Tips for Professional Email Writing: Do's and Dont's

Email Writing has over time been a great channel through which leads are generated, connections are made, and teachings are done. If you opened this page, that means you're either starting in Email Marketing or you want to gain more knowledge on how to make your emails more professional. Either way, this blog post is sure to help you get it right.

1. Ensure Your Subject Line Is Attractive

The patience span of an average human is 5-10 seconds, and if your subject line fails to catch their attention before then, it's almost impossible for your mail to be read which ultimately means that they don't get to read the main point you're trying to pass across.

Making your subject line attractive is one essential part of writing emails. No one wants to read a boring email.

The consciousness of what you want your reader to get at the end of each mail will help to know what subject line is the best fit and if you can't come up with great ones, I would suggest you hire a Copywriter to do this work.

2. Do Not Send Mails From A Blacklisted Location.

Sending emails from some locations and IP addresses that have been blacklisted by certain email service providers will result in your emails going to the spam folder or getting blocked in some cases. It's best to use locations that are public such as the nearest city library and the like as they are always safe from restrictions. Also remember that , people hardly check their spam folders and that automatically means your audience might not get to see your emails.

NOTE: Know the accepted emoticons in your subject line by your email service provider.

3. Personalize Your Mail:

Putting your recipient's first name in the middle of your mails gives it a sense of closer connection.

When reading your emails, they get to see that they really matter and it's not just some sort of broadcast.

Using the word 'You' is also a must when writing professional emails.

4. Avoid Spam Words

Making use of proper etiquette goes a long way in how your email writing will yield great results or not. The use of spam words like "wow, offer, bonus” should be avoided. Instead, make use of a respectful greeting, and a few magic words(Please, Thank you...). Also, as much as you would love to write emails to your audience, endeavour to keep them concise and interesting.

5. Edit, Proof-read, and Test Your Mails

Take enough time to read your emails over and over again. While doing this, ensure that you remove unnecessary words, and put your mail to the test. You can send it to yourself and a few friends to check out before finally publishing it. You can as well read it out loud to your ears and if it fails to pass the message you want to pass to other people to you, you should reconsider rewriting it. 

These few tips are ever here to journey with you in writing professional emails. You can access our evergreen email-marketing resource via the NELOC Media Academy page here.

Before launching into email writing, you might want to check this out.

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