How to Grow Your Social Media Audience in 2024

Social media is a must for any brand that seeks to promote its services and products in this age. With the large number of social media users today, you are sure of reaching out to the nooks and crannies of the world to reach your potential customers.

From WhatsApp to Thread, Facebook, Instagram Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Pinterest and much more, you can connect with social media users to promote your brand, register your brand in the heart of people, and most importantly generate sales. However being on social media doesn't guarantee these things without a strong online community.

It will take time to grow your social media audience, it requires consistency and much hard work but in the long run your effort will pay off, big time!

Are you looking forward to grow your social media audience, then you are in the right place, in this post will discover some simple ways to grow your social media audience.

1. Hold Competitions

Competitions are great initiatives to get new people like and follow your account while you also keep your current audience engaged. There are many healthy competitions that you can throw out there to your audience that will keep them engaged, everyone like free gift, just make sure the prizes attached are related to the product or service you are offering to them. You can promote the competition via your website, email list and also by asking your audience to share it on their social media account. From quizzes to comment challenge, photo challenge, trivia questions, there are so many competitions you can come up with. In all these, make sure you follow the rules of the particular social media platform you are using.
 Note: Ensure you follow up on those that didn't win and encourage them to participate next time.

2. Create Engaging and entertaining contents.
Ensure you create content that will appeal to the heart of your fans, share memes and link them to your brand. Brands that do show a sense of humour do well on social media, put a smile on the faces of your audience, let them be happy reading your post and they will always come back for more. You can check out what your competitors that are really doing well are doing as regards that aspect. You can generate ideas from others too.

3. Stay Consistent with your Posts

If you are really determined to grow your audience, get ready to be consistent. Generate content at specific time intervals and be disciplined to stick to it. I think a great tool that can help you here is a content calendar. If you don't have one before now, it is time to create one and if you already have one, look for more ways to improve on it. The more your fans see your posts, the more they fall in love with your post, however let the posts be appealing to their emotions. Make them more conscious of your brand, the best way to achieve this is consistency.

4. Use relevant Hashtags

 Hashtags no doubt, are great ways to enhance your visibility on the internet, you can use the popular hashtags but use them strategically and it is suggested you use one per post, especially on Instagram and Twitter.
 You can also use trending topics and events to generate hashtags, people are always interested in searching for trending issues, your post might be an answer to their curiosity.
 One of the places to see trending topics is Twitter feed, it's a very great assistance, you can see trending topics in specific locations and different areas of interests. You can check and to find the ones that relate well with your audience and that can also be used to promote your brand as the case may be.

5. Interact well with your Online Community

From statistics 83% of your Facebook fans and 71% of your Twitter followers now expect a response from you on the same day they ask you a question. People want attention, they want to be replied.

You can decide to recognise those that comment on and share your post publicly and decide appreciate them.
Respond to your fans very fast, let them know you truly care about them, give them appropriate responses in a respectful manner when they ask questions.
Make them feel loved and special, when you successfully do this, they are more likely to become your die-hard fans and they will spread the good news of your brand and you can also decide to recognise one of your top fans per time in your subsequent posts.

6. Let your posts be accompanied by visuals.
 Let an image or a particular graphic be attached to your post. Content with relevant images are usually high performers on social media, you can use website with free pictures to get photos related to what you want to post and attach it to your content. You can use canva or any other popular designing app to design graphics.
 Images tend to stick better to the memory.

7. Use more video content
People prefer to watch rather than read. Video content remains the most engaging content on social media platforms, you can decide to upload your videos directly on your account instead of using a link that will lead to other website like YouTube When you do this, the video you upload will be on auto play as social media users scroll through their feed.
That's why YouTube and TikTok remains one of the fastest growing social media platforms. People are more inclined to video contents than written contents.

8. Make use of social media ads
This is one of the best ways to grow your audience online, it exposes your content to a wide range of people even beyond your current audience base, you reach new people and most likely lead to an increase in conversions. It also has an advantage in such a way that your target audience is reached and gives you the better chance of reaching the right people that would most likely be interested in what you are doing.

9. Use necessary social media tools.
Every social media platform has its own specific social media tool that you can use to measure engagement and growth.
 With this you can be able to track your growth, follow the statistics,  work with them and set goals for yourself and make sure you acheive them.

With the following tips that has been given to you, growing your social media audience has become easy, it has been proven over time that they work.
 You can try them out and you will be sure to get results. 

It is vital to connect with your customers, clients, and prospects on social media. This helps you to build your brand's awareness and establish a stable relationship that can lead to sales. 

If your audience is active, you can easily communicate new information and ideas, get new customers, reach more people, and eventually make more money. However, it is vital to ensure that they are not simply numbers but actively engaging followers. 

Engagement does not only prove the legality of your brand, it also shows that you have a strong audience base. People who see more likes, comments, and shares, are more likely to choose you over your competitors. 

Although this does not come easy, we have enough tips on how to grow your social media audience. 

Tips On Growing Your Social Media Audience:

Here are some best tips on how to grow your social media audience:

1. Define Your Target Audience: 

Choosing your target audience seems simple. However, it is vital and determines your content marketing strategy and hashtags. You can select your audience based on age, location, and interests. 

For example, you can target 17-31 year-olds living in Western Nigeria and who are interested in gaming. The more specific your audience targeting is, the better you can create engaging content for them. Also, their interests and age will determine which language or keywords best work while communicating with them. 

2. Planning and Strategy

This can be quite abstract, however, it is a very practical way to grow your audience on social media. It mainly involves deciding factors such as the best posting time, what type of content to post, or even when to give bonuses and coupons. 

For example, you can focus more on Reels for Instagram and Stories for Facebook. Also, you can decide to post more at night or whenever most of your Target Audience is actively online. You can even decide to create business content on Mondays and relaxing ones on Saturdays. Summarily, it all falls on proper timing and grasping the behaviour/interests of your Target Audience.

3. Be Consistent

You most likely will not give a 'Yes' to the guy that only comes once in a blue moon, and goes back to only come back after months. In that manner, to have a stable audience, there's a need to constantly show up. Be at your target audience's face. Keep showing up.

It does something; you're buying their mind space and if you do that repeatedly, they get to think of you when any product, service, or thing related to yours comes up. Although consistency can be hard, planning will ease the pain. Creating a content calendar and setting reminders helps to stay consistent on social media. You should try one.

4. Use Hashtags

This simple technique is often overlooked, but it works magic in the journey of growing any social media audience. By using hashtags which are related to the content you're dishing out, you can reach people of similar interest, thereby making your post visible for them to engage. You can also hop on trends related to your brand voice too, using the hashtags. 

These few points are sure to help you on your journey to growing a great audience. Remember, we are rooting for you.

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