5 Mobile Apps To Boost Your Graphic Design Skills

Graphics design is fast becoming a gold mine in the ever-changing tech world. There is a change gradually happening in the world of designs, designers are gradually switching from the use of laptop to the use of mobile apps for designs on smartphones. But which are the best apps for designers?

With so many apps available to choose on the Google Play store, it can be a tiring task to try and pick out what one that is worth downloading. To help you, here are some great mobile apps that should get you started that will definitely boost your graphic design skills

1. SparkPost Adobe

This is a free app available to download. It has over 10,000 templates that is available and you can adjust or recreate them for your personal use. You can use it to make professional brochures, gift cards, posters, social media designs and all other things that will require you design. With this app you, have over 15+ top  fonts in the world of design that is available for use. You also get opportunity to have photos from all across the globe from professional photographers, all at no cost. You also have access to a million of colours that you can edit. You can have access to their premium membership by your paid subscription. I would recommend for a beginner to start designing with this app

2. Canva

This is one the most popular mobile apps available for designs. It has over 60,000 plus template available to use.  It is a free app but you have to pay for the premium version. Majority of the tools, templates on canva are free. Canva is also available in the web version which makes it easier for accessibility, to log in anywhere, anytime once you have a smartphone and a good internet connection.
Another exciting feature about Canva is the ability to edit videos. It is also segmented as you have templates for each of the different social media platforms from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and other social media formats  It's a favourite design app for many graphics designers.

3. PicsArt

This is a app you can use to grow from basic designs to professional designs. It has the best and updated tools for designs and editing. Some people do refer to it as a mini Photoshop. With a community of 2.7 million followers on Instagram, you can get inspired by several contents available. There  are also tutorials on their page for the latest trends.  I would recommend the app for a beginner that wants to have a top-notch career in designing  If you don't have a PC or laptop yet,  this is the best app to start with.

4. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is one of the products of Adobe Inc. It is a free photo editing app that gives you access to a lot of design tools, several hundreds of photo effects and filters to enhance your designing skills. It's a great tool to transform image with features and tools that enable you to mix images and edit collages.

5. Pixel Lab

This is also a popular graphic design app. With a free and paid version of the app, it enables you to customise stylish text, shapes and stickers and put them as overlay on top of your images.
 It also help your text to stand out by adding dozens of different effects like shadow, reflection, background, masks and lots more. You can also choose from 100 plus hand-picked fonts, or import from other sources. You can use different sizes pen tools to draw and edit anything you want.
It's a very simple app to use .

With these apps, graphics designs has been made easy. You can try and check them all out.
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