Working from Home: 5 Mobile Apps That Help You Meet Your Targets

As a remote worker, there are some things your human self can't handle well. Some of these include communicating with a lot of team members, storing huge data, keeping all tasks and projects in mind, etc. It is almost impossible to achieve these and many more without any form of help.

Many mobile apps can make working from home effectively, and aid you in meeting up with your targets. It is very paramount that you acquaint yourself with one or more of these apps, especially of your work from home. I understand you might want to improve your memory by handling some difficult tasks yourself, but it is safer to go for an option that takes you closer to perfection. Remember, it's not just about you, but those you work with and work for.  In this article, Wunderlist, Slack, Clockify, Zoom, and Snagit would be discussed briefly.

1. Wunderlist

Wunderlist is an app that ensures that you do not miss any deadline. It aids you in prioritizing your tasks and reminding you of each. If there is an app that can serve as your mini-secretary, why then do you bother trying to recall your tasks by heart. You can channel that energy to coming up with more creative ideas to boost what you do.

2. Slack

Slack is an app that helps you to effectively keep in touch with your team members. With slack, everyone can be on the same page, the progress of everyone being followed. This app helps you track both individual and collective progress. With Slack, all your projects can be worked on steadily without anyone being left behind, and constant communication is not a barrier to checkmating this progress.

3. Clockify

This is a time tracking app which enables you and/or your team to track your working hours. This can be done by adding time while working, by starting and stopping a timer. By its settings, the time tracking app can automatically or manually alert you before, during or after you’re done working by using a timesheet view. Clockify also gives you the edge of viewing what your teammates are currently working on by glancing at the dashboard section of the app.

4. Zoom

Zoom is an app, that enables video and audio conferencing online. It comes in very handy when there is a need to hold meetings, training, and webinars. Texting is not enough when there is a need to deliberate on an issue. Having visual and audio-enabled meetings comes out more effective.

5. Snagit

This is a screenshot tool that captures video display and audio output. This is very useful when there is a need to share a particular section of a video or audio to facilitate communication between team members. It involves capturing the process you want and adding visual instructions that explain the process.


A huge advantage comes with having mobile apps that can help work smarter. I'm sure you know that it doesn't matter how hard your work, what matters is how smart you work. And often, working smarter involves achieving something substantial with a little amount of time. So, if you work from home, kindly install some of these apps on your mobile phone, and enjoy managing your daily tasks smartly, thereby, reaching your targets.

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