yes that! Especially when it's served with Egusi soup. And well assorted with various sea animals.

NELOC Media: Smiles... How did your music career start? Which year?

Daniel Oni: I got engaged into music as a career in 2015. It all started out as a dream. It came gradually as I yearned to create something. Something I gave myself courage on. I believed I could do it. Then I thought of it and then created it.

NELOC Media: Hmmm. So, What's your inspiration?

Daniel Oni: My inspiration is from within. And who lives within? The HolyGhost! He takes me through my past to bring to the fore lessons to share with others. For instance when you listen to my song 'Make A Way', in an orderly manner I expressed simple words in songs telling listeners they needn't have to worry about a thing, Matthew 6:25-34 expounds on that.

NELOC Media: Wow! I will get that. Who influences your music?

Daniel Oni: It's an experience when you do.

Daniel Oni: This is a bit tricky because I have not given myself up to a lot of influences, one tends to be carried away. Instead, I tried to understand my voice knowing my very strengths and weaknesses. Talking about vocals, I let Praiz have a great deal of influence on my vocals as we have the same type of voice texture. But talking about content people like Lawrence flowers, cohbams, Nathaniel Bassey,  and few others. Basically, I listen to content to determine and accept what will influence me.

NELIC Media: You started in 2015? What are your achievements so far? How many songs have you composed? And what inspired you to compose them? (you can include links to where our readers can download them)

Daniel Oni: These creations are my achievements. I mean the songs I have released to the world not to mention the ones that have been penned down. I may not have received plaques or awards but it's a work in progress, just as I am being honoured with this interview, I know it will all come into reality. The testimonies received as well are my little great achievements.

This is for LOVESONG

Daniel Oni: https://my.notjustok.com/track/252690/daniel-o-crossroads

This is the latest release, I am convinced you have laid your hands on this.

NELOC Media: How often and for how long do you practice?

Daniel Oni: I practice everyday, from stage movement, to crowd syncing and crowd control, to picking the right note... I don't usually spend a lot of time. In the past I spent a lot of time but after I gained some helpful music tip I had to trim it down to about 15 - 20 minutes.

NELOC Media: Could you please share some of the tips with us?

Daniel Oni: Hmmmm... OK. It's advisable to go easy with the voice. Once you do a little more than the voice can contain, one risks voice being cracked. And there's a limit to everyone's voice as this is determined by voice texture. One you understand this, you mature and grow in it. And a lot of lip-rolling, this makes me look stupid in front of people around me. But I've given myself to this cause. Either I'm seen as stupid or...  I have to do what I have to do to achieve that vocal mastery.

NELOC Media: Wow! It's just about achieving a feat, not what people think- This is inspiring

NELOC Media: What do you think of a christian record label?

Daniel Oni: A Christian record label is a great leap. This music thing is so broad, I am beginning to understand it. I must say this is a pretty difficult one. What's label? I believe it's something to identify something by. And it being a Christian label is on another plain. Frank Edwards, in his autobiography video that went viral a while ago. He stated that there was this label that offered him a spot and all he had to do was to change the Jesus in his lyrics/songs to God. Now what label would reject Jesus and claim to accept God? Jesus is the one who leads us to the father. A Christian label that accepts Christ is the label I'll call a Christian label. Come to think of it, Jesus is the Goodnews, He is the gospel I sing about. A Christian record label is a great leap.

NELOC Media: How do you balance your music with other obligations-- career, etc?

Daniel Oni: What's life? Life is living. People get entangled by obligations, career, lifestyles... Instead you should become a master of them. Recently, there was this job offer I accepted because my institution permits such flexible perk, it took me far from everything I desired, and that's my music! I had to quit the job because it made me so unhappy. Quitting made me realize I have developed a lot of vocal loopholes. I'm happy it's all coming back. It's a tough and at the same time not tough. One has to decide the balance either by drawing up schedules, living... Truth is, when it comes to music I give my 100% dedication. When it comes to photography, I give my 100% dedication. When it comes to education, I give my 100% dedication.

NELOC Media: What is your greatest challenge as a musician?

Daniel Oni: My greatest challenge. Now what would this or these be...  OK. Dedicated instrumentalists, backup singers, rehearsal venue, director...  Just a handful. Financing basically. It all revolves around money. Even now I have a video project coming up. I think you should watch out for this. But so far how I have been able to reach this extent is nothing more or less than God's mercy.

NELOC Media: Could you please tell us how He has helped you?

Daniel Oni: I run a small photography enterprise. Just a small brand, looking towards expanding some day. The proceeds I make from this foot the bills. I must include that I started out photography just about the same time as music.

NELOC Media: Where do you see yourself in next five years?

Daniel Oni: Words can't express what I see. But in words I will express them. I see myself up top at my own prepared place of greatness doing really inspirated gospel songs with great content and winning souls to him. What matters most is where God is taking me. ...encouraging others, those who are weak, frail, lost, shattered, discouraged, disappointed,...

