10 Online Websites to Learn Microsoft Excel for Free

Microsoft Excel basically deals with data so whenever you hear of Microsoft Excel or Spreadsheets, the first thing that should come to mind is data. For me, punching numbers were not my thing while growing up and now, I still sometimes struggle with data - even though I've gotten way much better. My first encounter with Microsoft Excel was not a very good one. I developed a lack of interest immediately because of the numbers and data and calculation, and analysis that comes with it. I concluded that this tool is not for me. 

Today, I realise that I can’t run away from Microsoft Excel. I need to embrace it if I want my job and business tasks done. For one, Microsoft Excel takes care of any form of numerical analysis. You can use this software to handle quite a several tasks like data storage, calculations, data analysis, or visualization just to mention a few. I will recommend that you learn this skill because it is highly required in the workplace and it is an important tool in this digital age to get things effectively done. And if you are wondering where to start, this is the article for you. In the next few paragraphs, I’m going to share free online websites to help you kickstart your journey in Microsoft Excel with the basics and teach you how to master the tool.

1. Udemy

Udemy is one of the learning resources that is trusted by millions of people around the world. While this platform has paid courses, there are free courses that are loaded with enough information to get you started on the skill. And one of them is Useful Excel For Beginners. This course promises to teach you the fundamentals of Excel and how to become an effective user. On Udemy, the course is beginner-friendly with over 49,390 participants and rated 4.5. This is proof that the course is very resourceful. You can access this course absolutely free.

2. TrumpExcel

This is another free resource that can get you started on your excel journey and it is designed to meet you at whatever level: beginner or advanced. From excel basics to excel extra. The courses are in different sections to teach you different concepts. To get the most out of it, you will need to watch the video sequentially for a better understanding. You can start learning without signing up, there is also support for the learner who might need to ask questions for clarification for better understanding.

3. Excel 2016 Basics

This course is offered by GCF global and it offers rich resources to get you grounded in excel. There are over 33 sections to help you learn and understand the excel tool. From the basics to learning about cells and sheets to working with data and even the advanced level. The lessons are free and it requires no sign-ups, for those that find them cumbersome. Just come with a learning mind and get yourself skilled in how to use excel.

4. Microsoft

What better way to learn a skill from the source itself. Microsoft offers excel video training to help learn all there is about excel. The videos are designed to meet you at whatever level that you are. This means you can start learning as a beginner, intermediate or advanced who wants to brush up on his level. You can start from any level and work your way through the platform.

There are downloadable templates to learn alongside the videos with other resources that can give you a better understanding of how to use excel.

5. Excel Easy

If you have never used the excel tool before, then this free website is for you. It is beginner-friendly and teaches how to use excel from the beginning. The tutorials are also designed for the 2021-2007 users of the Microsoft Excel program.

The videos are self-explanatory to give you a good head start on all you need to know to start using excel. There are lessons in basics, functions, data analysis, and even VBA with 300 examples that can show you how to navigate any challenge that you may encounter in each category.

6. Excel Skills For Business Specialization

This course is highly rated with over 400,000 students that have taken the course. It is offered by Coursera, one of the world’s most popular learning platforms. This course is also beginner-friendly and you can learn at your own pace. You can set and maintain flexible deadlines to suit your schedule. You can give 5 hours of your time in a week to learn this course to stretch over six months. The course will equip you with skills like data validation, Microsoft excel, chart, spreadsheet, pivot table, and so on.

7. Spreadsheet Page

This website gives you bite-size digestible tips on excel. The website has a section named the Excel tip tab. It has a long list of tips that you can master and use for functions, formatting, formulas, and so on.

The Download tab gives you access to more resourceful material, a free excel workbook that you can use to practice in your own free time, and master excel when you practice well enough.

8. LinkedInLearning

LinkedinLearning is another platform to learn a plethora of courses for free, especially for business and career professionals. These are courses offered by experts in the field. If you are into sales, this course will give you the skills you need as a sales personnel. The course will teach you best practices and features that can help every salesperson out there to track, analyze, and then forecast sales efficiently and accurately. You will learn how to import your sales data into Excel. 

