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Kilenra set to unveil Events Brand next Monday

Have you ever wondered the future of our events? The reality of a perfectly organized event or programme is not far fetched.

KilenraEvents, a brainchild initiative of the Kilenra Brand (an online sales portal) would be launching soon and guss what? It's gonna be yay!

The Kilenra brand would be creating a massive wave of aggressive online and offline publicity for the launch date of her new initiative on Monday, 28th August, 2017. Please see the publicity programme below

We would be creating a 5 day countdown anticipation for our launch; KilenraEvents has to go viral even before the site release and launching date.

Day 1: Wednesday ( Theme: KilenraEvents coming soon...)

Day 2: Thursday ( Theme: What KilenraEvents is really about)

Day 3: Friday ( Theme: KilenraEvents amazing features and its affinity to skyrocket sales of events organizer )

Day 4: Saturday ( Theme: Why use KilenraEvents?)

Day 5: Sunday ( Theme: KilenraEvents review and final anticipation for the launching day)
Now, can you pick up your phone and type in your space bar?

You can check out KilenraEvents tomorrow to see a demo page.

Daniel Oni releases new hit: Crossroads


'We all have had our personal crossroads experiences. This is some message sang in the person of love (JESUS) reminding us of whom to trust in every of life's crossroads experience'

This song was properly written, sung and packaged by Daniel Oni. I believe you won't regret listening.... Stay blessed.

To Download please Click here  OR  here  OR  here

New Man Movement partners with Flywaterz Media for Project SMILE '17

Got an inspiring story to share?

FLYWATERZ Media, in conjunction with The New Man Movement is set to launch a programme tagged

The S.M.I.L.E" is an acronym for "Sharing my inspirational life experiences"

Project SMILE is a project which is based on young transformed individuals who have experienced total change, help and salvation through God's love and people who have gone through various life challenges and troubles but have been delivered through the mighty hands of God.

These people will reach out to men and women going through similar challenges all over the world with their touching and inspirational stories, giving them hope and inspiring them to believe that there is nothing impossible for God to do

Submissions for this project opens on August 7th, 2017 through September, 10th, 2017.

If you want to be part of this Season's project SMILE , please Send us your Story through any of our platforms:

Gmail: *flywaterz09@gmail.com

Or Whatsapp: +2348078924058

You can help share this too



This project is powered by The New Man Movement

New Man Movement organises second annual online seminar- The Making of Men.

The Making of Men

The inner workings of 2 Corinthians 5:17 and Ephesians 4:24 is an

explanation of the Spirit.

Novel Nigeria Presents YES Festival 2017

YES! Festival is an annual 30-day online summit for successful business leaders, brand owners and aspiring entrepreneurs from different fields of business all over the world.

It's a business festival bringing together business leaders in various fields for riveting discussions and debate


I have been writing. It is time to read. I want to learn.

So, I came up with a topic.

Let's discuss the topic,


I believe 🤔that everyone reading this would have instructed or corrected somebody at one point or the other. It might be come in form of a social media post, a teacher to a student, a parent to a child, or a spiritual leader to a follower.
Whichever way, we are preachers.

Now imagine if we are all doers of the good things we preach in words and actions...

Pour your mind, join me on

*#IfPreachersWereDoers Series*. I'll post what you have on *www.victoriaministries.wordpress.com/*

You have lots of benefit if you join in. This include:

*A follow-back link to your blog which will increase your blog traffic.

*Blessings from God as you do His bidding in reaching out to "the lost preachers".

How to join?

Send your article in the format below to✍🏼 *vministries5@gmail.com:*

🌲Subject: If preachers were doers.

🌲Compose mail: (body of your article/poem/story). Please include your name and blog URL/social media account username.

Entries will close on *June 11, 2017.*


*Powered by NELOC Media*💥💥

Daniel Oni releases LOVESONG

Finally. Daniel Oni comes out with another striking music piece titled
"Lovesong". It transcends the atmosphere and leads us into the true
position of what love is.

Where would you be on the first?

Happening on Great Ife's campus on the first of April, 2017 is the
non-pareil celebration of PANACEANs day. Unlike any other blockbuster
and movie thriller, this is one event that should be on the watch out

With one event spanning two sessions, I proudly announce The Panacean
Day 2017 as even.

So, come April 1st, the morning session would kick off at the JUBILEE
GARDEN where LIVE performances from Talented Panaceans would be
featured alongside sparkling Photo sessions. Our Guest Lecturer for
the day is Dr. Raphael Okonni.

The Award session too would light up the atmosphere after which the
evening session would commence at New Bukateria with a Tarzan Delicacy

Please Note that this event is FREE for all Panaceans (Part 2
Biochemistry students) plus a #500 gate fee for non-Panaceans.

Let this trend begin. You can follow us on our social media platforms
and incorporate the hashtag #PANACEAN_NATION_DAY

Official Media Partners: NELOC Media.

