How to Overcome Creative Blocks as a Media Professional


If you are asking what it means to experience a creative block, then your answer is simply that a creative block is a state of mind that prevents you from your usual creative outcome. Creative blocks are caused by many factors but one usual  reason why media professionals experience a creative block is the fear of imperfection. It is that feeling of not being good enough to do things you are meant to do.

Creative block is a common feeling everyone experiences, that feeling of being excited to do something and suddenly you went blank you don't know what to do, what to start with, that feeling of being uninspired. Truthtfully, no one is perfect and your ability to experience creative block could be a good part of your creative process.

This was what made me write this blog post because I am experiencing this same feeling of CREATIVE BLOCK I decided to make research possible ways to overcome creative block.

Let's discuss effortless ways to overcome creative blocks.

1. Go for a walk

Walking has a great impact on clearing your mind, whenever you are feeling uninspired take a walk by the time you are done you will feel energetic and pumped up, while going for a walk think about everything around you by doing this you are opening your mind to new ideas. 💡

    Take a Nap: A 30 minutes nap makes you more creative and also helps to improve your memory alertness.

    Take care of yourself and be positive: Don't be too hard on yourself, don't start comparing whenever you are experiencing a creative block. Comparison is nothing but a thief of joy, Be positive don't use negative words, speak positively!

    Get familiar with what inspired you: there is always something that makes you happy and energetic, Go do it!

    Talk to other people by doing this you get to think about something different from what you intend to do and this gives way for new ideas.

communicating with  colleagues or friends to simply talk about the issues you’re facing can be beneficial in helping through those issues.

Get inspired: Draw inspiration from something different you are doing this will help you get inspired and motivated and you will also get to learn something new which also helps your creativity flow.


It takes just ten minutes a day to practice being present in the moment, rather than sitting or worrying about the future. That is more than enough to bring yourself back and focus adequately.

Get a notepad with you everywhere you go, ideas usually come unannounced so the best way to keep them is to have a notepad where you jot down your ideas, your notepad can be even the Notes app on your phone.


The mind is a very strong

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