While engaging in PR and Advertising for brands and businesses, it is necessary that a PR expert goes all out to think within, outside and without the box. This will result to a PR and Advertising strategy that will multiply company or product sales and yield great conversions.
promo package

Many successful big and small businesses can attest to the fact that using promotional products often result in more sales and better Returns on Investment (ROI). Therefore, since every business owner wants to grow at a rapid rate and still survive the tough competition online and every customer wants to get the best available product at a less expensive price, the best PR strategy to adopt is a Promo Package

Promos, shortened from the word Promotion(s/als) are incentives given to customers in appreciation of their patronage. It may come as a souvenir, a slash in prices, a discount or an extra service. Thus, if you have ever seen a Buy Three, Get One Ad or a Free Gift attached to your purchase pack, you have seen a Promo Offer. 

Promos are uniquely carved and have a spot in PR just like contests, raffle draws, quizzes and competitions amongst other PR schemes. It is coined from the believe that everyone wants more. This is why you get a ''jara'' that is, extra or more when you make a purchase. 

Now, there is a greater plus if a marketing team knows when exactly to introduce it into the brand or company's PR strategy. Let's then ask ourselves - How do Promos influence a brand and it's sales?

Into the bargain, a Promo dictates and guarantees the growth of your customer's loyalty towards a brand. This means that while Customer loyalty goes beyond providing awesome products and services, sharing promo products to customers  increases the chances of choosing your brand over  competitors. This is because the average customer sees a genuine reason to keep doing business in mutual convenience. It also doesn’t even matter whether it's a start-up or  a fully-fledged business. This is why PR and Advertising encourages marketing teams to come up with creative ideas to boost customer retention.

A Promo can better relationship with customers, especially for businesses that thrive on a robust network and meaningful relationships. Most businesses in this case are service providing companies like website design agencies, catering brands or printing companies. This is because their target customers are bound to refer the brand to others if time is taken to develop strong bonds with them. This can help to establish credibility and position a brand as an authority in your niche. By getting to know  target customers’ needs and preferences via research, marketing teams may consider organizing promos on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. This approach is a great way to boost engagement and gather user-generated content.

Again, promos come as a budget-friendly marketing tool that wouldn't tear your advertising budget. Since it is cost-effective than other means of advertising, a company or brand can choose to run it for months. It is also preferred because in most cases, you have the promo products or service handy for your customers.

Promos also help brands and businesses to generate real and quality leads. While many entrepreneurs try to generate leads, doing it wrongly can shift progress to false leads. When these plans fail to yield satisfactory results, promo products should be employed to play a key role, converting visitors to loyal customers. To do this, marketing teams should ensure that the Promo publicity is attached to a concise and specific call to action (anything else can follow, but the call to action MUST be specific e.g Click to Order, Purchase Now, Speak with an Agent etc.)

Finally, in boosting business and brand visibility, promo products exist to show off and market products or services with minimal effort. To do this, marketing teams may use brand customised items and materials that are popularly used (but relevant to your business and brand) such as mugs, notepads, pens, smart devices and related souvenirs. This will make it easier for customers to recognize a brand as soon as they identify the logo.