Online Advertising may not be everything

Have you done your work offline?

Many entrepreneurship and business conferences go with all the packaging and in the long run leave the entrepreneurs with little or nothing tangible to hold on to, especially concerning advertisement for business. For online sites and offline media platforms, the advert signals are not left out, from seemingly low advert rates that promise high reverts and returns to exorbitant advertising rates by the big guns in the advertising and publicity industry. Most of the time, we refuse to ask ourselves nor give answers to the question that opens this article.

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Advertising is a broad field that fortunately spreads still every day. Many advertising firms and platforms spring up today with the bulk of them relying on social media and the internet. While it is true that digital media is fast gaining ground and every business must go online, the traditional advertising strategies are practically beginning to die out. By recent research at the NELOC Media Academy, Results have proven that

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