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Poetry: Barren

No cries wake me up
In the middle of night
To ask for a tend

No tears raise me up
To bring out my breast
To show my fluid is needed

This my apt area has none in its fold
This my suitable space is so cold

Open and close I do to physicians' doors
In and out I step in clergymen's...
Their instructions, my daily habits
Their counsels, I eat like biscuits

I grow thin inside
I'm famished

No hope comes from it
The tale I heard about Sarai
And one I heard of Hannah

Child of prayers
If you'll come, come now
Before my big bags and fat tummy
Are sent back...

© Omomeji Ayobami

Babaship: For Fathers!

"Babaship" is the award
And 'tis so great a glory
To have many or one ward
to whom is given the baton and the story



It's not easy to be awarded "Babaship"

All men are males
But not all men are  Fathers.

If you worth Babaship, do step forward...

Happy Fathers Day!
(Babaship- Fatherhood)

Nelson Vincent (c) 2016

The Man called Anonymous

I am the shadow called Anonymous
Each time I write or speak
I know I am ashamed
Shamed of my name.

I am anonymous
And each time I write, speak, or do
I shame my name to raise my voice.
For the right or the wrong cause

Fear and Anonymity
Are a pair.
And I am ashamed of my name.

(Dedicated to he who writes anonymously)

Nelson Vincent A.

Short Poetry: Duel

Like life's long lost and last battle
We live like leaves that fall from trees
With rushes and crushes
As unstable lilies
Lying on tracks of death

Lord and Lucifer
Which to deal?

To profit or lose
Which prevails?

Nelson Vincent Ayomitunde.

Poetry: Broken! by Nelson Vincent

Salty waters drip
Like the pours from a leaking keg
And adorn the soil
Like adun*, the sweetness of bitterleaf

I will go back to where we begun our love
Under the tree that lies on the mountain
Yes, the mountain inside the river Ala*, Division

Because you broke my heart,
The elements at War
Say Love is not Lust

From that point, I will trail my leaking pot
And with each drop of water that from it pour
I reduce your self esteem

I can pick the pieces of a broken heart
But the ruins of a shattered heart, I can not bear

Ayanfe, I pray,
Before this sun sets,
Let this love die.

Nelson Vincent Ayomitunde
Inspiration: An appeal to a broken relationship.

1. Adun- the sweet taste of bitterleaf
2. Ala- Division
3. Ayanfe- Beloved

This poem was first published at this link. You can read at

African Poetry: Alone!

Anytime I look at this market
I'm the only trader
Trading myself.

Bible Poetry: David's Roof

It was a war in spring
when David the king
Set Joab and mighty men
Far as Rabbah to make an empty den
But Dave stayed behind

African Poetry: It's a girl

Where we come,
A girl Child
Is a Mis'take
A Miss Stake I say
A Missed Stake

Let the moon die
For Again, It's a girl
Let the sun cease to warm
And it's ubiquity expire
Let Elements War
For it's a girl

It's a girl child
A bastard
Take her to her father

Else Lord I pray,
Let this cup over me pass.

Nurse, strangle
This thing is not mine
For a male on a dung hill
Betters a female on a gold mine

(This poem is for feminism, dedicated to the girl child)

Nelson Vincent A.

African Poetry: Adventure

Adventure! Adventure!! Adventure!!!

I love to journey,
To mysterious lands I wander,
To perilous places I journey.
I have no friend or alibi,

Yoruba Poetry: Èṣà


Pick Spoilt Pieces
And make them Whole
You make me, Èṣà

The whole is greater
Than the sum of it's parts
I am better if I remain whole
Than the disjointed,
And then summed up
Into One

I am Èṣà
The Spoilt piece of a whole

Èṣà- spoilt pieces of a good

Nelson Vincent Ayomitunde

My Father's Will


When you see two parallel lines
Then, You have seen life

So, wait not till your tongue feeds ash
Or heart beats faint
For no trash can remind the sound of brass

Hope would hunt till you hang on cliffs
With your hearts in ropes
Beneath the mountains of certainty
Into uncertainty

Fast as these legs carry you

If a man sends you on NO errand, GO!

Nelson Vincent Ayomitunde.

The Undergraduate by Nelson Vincent

The Undergraduate

(4 Years Before...)

The Joy of 1000 sitters
The BOOs and every lecture theatre
Is One.

Bad fishermen, a poem by Arukuje Segun

Fishers of men
Fish now and then
A fish per yen

For Nigeria, Psalm 151, A Psalm of Hope

"We would like to light a candle and put it on top of Mount Kilomanjaro, which will shine beyond our borders, giving hope where there was despair, love  where there was hate and dignity where there was humiliation"
-Julius Nyerere (October 1959)


Tomorrow, a poem by Ojuko Temitayo

High hopes, dreams, aspirations
Better life, freedom
They are caged in tomorrow
Near as it seems
Tomorrow never comes
Twenty-four hours each day
Today's tomorrow becomes today
Just one step-hours

Puzzles by Segun Arukuje

It was late in the day
They couldn't see the way
Often they slipped and fell
Its cause no one could tell
Why they fell wondered
Cal'd 4 help none answer'd

And it was there they died
Everyday they still cried
In one's dream and sleep
Their voices still sound deep
How shall we forget them
As germane as a stem?

Segun Arukuje

Poetry: The Maze by Segun Arukuje

The Maze
Oh! He is dead
Had I shouted
He would scamper to safety
But that would have given me away
I learn from his mistake
He ran carefully, checking distance

Poetry: Rebelling Decisions by Segun Arukuje

Rebelling Decisions

What I dread most in life is my irretractable decisions
I am filled with continual strife
And scared of heart incisions
These are dire moment
The roughest decisions arise

This rebellion cannot be curbed
Kick against being kicked around
We have endured kicks from kicks
from the kick start till trouble ends
A desire not to forebear
Ultimately leads to demise

I enrolled in the school
of pandemic and endemic malady
I carry a bloody face about
the grace of deterrence abounds
Let us have a trial
and the head of man breaks with bricks
Endurance, patience are nourishing foods
Pampering destiny in her made or marred state
Rebellion begets rebellion

Segun Arukuje

This poem is an entry for the NMWC 2016. You can read about the contest here

NMWC Entry: The Dark Mind by Segun Arukuje

I will run out
As fast as my legs
can carry me
I have hidden here enough

Poetry: Alaale by Nelson Vincent Ayomitunde

I saw her
The four breasted woman
She fed her quadruplets
The North and South
East and West