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Love poem from a Chemist

Dear Sodium, 

I was a poisonous gas (Chlorine)
Before you came into my life (Sodium)

Your presence brought newness
Into my very person

I never knew the sweetness of life
Until people savour me at your presence.

In the dawn of time
My old name was erased from the heart of men

Even Jesus understood the chemical composition of our love
By calling us the salt of this world.

Life seemed vile until you came.
My happiness was trapped in you

I have conquered the whole world by holding your hands,  Sodium.

Together, we add value daily to many.

Your love,

Olaniyi Olagundoye is a Christian poet and blogger.

Poetry: Crayons and Cardboards

Carving With colours
On crystal clear cards
Pinning petals and peaches
on creamy palletes

We draw plenty contours,
and brilliantly, coin our crayon's
corners into the miling masterpiece

Give me crayon
give me card board
let me paint.

The Man who holds the brush
must have a strong will.
With it, he lives.

© Nelson Vincent is a blogger and poet who is in love with the Law and Tech. He loves God and has a passion for society's wholeness.

Poetry: Barren

No cries wake me up
In the middle of night
To ask for a tend

No tears raise me up
To bring out my breast
To show my fluid is needed

This my apt area has none in its fold
This my suitable space is so cold

Open and close I do to physicians' doors
In and out I step in clergymen's...
Their instructions, my daily habits
Their counsels, I eat like biscuits

I grow thin inside
I'm famished

No hope comes from it
The tale I heard about Sarai
And one I heard of Hannah

Child of prayers
If you'll come, come now
Before my big bags and fat tummy
Are sent back...

© Omomeji Ayobami

Poetry: Darkness Again

Like life's long lost and last battle
We live like leaves that fall from trees
With rushes and crushes
As unstable lilies
Lying on tracks of death

Man and Woman
What bargain?

Lord and Lucifer
Which to deal?

Wisdom and Folly
Which to pay?

The Grace and Law

Life and Death

To profit or lose
Which prevails?

Poetry: Babaship, For Fathers!

"Babaship" is the award
And 'tis so great a glory
To have many or one ward
to whom is given the baton and the story



It's not easy to be awarded "Babaship"

All men are males
But not all men are  Fathers.

If you worth Babaship, do step forward...

Happy Fathers Day!
(Babaship- Fatherhood)

Nelson Vincent (c) 2016

Poetry: The Man called Anonymous

I am the shadow called Anonymous
Each time I write or speak
I know I am ashamed
Shamed of my name.

I am anonymous
And each time I write, speak, or do
I shame my name to raise my voice.
For the right or the wrong cause

Fear and Anonymity
Are a pair.
And I am ashamed of my name.

(Dedicated to he who writes anonymously)

Nelson Vincent is a blogger and poet who is in love with the Law and Tech. He loves God and has a passion for society's wholeness.

Short Poetry: Duel

Like life's long lost and last battle
We live like leaves that fall from trees
With rushes and crushes
As unstable lilies
Lying on tracks of death

Lord and Lucifer
Which to deal?

To profit or lose
Which prevails?

Nelson Vincent Ayomitunde.

Poetry: Broken! by Nelson Vincent

Salty waters drip
Like the pours from a leaking keg
And adorn the soil
Like adun*, the sweetness of bitterleaf

I will go back to where we begun our love
Under the tree that lies on the mountain
Yes, the mountain inside the river Ala*, Division

Because you broke my heart,
The elements at War
Say Love is not Lust

From that point, I will trail my leaking pot
And with each drop of water that from it pour
I reduce your self esteem

I can pick the pieces of a broken heart
But the ruins of a shattered heart, I can not bear

Ayanfe, I pray,
Before this sun sets,
Let this love die.

Nelson Vincent Ayomitunde
Inspiration: An appeal to a broken relationship.

1. Adun- the sweet taste of bitterleaf
2. Ala- Division
3. Ayanfe- Beloved

This poem was first published at this link. You can read at

Poetry: Alone!

Anytime I look at this market
I'm the only trader
Trading myself.

Anytime I look at this hall
I'm the only student
Writing an examination
Whose questions I set.

I am the loner, the recluse.
I am alone!

These days move fast.

At some point,
I love the speed.
At another, I regret it...

These days get tiring.
I cannot explain.
Time flies
Time crawls

I see the "Find x" equation
Singing loudly in my ears!
'Tis like rapture
But farther than it.

Dear lady,
My only friend,
Let me sleep.

Wake me up when Buhari returns.

Nelson Vincent Ayomitunde.

Poetry: David's Roof

It was a war in spring
when David the king
Set Joab and mighty men
Far as Rabbah to make an empty den
But Dave stayed behind

That evening
He wandered wondrously
Up the roof of the palace

There, he saw
She who bathed
in purity

She's Bae!

"Go find her out", he says

"She is Bathsheba, wife of Uriah"

"So, go get her", he commands

Then, they laid
And she was full
She sends word
"I am pregnant"

Dave sends for Uriah
In deceit to lay
That night with Bathsheba

At the entrance Uriah did sleep

Dave heard and was cruel

Why would the ark lay in tent
And I'm merry?
Uriah asks.

The morrow comes wth your death letter
And your hands shall deliver them

In the fore, he dies
Dave hears
Sin covered
Wife mourns
New Couple

The fruits of the rooftop encounter
Will drop on your head someday

Inspiration: 2nd Samuel 11:1-end

Nelson Vincent Ayomitunde is a blogger and poet who is in love with the Law and Tech. He loves God and has a passion for society's wholeness.

