It is practically impossible for any website to rank without practising linking as one of its SEO strategies. While the number of links pointing (quantity of links) to your website is very much relevant, the quality of those links matters the most and their importance cannot be overemphasized. 

5 Tips to Building Quality Backlinks for SEO in 2024

What then are Backlinks?

Backlinks, which are also known as inbound links are links from a particular page of a website linking to a specific page on your own website. An illustration is when a website with high domain authority (such as Wikipedia, or Punch) publishes a particular content containing links to specific pages from your own website. The fact that an authoritative website can link to your site simply tells the search engines that your site is trustworthy. Considering this, the more the quality links directed to your website, the more the link juice acquired hence the higher the chances your website gets to rank on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).
Quality Backlinks, however, are links externally linked from a website with high page authority to your website. Now, while these quality backlinks are presumed to be the best kinds of links, there are also bad sides to high-quality backlinks.

According to Neil Patel, “generally, focusing on quality instead of quantity will generate a small amount of high-commitment traffic. You’ll usually have fewer high-quality links because it’s difficult to build more than a few links on massive domain authority websites. However, they’re generally high commitment because they are more relevant and will thus target your ideal client better than other links”. This means that


Not to discourage you, even if there is not enough time to build such links, it is very much still possible and that is why we will be looking at the tips that can help you build such links.

Given that quality links are very powerful in SEO strategy, there are lots of ways in which quality backlinks can be built and taking full cognisance of them all will result in success.

While being at that, let us take a look at five (5) major tips that should be considered to build quality backlinks in SEO.

1.       Delivering the most wanted content

In an interview conducted in 2016 with a Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google,

Andrey Lipattsev was asked:

"Would it be beneficial for us to know what the first two are (first to ranking signals are). Would webmasters built better sites…"

He replied:

"I can tell you what they are; it is content and links pointing to your site".

I don’t know if you get the whole idea in this question but from his response, it is evident how important the contents are. And to be very honest, this is what people need the most.

·        Quality of content: Writing SEO-based content is something that requires a lot of effort; the content must be superb, captivating and interesting. It must have all the details it should have and most importantly must be aligned to the user intent. The standard of a particular content will always speak for that site at any moment even if it will take a lot of time before it ranks. 

Therefore, the quality of content can earn quality backlinks. Of course, there is nobody that would not want to link to highly informative and quality content.   

·        Content must contain certain features: It is one thing to draw people to your website but it is another thing to make them stay. The use of infographics cannot be overemphasized and it happens to be of great relevance. You can make use of simple phone apps (Canva, Pixellab) or complex graphics design tools (Photoshop, Indesign) based on your preference. 

Well, it is not just about making use of infographics but they must be very unique that they cannot be found elsewhere.

That being said, the length of written content also matters. A content of 300 words would never rank over that of 3000 words as long as proper SEO is done. The point is full content gaps are very effective in building opportunities to get linked to.  

A detailed lengthy content with well-structured infographics is enough to make your content stand out on the web and hence would make potential websites link to you.

2.       Apply several win-win methods

·        Guest Posting: Guest posting is a common way of generating quality backlinks.

Guest posting simply means writing content for another person's website, usually with a similar niche. This is more of a win-win situation because you get to earn a quality backlink and the website gets content in return. The fact that this content does not get to be published on your personal website does not mean that it should not be created without quality intent.

Guest posting is simply done by contacting the website owner and highlighting the details on how you will like to guest post on their website. After a successful guest posting, you can now advertise on social media or whatever platform you wish to. 

Although Google frowns at guest posting and has given reasons that the backlinks acquired from guest posting are unnatural, this win-win method will still be of great impact on building page authority.

Backlinks from websites owned by the government and educational bodies tend to have a high quality and therefore can be targeted.

·        Volunteering

Volunteering to write blog posts on websites with high page authority owned by non-governmental organizations and non-profit organizations could also be a way of building quality backlinks. However, the blog posts you are to write should have relevance to your website because search engines will indeed run their checks. The content should also be highly informative as it would be on your personal website.

3.       Constant Research and Strategy

Building quality backlinks will require you to do research constantly and at the same time strategize points you could make out of such research.

While the web ranks one website better than the other, it still gives room for fairness.

There is this saying, 

“Know what they know and know what they don’t know”.

There are tons of websites with high page authorities on the internet and one of the best ways to work toward building sustainable backlinks is by analyzing the backlinks of websites that post similar content related to yours. This allows you to see what your competitors are doing to remain at the SERPs. Several tools can be used such as Link Explorer, SEMrush, Google SearchConsoles, Ahrefs, etc; they all have their peculiarities.

The most important thing to take note of is that you should analyse backlinks common to all the 10 blue links of your competitors. An example of a tool which can be used to achieve this is the Common Backlinks Tool (CBLT) offered by Link Explorer (now Link Research Tool).

You have to do this constantly and keep strategizing for it to eventually work for you.


4.       Networking

One important method that can be used to build links is by making use of networking. Human beings are social beings and therefore networking is a sure way to get yourself placed on the SERP. You can either do this through social media and the basics are building relevant relationships.

·        While building genuine relationships, they can also be the source of your backlinks. For instance, if you know someone in charge of a website with high page authority, it would be easy to request assistance which can earn you backlinks during the process.

Social media can also be of massive help; in networking and also in publicity. Therefore, you are expected to achieve two things which are to network with people while making your website and you are to publicize what you do offer.

Social media engagement can be a way to get backlinks because it can be an avenue of presenting your work where the audience might be interested in collaboration with you and hence earn you a quality backlink.

5.       Be Vigilant

At intervals of running several strategies to build quality links, it is imperative that one stays vigilant throughout the whole period as proper SEO effectiveness for a particular website might just need a little discernment.

·        Follow and examine the trends

The internet is dynamic and trends can give you an advantage over other websites to be noticed on the web. The appearance of trendy content can earn you traffic on your website and even earn you backlinks on some of your old posts if they are worth linking to.

·        Be conscious of feedback from analysis tools

As much as testimonials from humans are very important, it would be of great significance for constant awareness that you are also meant to satisfy the search engine. These results of the analysis carried out by analysis tools such as Google search console and the like could be of great help in making you realize your shortcoming and what you should do to establish your site so it can be worth linking to.


Finally, one thing to also remember is that there needs to be a balance between quality and quantity links.

As Neil Patel said

"Neither is better.

I don’t want to upset you, but the reality is that both link-building strategies have their place in the online world. For some businesses, quantity will be more effective, and for others, quality will be more effective.

In the end, you probably will want to fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum".

Moreover, all these tips require consistency and revisitation of strategies


The best SEO results naturally do not happen instantly but are rather long-term. Avoiding shortcuts and sticking to the process will earn you the efforts put into the work.