The use of social media for several purposes and profit is no longer new in the society, however, being able to explore on it is another different thing entirely.

Instagram is one of the most used social media platform worldwide with its rank as 4th. This platform plays a very crucial role to its users ranging from its personal use to its business or professional use.
What are Hashtags?

According to the Wikipedia, the word 'hashtag' is often used when reading social media messages aloud, indicating the start of a hashtag. For instance, the text "#foo" is often read out loud as "hashtag foo" (as opposed to "hash foo"). This leads to the common belief that the symbol itself is called hashtag.

It is usually a combination of letters, numbers or even emojis but all are usually before the ‘#’ symbol.

The hashtag plays a crucial role in making a certain post discoverable as they make these posts more easily visible once a search is made. The more a certain content is discoverable, the more people get attracted to your page and are interested in your content, hence, the more likely they become your followers. Therefore, it is very important that one is mindful of hashtags choices as it is a great determinant factor to getting a particular post seen.

There are a lot of ways to use Instagram hashtags to attract followers which would be further discussed.

1. Use Popular/trending hashtags

The truth is you can use as many hashtags as possible per post but are these hashtags relevant?  

Are they even known or popular hashtags?

To increase your followers on Instagram, it is of extreme significance that you make use of popular or trending yet relevant hashtags. Once, you get to discover the best hashtags that fit into this category, it becomes quite easy for you to navigate your engagement and eventually your followers. Meanwhile, you should also note that even if the hashtag is trendy, the more people post using that particular hashtag, there is also a likelihood of your post not being noticed.

Additionally, you can also follow some popular hashtags as they are very helpful in making your content visible enough to the audience. Examples of popular hashtags include #follow, #me, #repost, #selfie, #friends, #instalike, #travel, #fitness, etc.

2. Know the different types of popular hashtags

It is not just about searching and making use of relevant or popular hashtags, you should know what category each hashtag falls under to easily depict their relevance to your content.

When you know the hashtag type, it becomes easier for you to gain followers or your desired audience. Types of popular hashtags include abbreviation hashtags, seasonal hashtags, emoji hashtags, community hashtags, etc.

3. Include hashtags in your stories

Your regular posts are not the only part you need to make use of hashtags with in order to increase your followers. Another part of the Instagram to make use of hashtags is on your Instagram stories. When people make searches, your stories can pop up and hence it is more likely to attract your audience.
4.      Use meaningful and allowed/acceptable hashtags

A lot of people tend to miss this and sincerely they are being misunderstood due to the fact they fall in this context. Business and other individuals have missed this a lot and it is one significant thing to watch out for. Your hashtag is supposed to be unique, meaningful and accepted by the Instagram community guidelines. By it being acceptable, it means you should not make use of banned hashtags. Some hashtags have been restricted for use due to certain reasons, hence, it is also important to search whatever hashtag you plan on using before using it.  

5.      Avoid repetition of hashtags

Yes, you want to increase your followers using innovative and relevant hashtags but repetition is highly discouraged. You have to be creative and be dynamic while making use of hashtags regardless whether it is to be used on a regular post or an Instagram story. You have to make researches non-stop to see this part and select the best.

Although, it makes sense that you can use a quite good number of hashtags but being privileged to do so doesn’t mean you should flood your posts with hundreds of hashtags. It is significant you use the hashtags that work best for you. Hence, it is not by the quantity of the hashtags but the quality the hashtags have to offer your posts.

There are still quite a number of ways you could consider in other to build your Instagram followers, but the most significant has be highlighted above. Further researches are hence advisable to readers.