IFELAW launches Constitution App

You can download The Ifelaw Constitution by clicking here

Do you Know Kilenra.com?

The Internet leaves us with a long list of online markets where buyers and sellers meet. Overtime, OLX, JUMIA, kONGA and her foreign partners covering Amazon, AliExpress, Ebay, SHopify (and a host of others) have made their marks and undoubtedly, large names too.

However, a 21st Century deal has struck and is launching powerfully. it's the Kilenra.com idea.

What is Kilenra.com?
This is a student based (student for student) online marketing service that proudly connects buyers and sellers, beating the ideas of previous online markets for her student based policies. Although, not restricting use to students only, Kilenra.com has followed the trend of world class digitalisation as statistics have proved that the highest number of internet users in Nigeria are Students.(check facts here)

Have you seen Calligraphy at it's best?

I will have course to repeat a post previously published on this blog again. however, this time, comprehensively too.

You can read it by clicking Language of hands: The Artists' duty

When a man beholds a vast and myriad thought in his heart, he finds a means to bear it out. Sometimes, he says that he is short of words and at other times, he's full of the same words. As such, there is no far fetched reason why an artist would attempt to concentrate his experiment of life in a unique and exceptional work of art except for a preference for order to disorder.

The whole progress of man on earth has thus been a struggle to this end. Everything man has done - the creation of vast empires from the growing of small gardens has been a triumph in greater or lesser degree of order over chaos. To help control his own thought and the sudden surprises of his limitless mind, he had to invent a means of communication- language. As each new thing comes forth, whether it be an idea or an object, he gives it a name and thus brings it in line with the things he understands. This started way back from Adam's loins when he gave names to animals even up till now when we give names to awesome pieces of creativity. Man has in the long run, invented for his use, more than one kind of language and as such, the architect has a language, the mathematician has another, the engineer has his, the lawyer and the musician too.

Calligraphy too is an art: an ancient one too. it sends forth brilliant messages on sight. how it does this is via language. These languages have special features, symbols and their form of logic- the rationale behind them, some formal, others informal. The thoughts of man could thus be analysed in language.

According to The Linguist, there is a believe that languages should not just be spoken but analysed. As such, this article coasts towards it's subject with the question: How does a calligrapher communicate the language of his pen to his audience? What significance is Calligraphy?

1. The origin of everything is Art- for art is creativity. Imagine the world at it's beginning as empty as it was until God called forth light. God was creative here for light had never existed. In the same way, imagine an artist with a blank canvass and you have him create a masterpiece of it. What then is creativity if not this?

2. Art is perfection: When God looked at his works on each day, He saw that they were good. If tommorow, we wake and say a thing is bad, it's not because God made it bad. It's because we did. The same way a calligrapher makes his works perfect and presents it at an exhibition. The mistakes of an artist also means art and so, there is perfection.

3. The divine duty: I'm in some way an artist but I believe calligraphers inherited a divine duty from God. They are great prophets and they see far into the future. The lines of their pens make powerful prophecies.

Your thought after this could be: "If there would be a second world, I'll love to be a calligrapher."

However, I believe in forming our arts out of every profession and duty we find ourselves in. In science, become an artist, paint your blog. In medicine, enjoin creativity, the surgery room is your canvass, in swimming, do same, make the best of creativity. The secret of an artist is his hands- with which he manages creativity. You have hands too. Use them.

The works that appeared in this post are the brilliant works of Ojo Temitayo, a professional Calligrapher. you can reach him on 

Dashing Out Hopes DOH '16 Reports

If you were opportuned to put a smile on faces, would you?

The Dashing Out Hopes (DOH "16)  remains one programme thatleaves such question on lips. If you missed it, you can read about the programme by clicking here

Submission opens for The New Man Writing Contest 2017

The New Man Writing Contest is a yearly prose and poetry writing
contest powered by The New Man Movement, a body of young vibrant minds
that desire a change in society that begins with the youths with the
believe that writing has a power of changing men from the old to the

In it's second year, The New Man Writing Contest is targeted at the
promotion of literary works by combing through the forest of literary
virginity within individuals of the age bracket, 15-25. You can read
about The New Man Writing Contest (NMWC) 2016 here.

Submission Modalities

Note: Entry fee is FREE

1. This contest is open to persons within the age bracket of 15-25 years.

2. Entries should be fixed in body of mail and sent to
thenewmanmovement@gmail.com. Please NOTE that NO attachments would be

3. The biography of the writer should be contained below the body of
the mail (preferably after the submission) in not less than 100 words.

4. The length of submissions is not defined. However, they should be
of standard, no lesser than one page (for poetry). Prose submissions
should not exceed 5000 words.

This contest is open from February 13- March 27, 2017.

All winners would be announced on this platform and other online
literary websites and blogs.


1. 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners would have their works published in
The New Man Writing Series.