Poetry: It's a girl

Where we come,
A girl Child
Is a Mis'take
A Miss Stake I say
A Missed Stake

Let the moon die
For Again, It's a girl
Let the sun cease to warm
And it's ubiquity expire
Let Elements War
For it's a girl

It's a girl child
A bastard
Take her to her father

Else Lord I pray,
Let this cup over me pass.

Nurse, strangle
This thing is not mine
For a male on a dung hill
Betters a female on a gold mine

(This poem is for feminism, dedicated to the girl child)

Nelson Vincent A.

Poetry: This House has Fallen

Since there is no way before
Let me turn back
I am Lot's wife
A known friend betters the unknown enemy
If I would die,
Let me know he that is noble enough to kill me

Let me turn back
To face my treasured possessions
And flowered pack
Let me turn to clear my illusions
That I will see them no more

What the old man sees on seat
The young on the tree cannot
Let me turn back
And be blind
And be dead
To the ruins and rumbles of this fallen house

Nelson Vincent Ayomitunde

African Poetry: Adventure

Adventure! Adventure!! Adventure!!!

I love to journey,
To mysterious lands I wander,
To perilous places I journey.
I have no friend or alibi,

Poetry (Yoruba): Èṣà


Pick Spoilt Pieces
And make them Whole
You make me, Èṣà

The whole is greater
Than the sum of it's parts
I am better if I remain whole
Than the disjointed,
And then summed up
Into One

I am Èṣà
The Spoilt piece of a whole

Èṣà- spoilt pieces of a good

Nelson Vincent Ayomitunde

My Father's Will


When you see two parallel lines
Then, You have seen life

So, wait not till your tongue feeds ash
Or heart beats faint
For no trash can remind the sound of brass

Hope would hunt till you hang on cliffs
With your hearts in ropes
Beneath the mountains of certainty
Into uncertainty

Fast as these legs carry you

If a man sends you on NO errand, GO!

Nelson Vincent Ayomitunde.

Poetry: Iyalaya


I went to deliver your message
When they attacked me
He who sends on an errand should be feared
Not he whom would receive such errand
You can kill the messenger
But never the message
Then, they send me with another,
A message, willed and heavy
"Tell Iyalaya to prove herself"

Iyalaya oh!
How daring?

Let us conquer their threats
Show of your strength and might

I nod negatively
Memory fails he who does the poo
Rememberance is for he who packs stool


The puppet is called thrice
This silence, is not my wise

Silence is the loudest scream
They say, if uttered, it could dry a stream

Let us see.

(C) Nelson Vincent Ayomitunde.

Inspiration: Verbal altercation between young men in a motor park

Poetry: Predictions


The rain fell yesterday
The rain fell today
The rain will fall tomorrow

The rain did not fall yesterday
The rain fell today
The rain will fall tomorrow

The rain did not fall yesterday
The rain did not fall today
The rain will fall tomorrow

The rain fell yesterday
The rain fell today
The rain will not fall tomorrow

The rain did not fall yesterday
The rain fell today
The rain will not fall tomorrow

The rain did not fall yesterday
The rain did not fall today
The rain will not fall tomorrow

Stop tossing me around
When tomorrow comes
We would know the truth

Nelson Vincent Ayomitunde (2016)

Poetry: The Undergraduate

The Undergraduate

(4 Years Before...)

The Joy of 1000 sitters
The BOOs and every lecture theatre
Is One.

One Joy!

Morning, Noon, Dawn and Dusk
The books remain my Chores

I await the moment
When the lecturer sends me to the eportal saying
"It's out"

There are trying times and Happy Times

Whispers conglomerate
I had an A
I had a C, an E, a B, a D
An F!

I sit like a marooned man reciting sacred mantras
Written on the pages of these manuals and many materials

One Joy!

That I might not fail God

I run to Him
I read in Him
The Holy Spirit will teach all things
So, Of course,
I comprehend in Him
For His word says
"Study to show thyself approved"

(The Present)
So, today, I feel down cast and finished
Of five points, I'm below a credit
Is the fear of My G.P, the beginning of wisdom?
Or the fear of my master, the maker?

I run to Sports, where my help comes from
I pray in tongues, four, six, eight hours...
If the G.P is destroyed, what shall the undergraduate do?

The morsels of regret are best refused
In the place of pure study...

Peruse the books
Read the word

Study to show thyself approved
Again, I say, Study...

(C) Nelson Vincent Ayomitunde.

(This poem was first presented on the 14th of October, 2016 by The
Academic Subgroup, MFMCF, OAU.)

Poetry: Monkey and Salt

Monkey and Salt
The night approaches; the sun goest out
Children submit silence and rapt attention
The old man runs his hand through his hair

To tell stories of great sojourns
The walkings of older men
The tales, boring and mild
But in patience, wisdom lies

The young has got the wisdom of a sage
And thought it good to leave the city
To make wisdom stagger through generations
The arsenal of wisdom being limitless
Experience sharpens it more.
Used Items! Unwanted!
The hair of the young is white
Where is the monkey and the salt?

Arukuje Segun

This poem is published here in fulfilment of the prizes for The New Man Writing. contest 2016. 

Poetry: Bad fishermen

Fishers of men
Fish now and then
A fish per yen

Paid for so low
As prices go

For their demise
Little a price

Troubled by storm
When fishers come

At lions den
Oh! uncle Ben!

Arukuje Segun

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