NELOC Media is an intellectual savvy portal that forges an urban feel for the upwardly mobile in Nigeria and its environs. In our family of young, cerebral minded persons working together to give the best of creativity out of a place of learning, teaching and collective growth, we have a team of dedicated members who are spread across various fields.

The following positions are open for applications.

1. Content Developer and Writer
Job Description: Applicants may be writers in any genre, analysts, essayists or columnists.
Salary: Payment per content/per view (undisclosed)

2. Graphics Designer
Job Description: Applicants will be required to design and make digital imprints as the case may be. Knowledge in Corel Draw, Photoshop and other Graphic content applications would be a plus.
Salary: Payment per design/monthly (undisclosed)

3. Web/App Designer/Developer
Job Description: Applicants must be experts in programming languages from html, php, java, query and app development code languages
Salary: Payment per website design/monthly (undisclosed)

4. PR Strategist/Social Media Experts
Job Description: Personnel must be experiences in social media management and PR relations to handle clients public profiles and boost productivity for companies and brands.
Salary: Monthly (undisclosed)

5. Radio/TV Presenter
Job Description: Personnel should have expertise in Media and TV production, Sound Recording, audio-visuals and cinematography. First class Knowledge of video and audio editing softwares would be an advantage. Personnel may also be required to run a few programmes.
Salary: Monthly (undisclosed)

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