How to Make Money from NELOC Networks as a Data Reseller
After we launched our Data and subscription service website in December, 2021, we discovered the need to introduce our data and subscription reselling offer. One major reason why we launched the data and subscription reseller platform is to help and encourage individuals who want to make money online but have little or no capital to begin. The NELOC Data Reselling Business is a model that allows students, entrepreneurs, businesses and the general public to earn money from selling data and subscription based services at your own price.

Who is a Reseller?

With NELOC Recharge, a data or cable subscription reseller is an individual who buys data and cable subscription units in bulk and resells them to other data and cable subscription consumers at a fair price in order to make profit. Depending on how you engage the basic principles of pricing and marketing, you can make as much as. The difference between a normal user and a reseller is in the extra bonuses, benefits and the price changes which a a reseller enjoys as compared to a normal user on our website.

What do you need to become a reseller?

Many businesses in Nigeria requires huge capital to set up, but the internet today has made things very easy. With certain internet businesses, you don't always need a million naira to start up your business and one of those internet businesses that allows you to start with little or no capital is NELOC Recharge’s data and subscription reselling business. For our data and subscription service resale business, you basically need a smartphone to start making money from the internet. Apart from this, you need a thousand naira (₦1000) only to register, activate your account on our website and get proper training on how to run your data resale business.

How do I signup as a Reseller?

To signup as a reseller, you simply need to visit our official website. As soon as the web page loads, simply locate the menu bar and proceed to sign up  The registration process takes about two minutes on average (considering that you have a very stable internet connection). Upon your sign up, a confirmation link is sent to your registered email address. When you successfully register, simply minimise your browser and go to your email application or open a new tab in order to check your email for the confirmation link. From your email, click on the confirmation link to activate your account and you are good to go.

After activating your account, you can proceed to login to your reseller dashboardofficial website