Ever wonder what business will become without marketing? Your guess is right as mine. Businesses thrive and grow on marketing and I believe we are all marketers even without owning a business.

Marketing is simply creating awareness about your business. As Ian Blair simply puts it marketing connects your business value to the right customer base.  But do you go about telling everyone and anyone who cares to listen about your business? I'd hope probably not. You'll need to implement marketing strategies to get your business right before those need exactly what you're offering as everyone is not your customer.

The following marketing strategies which are not limited to these are just what you need to get started.

1. Content Marketing

Content comes in various ways and they tell what value your product/service brings to the user. Anything that shows customers what your business is all about is content. It could be videos or captions on social media, blogs, or podcasts. Content marketing increases brand awareness, and engagement drives sales and ultimately increases brand awareness.

2. Social Media Marketing

Building your business on various channel like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube create visibility and growth. There is more reach that spans outside the physical business location. Social Media is where most people spend time and you will likely find your customer online than you will find offline. If you try every other marketing means and none seems to work effectively, turn back to social media marketing because every social media app or website is built around a people strategy

3. Referral Marketing.

We're influenced by recommendations from close friends and family than total strangers. People make purchases because of a mention from a friend or family.

This kind of marketing makes use of word of mouth to grow through the network of its existing clientele. Your business grows as your trusted customers spread the word.

4. Partnership marketing

This kind of strategy works when two or more businesses come together to reach more audiences.

These businesses must have the same goal and vision for a unified message and create the right synergy to get the desired result of a broader audience.

5. Influence Marketing

This strategy uses product mentions or endorsements from an individual (influencer) who has built organic loyal followers online and they are willing to buy whatever he/she recommends. It's more effective when the influencer is an expert in a given niche.

Influencers wield such power that their followers go in the direction they go and this is an effective way to increase sales.

Marketing is the lifeline of any business, people will patronize or engage with a brand business when they are aware of its existence and this is where marketing comes in.

Take a look at where you need to create awareness for your business and work on it consistently and persistently. This will get the desired results.