PR Prospects, Media and our collective future.

Do you need a second career in a challenging Economy? Or considered an option to the financial crisis that seems to plague the way.

Far from what should be an advert, this is an article that seeks to explain the prospects of the 21st Century PR Official and how his millions can perfectly stroll into his accounts by each day.

With all of this, are you considering Public Relations?

This is an invitation to participate in the NELOC Media PR Masterclass which aims to introduce you to the PUBLIC RELATIONS profession.

#➡Principles of public relations 
#➡Importance of public relations in organizations
#➡Branding & corporate identity (How to do PR I)
#➡Communication & reputation management (How to do PR II)
#➡Govt public relations
#➡PR in Stakeholder management.

Every participant will get the lecture notes, slides projects and presentations FREE. Classes will take the format of Whatsapp sessions and Discussions, Interactive sessions, Assignments, Research and Projects

Lecture Dates: Wed, March 27th till March 31st, 2019.

A committment fee of N1000 is however required. Interested participants should register via

For more info on the Masterclass, please call Adeola: 08065991278,  Daniel: 08071534258 or Deborah:

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