How to Grow Your Social Media Audience


Social media is one of the best tools technology has offered to the human race over the years and it has proven to be very much indispensable in our lives today. So many people use the social media for several purposes; some use it to market their products which could be knowledge, material things, non-material things, just to mention a few.

Even after having so many things to use the social media for, it is very important that the circle built across your social media pages are people that you need in your everyday life. I am not saying you only need people, of course, people also should need you. The main point I am driving at is that, are your audience the people you need?

Or are they the people that need your services?

Or are they the people you expect to be among your circle?

Being on social media is not just about having the most fun and catching cruise everyday; well, at least for some people. There are a lot of positive uses that could be a turn around to someone’s life; hence, the importance to take it without negligence. Sometimes, the quantity of your followers or the audience you have does not even matter but it is the quality that matters. Imagine having the audience that cares less about what you give, and that is what happens when you do not grow your own personal social media audience.

Therefore, in this context, we will be discussing on how best you can grow your social media audience.

Let’s dive in!

1.       You need a Solid Plan

Before you can build your social audience, especially if you are going to be serious with it, you definitely would need a solid plan. This plan is to keep your activities in check and see the results it would bring forth.

How exactly do you intend to build a social media audience? What social media platform exactly do you make use of? Why do you need to build your audience? All these questions drive you to come up with the best strategy. It gives you the measure on how you want to do this and what you want to do in order to build your social media audience. Remember, planning makes action easier.

2.   Who do you think is your target audience?

After discovering the purpose of why you want to build your social media audience or why exactly you are using the social media, it is necessary you know your target audience. Is it the old people, or the youth, or business owners, or some certain group of people? This is of great importance because it also makes you know what type of plan you can set up to achieve your goals. It allows you to engage in platforms you can find these set of people. It also gives you an idea of activities that can be set in place for you to gain the audience you want.

3.       What social media do you want to use exactly?

Do you want to use Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or whatever social media platform? Or do you want to use everything at the same time? Although, they all have a thing in common in order to gain audience but they would need different strategies. If you are using Instagram, you would need to follow a series of steps either by using hashtags, constantly posting your stories and the likes. For Facebook you can join public groups and make yourself known. Different social media platforms, different strategies but it is you that determines whether your desired audience will get attracted to you or not.

4.       How rich is your content?

Another attractive thing you can use to increase and grow your audience on the social media is the quality of your content. Based on your audience or whatever niche you are into, your content must be rich and relevant. If you cannot give valuable content, you don’t give people any reason to follow you or want to connect with you.

The content you give can attract audience and retain audience. It can also do otherwise. Therefore, this needs wisdom and a bit of discretion to evaluate.

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5.       Be Flexible

If your content is about fashion for example, you don’t just have to be post clothes everyday. Instead of being rigid and boring, add something fun, educational and add something intriguing to your content. Sometimes, you might have to do something fun that can even activate your audience and attract them to your page or whatever. It doesn’t matter what your page is all about, you have to go outside your comfort zone a quite number of times and entertain people as it makes them feel more excited to come back to your page at anytime. However, this doesn’t mean you should do this all the time or it should not be relevant to your niche. Whatever fun or entertainment you offer in terms of you being flexible should never be to your detriment and it should have meaningful boundaries so you do not look so unserious.

6.       Use Hashtags

Popularly used on Instagram and Twitter , hashtags are very important as it makes you visible. On Twitter, making use of trending hashtags makes your post visible at that point in time. On Instagram also, having to use the right hashtags also gives room from users to see your post and probably get attracted to your page if they are willing to see more.

7.     Leverage Current Trends

We all know Nigeria is a dramatic country. This particular way is an amazing way you can build your audience and it is something I have seen people tried in which it worked for them.

Since, a lot of drama goes on in this country, it is usually good if you can make use of the opportunity and state your opinion about whatever incident at that moment. It could be as a form of comment on popular people posts or you could post it in your own page as well. Your opinion might be different from other people but you will surely attract people who have similar opinion with you.

Then, they will be like, ‘this person have sense, I will definitely love to see more of this’. This method has been proven very effective especially on Twitter.

8. Engage your Audience

This is almost the same thing about what content you offer and how flexible you are. You need to engage your audience. It is one thing to grow your social media audience; it is another thing to grow an active audience. You need to constantly engage the audience you have and this can extend to the audience you don’t have. You can organise gift events, referral-and-win events, giveaways etc. This brings more people to your page... I mean, who does not like free things?

Also, according to our recent research at the NELOC Media Academy, about 73% of Nigerian social media content is gossip. The fastest way to grow your account on Tik Tok Nigeria is via gossip, another way is to repost movie clips while on Facebook Nigeria, it is easier  to retain engagement on Facebook by putting up gossip here and there. On Instagram, the fastest way to gain visibility is to flaunt luxury and show some flex in good condition. Lastly, on Twitter, you grow fast when you know how to give savage replies, mostly derogatory replies.

But even at that, people are still buying and selling on the internet. The few percentages

Another thing is how interested are you in your audience? How well do you know your audience or how well do you know what they want? People will want to do more for you when you can create and establish a personal connection with them.

9. Use Promotions

Promotions make you more visible. Do not be afraid of using paid promotions. That is why we have influencers and different ads for different platforms (like the Facebook and Instagram ads). They are very effective in helping you grow your social media audience.

10.   Be Worth following

There is an audience for every kind of content. While some content may be unappealing to a group of social media users, others may not be. This is as a result of personal principles, religion, societal validation and morality among other issues. You need to be careful so you don’t lose important audience. I recently unfollowed a popular comedian, He is always posting skits where female always expose their body.

No single decency! You can make me laugh without me seeing such, so there is no point in me following such a person when he does not have any valuable content I can enjoy.

Some people are like me too. Please do note that everyone have different choices and preferences, it also happens in other aspects too. But then still remember, it is your page and you can do what you like. I mean who cares?   


People are interested in what they see and what they can gain from it, therefore, it is important to make use of every opportunity out there as no one knows what could cause you to get a hit growth to acquire your desired audience.


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