Daniel Oni: I just remembered Kenny K'ore. We met at his Burned Brass Album presentation. We shook hands, took pictures. He's a solid personality with great insights into the word of God. He propelled and expanded my music notion. He's raw for the gospel. Didn't know why I forgot this initially. As I was looking for a picture to send, I stumbled upon ours.

NELOC Media: Hmm. That's wonderful.

NELOC Media: What would you love to say to your supporters and to inspire other musicians?
Daniel Oni: First of all I'll make a moment to thank everyone of my music family. Without their constructive criticism, review, comment and even commendation maybe I would have quitted music. Thank you all. And for those inspiring me with good music content and advice, may the source flourish and may we prosper in this work we do. For as many musicians out there I'll say 'we didn't come this far to get this far', let's all just work harder with prayer and we'll be great! Greatness!! I actually feel great already.

NELOC Media: Hmm. I love this. Thank you for your time sir

Daniel Oni: My gratitude to the entire board of NELOC MEDIA. You guys are amazing. Imagine staying up this late to interview me, I mean who am I gan gan. Thank you!

NELOC Media: (Smiles).
Who you are? You "carry" God. We need to reverence God in you! Keep singing for the Lord sir.

Daniel Oni: Thank you.

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Michelle's Musings I: Untitled...

So I was with a friend yesterday.
Someone I've not been in good terms with for some time and out of curiosity I asked him:

Why did you tell people bad things about me even when you knew they were lies"

He answered and I quote :
for you to get people to do something, you need to get into their heads, their mental or behavioural characteristics"

If I hate you, I won't be happy to see other people loving you, so I'd try to make them hate you too.

And if I love you, I won't be happy to see someone else love you too, so I'd try to make that person or those people hate you just because I want you all to myself.

I was shocked and at same time amazed, the concept to me at that point was mind blowing but later I went through it all over again and I realized that this person didn't put into consideration the damages that will be done to the person, either you love them or hate them.

But I learned something new
When people say things to you about other people, do you care to know why?
It might be because of any of these reasons my friend gave.
But we don't care to know, we digest the things we hear without any confirmation what so ever and some of us go as far as helping spread the wrong information.

So this is what I have to say,
Never judge anyone by what you hear about them from someone else, no matter how well you think the person know them.


Spiritual Cosmetics: The Man Daniel

Let's review Daniel 6:1-28.)

Daniel was singled out for greatness because of his excellent spirit (v 1-3).

Many sought a way to pull him down in kingdom matters but they couldn't because he was faultless. (Note that real excellence comes with perfection). The only option left was to use the law of God (verses 4-5).

They knew that the king could change his mind because "the king thought to set him over the whole realm (verse 3)" which can only be done out of love. They made the king sign the writing ["with" the law of Medes and Persians] so that they would take the king by his words which was needed for their plot to work perfectly (verse 8). No wonder why they reminded the king about it in verse 15.

Daniel however followed the Spirit of God, leaving people and their vain laws (verse 10).

The seal wasn't enough. They made use of "strong words" too (see verse 13 "...regardeth not thee......") to ensure Daniel's destruction.

Thieves only come to steal, to kill and to destroy anything good (John 10:10).

The Excellent spirit promoted Daniel (Daniel 1:19-20; 2:46-48; 6:3). Also, it made him have enemies. Does it mean that being excellent is a crime?

Good things attract thieves, remember.

Therefore, wishing for a life
without problem is like a curse. It's like saying one won't excel. Instead, one should pray for the grace to overcome

Now, how do we overcome them?

The secret behind it is to continue what made one excel.

Daniel was just good [not yet excellent] when he was taken up in
captivity alongside with other children (see Daniel 1:3-4). But he
gained excellence when he purposed in his heart that he would not
defile himself not minding what others do. How do I know this? (Daniel 1:16-20.)
He excelled because he stood out for what was right.

And he continued in that;
He prayed "as he did aforetime" even when the writing of the king was
against it. He stood out FOR GOD's commandment-- "pray without

But how can one stand out without unshaken faith?

In Daniel 2:15-19, he stood out because of faith. He trusted God for
what was needed to change his story. He didn't stop there, he acted on
it. He told the king that "he would show the king the interpretation"
even before he got the revelation of the dream. He was a man of faith.

And he continued therein;
It was recorded of him that "no manner of hurt was found upon him,
because he believed in his God" (Daniel 6:23b).

Today, nations can amend their laws in honour of God just as it is in
Daniel's story (Daniel 6:25-26). The question is, are you ready to pay
the price?

The price of excellence remains in perfection.

Let's stand out for righteousness always, pray without ceasing; and be
men and women of faith.

May God help us all in Jesus' name. Amen.


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