Five Advantages of Working from Home as a Media/Tech Professional

Since the outbreak of the COVID'19 pandemic, the system of work has changed and a lot of remote roles have become more pronounced, like social media marketers, software engineers, backend developers, UI/UX designers, etc. Also, some administrative roles are now being taken remotely.  Most media and tech companies now prefer to employ their professionals remotely as far as they can get the job done.

The pandemic has opened us up to work from home. Some companies also offer hybrid roles, which is a combination of remote work and onsite. People are gradually getting used to working from home and are even making more money from it.

A remote job/work is a job you get to do from the comfort of your home. As society is quickly embracing this, you might wonder why this is. This article is designed to provide more information on the advantages of working from home which is also the same as working a remote job. Below are some of the advantages of working from home.

  1. Flexibility

This is not in any way promoting laziness or indiscipline. However, when you work from home, there is a chance for flexibility as your work time depends on the number of hours you have chosen to work and the tasks on the ground. It is so different from the days you get to the office and there's not so much of a task for you, but you already drove down and can't just leave the office, so you stay back literally finding yourself things to do. In the work-from-home from home job, you just get to do sg repeat with your time without stress. 

As a remote worker, you can choose to work your Job over the night and rest or do some other things during the day. It doesn't require you to do much in terms of dress and looks. Although you have to always look your best, it is more flexible and work time can be shifted.

  1. Timeliness

No one wants his time controlled by others and this is exactly what happens most times as a 9-5ver who goes to the office. You have little or no control over your time, you work till evening and if you stay in a city like Lagos, spend the most productive part of the day in traffic. It becomes really difficult to achieve some other great things in the day. You can run your work from home-job ith another business because you get to be in charge of your time.

  1. Higher Productivity

Ever woken up with so much energy to work and on getting to your office, the whole energy had gone either because of the stress of getting down to work or just a not-so-good circumstance. If you are most active in the morning and you experience this, it can be a challenge for you and you might want to consider a work-from-home to enhance your productivity. 

  1. Cost-effective

If you work in an organization or company in Lagos, Nigeria. I'm sure you do not need so much explanation cost effect of going to the office daily. If you own a car, you need to consider the maintenance, fueling, and other unplanned and planned expenses. But, you have to spend little or nothing to work from the comfort of your home. 

  1. Better-work life balance

A lot of people struggle with meeting up with their daily tasks and also living a better life due to the demands of moving in and out of their onsite offices. These have a lot of effects on the results and productivity of a person. 

A remote job gives you hold of your time and ensures that you get the job done not at the peril of your good health or your family. You don't want to be a good boss, goal-getter, and a bad parent, spouse, friend, or family member to those who care so much about you.


There are many more other advantages of working from home, these few listed above are just one of the major benefits you stand to gain as a remote worker.

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