As a company, we embark on certain media projects to impact the society in every positive way and fulfil our company's ultimate goal by building excellent brands through digital marketing, media and communications. You can find a list of our projects below.


Our growing news website, NELOC News was established in November 2019 to function as an international news outlet, serving the Nigerian and global audience with verified news and journalism content. As a news media platform, we currently hit a monthly reach of 30,000 visits from across the globe.

NELOC Networks

In December 2021, we launched the NELOC Networks platform to specially provide data subscription, cable payments and bill service payment services for individuals, brands and businesses alike. As a company, we practically have the best data prices

NELOC Media House

Our office complex has an extension that functions as a creative hub and workspace for innovative individuals in the tech and media industry. Located in Akure and Ile-Ife, Nigeria respectively, we have the finest tech and creative minds who visit with strong work ethics and collaboration mindsets.