As a company, we understand our Corporate Social Responsibilities in line with provisions in our national rules and guiding the United Nations suggesting that companies, corporate bodies, organisations and individuals should be encouraged to take up social programmes. As such we organise these programmes with the aim to raise platforms that benefit the society positively. Below is a list of our Corporate Social Responsibility Programmes.

1. The Be Digital Project (BDP)
     The BDP is a programme for secondary school students which involves visits to secondary schools to engage them in the positives of the digital world. We put them through the processes of creating emails, basic blogging skills, graphics designs, website development, PR, Branding, social media management skills and building a profile online. This project currently gulps up in planning and execution, over #500,000 every year in twelve schools- one school per month, and cuts across different locations, specifically the six-geographical zones in Nigeria.
    The future we have for the BDP covers that the whole of Africa and the world would benefit from digital skills taught to these youngsters before 2030. We believe Digital Skills are the future these children would live in.

2. The Bloggers' Hub
    The Bloggers' Hub is an initiative that helps to connect and network bloggers, experts and newbies in the blogosphere. Usually hosted in different tertiary institution campuses, the Bloggers' Hub yearly trains over 300 bloggers and awards their excellence and skill in blogging.

3. The Dellasdiary Movement Partnership
We engage in full time Media sponsorship of the programmes and social profiles of the Dellasdiary Movement, a Non-profit organisation in Nigeria. You can read about our partnership here

Do you have an Idea, initiative or programme you would like us to sponsor or take up as a Corporate Social Responsibility?  Send a mail to