Learn about cleaning up inaccurate data and removing data that are not needed. Learning this skill is a good way of adding great value to yourself and your business and becoming an asset to your workplace.

9. Excel 2019 Essentials

This excel course is offered by plural sight and designed for beginners. If you don’t know the first about excel, this course is for you. It has the foundational knowledge you need for a good start to get a hold of what excel is all about. 

The knowledge is basic and it’s a good place to start. You will learn about how to use Excel 2019 to get data and manipulate these data to get results.

10. Excel: Tips and Tricks

This course fits permanently well for people who are at the intermediate level. You know the basic things about excel but you need to learn the tricks and tips then you need this course to help you navigate through the excel interface easily.

If you are thinking or not sure if having skill in Excel Microsoft is necessary, this is the sign you've been waiting for. Take your time and go through the websites and stick to the one suitable for you and start learning.

Gone are the days when people have to spend a lot of time sorting and organizing data with their pens and whatever they could use asides from the computer. The world has aged so much that a lot of things are easily done. Well, easily done does not mean necessary efforts would not be put in place.

Microsoft Excel is an application software that can do almost everything. Most organizations and businesses today cannot survive without using a spreadsheet program with Microsoft excel being the most used of all types. It functions in almost all aspects ranging from strategic business planning, creation of a report, sorting of data, and product management assistance among others.  
1. Microsoft Excel Learning Centre

This Excel learning centre is sponsored by Microsoft itself. It provides different segments to fully understand the course. I do not think any other site should be able to tell how excel works than the site of the launchers itself. It provides learning for all versions of Microsoft excel and it offers detailed resources.   

2. Coursera

Coursera is one of the best universal websites to learn excel and offers varieties. Since there are countless uses of excel in the business world and all other aspects, Coursera offers different courses suitable and relevant to whatever aspect it would be used for. It provides knowledge about the course and also provides answers to whatever questions regarding excel.
3. Excel Easy

Excel easy is another distinctive website one can learn excel for free. For a website that focuses just on excel, it does a great job.
4. The Spreadsheet Page

Have you been looking for a website to not only learn excel for free but also enjoy premium spreadsheet templates? Then, this is where The Spreadsheetpage comes in. Since excel has numerous uses, this website did a great job of categorising several aspects. Therefore, to look for a certain template, knowing what category it falls under makes it easier to get the desired template.
 5. EdX Excel courses

Another free and popular website to acquire knowledge of excel is EdX. EdX is a well know free education website and it does not fail to provide its best to give a full understanding of excel.

 Just like Coursera, EdX offers varieties of courses for different categories. This was made possible due to the collaboration with partners, Microsoft included. There are also several levels such as introductory, intermediate and advanced in different languages.  
6. Mr Excel.com

Mr Excel.com is one unique website to learn from. It gives a piece of very detailed knowledge about the course and its relevance to its outside world. It also provides tips and tricks that could be used to solve critical excel problems. Alongside, featured products relevant to excel are also available on this site (although might not be free). This site provides a lot of information one needs to know about excel and it also suggests strategies for likely problems to be encountered while using the application software.
7. Udemy

Udemy is another website to learn Microsoft Excel for free. This website works almost the same as Coursera and EdX. It also offers courses for three different levels which are beginner, intermediate and expert. Udemy is a flexible website to learn Microsoft excel from.
8. Freecodecamp

Freecodecamp is a tech website and it provides one of the best free courses available on the internet. It works just like other websites like Coursera, EdX and Udemy.
9. Chandoo.org

Chandoo.org is an excel based website and it offers several tips, tutorials and downloads to get the best knowledge of how excel works. Just like Mr Excel, it has books that could be of help. To be honest, it does not have the best User interface design but it still does its best in doing what other sites do.
10.  Contextures

Contextures is a site that offers a solution to Microsoft-related problems. It also works like other websites and it is free.


The websites highlighted above have helped people move from beginners to experts in the knowledge of Microsoft excel. It has moulded their skills and helped them solve problems in their respective institutions. Moreover, it is free and that is a bonus.