Add a Google-powered contextual navigational unit to your site 

Enable Related search for Auto ads

Turn on Related search to increase your site engagement and drive incremental revenue

Turn on Related search
What is Related search?
•     Related search displays suggested search terms related to the content on your pages. It can help your users discover related topics.
•     When you turn on Related search, Auto ads will insert a related search unit on eligible pages.
•     When users click a related search term, they're taken to a Google-powered search experience that shows ads and site search results.
What does this mean for me?
    Related search can help publishers increase site engagement — including site traffic, pageviews and ad impressions — and drive incremental revenue.
    Related search uses page content, instead of user data, to deliver relevant search terms.
    AdSense will automatically generate the related search terms. The experience would look like this:
    Note that the terms and their position may change over time. Related search may not appear immediately after switching it on.
    In limited circumstances, enough site search results might not be returned. When this happens, we will include results from the web.