5 most important YouTube Channels for Learning Web App Programming

If you want to learn programming as you have seen friends do it, loved it and asked one or two questions about it, know that there is a lot to programming. In fact, it has several different types, from programming Games to controlling Hardwares, programming Robots, making computers act like humans (Artificial Intelligence), writing softwares and mobile apps to create website and web applications.

As you already know, this list isn't exhaustive, but just so you know, the list is basically for people who are interested in coding for the web. These channels talk about creating great websites and web applications from the frontend (html and css, javascript(react,redux,angularjs,emberjs ) )down to the backend (php(laravel), python, and nodejs).

Clicking on the names will take you to the various youtube channels, their play lists to be precise
  1. Mindspace -- has videos on html and css, angularjs2, vuejs, react, react-redux, laravel, nodejs and, building a wordpress theme and website
  2. TechGuyWeb -- goes by the name Brad Traversy. In most of Brads videos if not all, he built several real world applications. There are videos on html and css, angularjs2, ionic framwork, laravel, ubuntu, couchdb, nodejs, mongodb, joomla, wordpress, redux, d3.js, cakephp, postgresql etc... Brad is just awesome.
  3. Rem Zolotykh -- At the time of writing this article, Rem had videos only on Reactjs,Redux and Emberjs
  4. Learn.codeacademy-- This is not in anyway related to codeacademy.. i think the channel is owned by tyler mcginnis (not really sure about this though).. This channel is great, Tyler is a good teacher, you are gonna love him. There are videos on Angularjs2, React and Redux, Nodejs, Javascript and Docker.
  5. Level Up Tuts -- Great videos on meteorjs, html5, how to make your first website and also wordpress..

With these amazing links, you can and learn to code and build amazing things, but it won't do you any harm if you don know some basic html and css.. do check out Shay Howe's Website to learn some amazing yet basic html and css alongside some jquery.


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