2. Certificate of participation in this contest and an automatic
membership of The New Man Movement shall be issued.

3. Other submissions shall be published on online literary blogs.

4. Monetary Prizes (undisclosed) and recognition.

Official Sponsors:

The Speaking Heart
GIVT Initiatives

Media Partners:
Flywaterz Media

For Sponsorship and further enquiries, please call +2348146798514,
+2348106155905 or +2348087939638. You could also send a mail to

Would you join The New Man in 2017?

The New Man Movement is a body of young vibrant minds that desire the
true value of change in society.

The New Man Movement (NMM) as the name suggests is a Revolutionary
idea targeted at the general recreation of our societies and the world
at large...

We choose courage and a rise to challenge over complains.

We aim to recognize and celebrate positive, dynamic, and motivated
young individuals with their great passion for the society which cause
them to take positive actions which do not only improve the
environment but also influences others.

We are proponents of True Revolution and Change in the Order of 2nd
Corinthians 5:17 and Ephesians 4:24.

The New Man Movement therefore formally announces her decision to
enroll members.

To become a member, please send in your details to thenewmanmovement@gmail.com

or via text to +2348146798514 or

Details should bare this format

1. Full Name (Surname first)
2. Birthday
3. Address
4. Phone Number
5. Email address
6. Sex (Male/Female)
7. Occupation-(If student, specify Institution name),
8. Skills

For further enquiries, please call+2348146798514.

This post is Sponsored by The New Man Movement.

Dash Out Hopes this December!

Are you a student of OAU?
Do you feel even the hopeless have hope?
Do you think your being in comfort is by God's doing?
From the stable of Dellasdiary
I present to you a programme tagged "Dashing Out Hopes"
It's a programme involving a workshop forum for the motherless children. A great philosopher once said "Do what you can with what you have and where you are". This is a great time to Dash!
FOR more enquiries reach;
Della: 08065991278
Ezinne: 08187989917
Marvey: 08103299263
Yansola: 07036396525
Powered by NELOC

For sponsorship, advice your funds to 

Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB) 
Account name: Dellasdiary blog
Account number: 0233253874

Got an Icon to Appreciate?


In a couple of days, we would wrap the journey of 2016. I'm sure it's been graced for you. It's almost December!

Some days more! Counting!

Appreciating people for the good they have done for you with words that touch the heart is even more rosy than a bouquet of flowers, yeah!

This year has been quite successful and fulfilling! We met people upon people!

And there's this person(s) who has added so much value to your life this year (Your mum, dad, sister, brother, best friend, teacher, lecturer, mentor) , you want to appreciate?

Why not join Dellasdiary on "Appreciate an icon"  series

How do you join?

Send an email to toluadeola01@gmail.com containing:

>>>Your letter of appreciation
>>>Two clear pictures of that icon in your life this year.
>>>Follow the blog dellasdiary1.blogspot.com
>>>Don't forget to include your name (it could be what he/she knows you as) and after yours is posted, you'd get the link. It's that simple!

You can appreciate more than 1 person!


Offer closes November 30th 2016!

It's gon' be

This Initiative is Powered by NELOC

TO YAHAYA RELWAN: ON NOSTALGIA AND DAYS GONE BY (creative non-fiction) by Akor Emmanuel Oche

It is true what they say, that nostagia is a seductive lier. I can almost smell this memories like a perfume begotten from the necter of a rose, so pure, so stainless. The dust of these days i speak of are

Obafemi Awolowo University Student Set to Publish a Thriller, Hackers Day.

An undergraduate student of OAU, Ugonna Utulor, is ready to publish a riveting thriller by the title "Hackers Day".
The Author, Ugonna Utulor is a

The New Man Writing Contest

The New Man Writing Contest is a yearly prose and poetry writing contest powered by The New Man Movement, a body of young vibrant minds that desire a change in society that begins with the youths with the believe that writing has a power of changing men from the old to the new.

    Submission Modalities
Note: Entry fee is FREE
1. This contest is open to students of Secondary schools only and would be accepted from all states of Nigeria.
2. Entries should be typed in Microsoft word document format and sent as attachment via mail to neloc96@gmail.com or nelocworld@gmail.com
3. The biography of the writer should be contained in the body of the mail in not less than 100 words. The mail should have "The New Man Submission" as its subject.
4. Submitted poems should not cover any more than two pages. Short stories should not exceed 5000 words.
This contest is open from April 13- May 22, 2016.
All winners would be announced on this platform and other online literary websites and blogs.

1. 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners would have their works published.
2. Certificate of participation in this contest and an automatic membership of The New Man Movement shall be issued.
3. Other submissions shall be published on online literary blogs.

    Official Sponsors:  The Speaking Heart   |   GIVT Initiatives   |   NELOC

    Media Partners:   Flywaterz Media  |   Labari Blog
For further enquiries call +2348146798514 or +2348087939638