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New Man Movement gives out Literary Prize to Outstanding students

On 30th July, 2017, members of The New Man Movement gave out gift prizes to best students in literature from Junior to Senior Secondary School classes. The event which held at the Messiah High School, Akure had in attendance, parents, staff and students of the school amidst other distinguished guests.

While speaking, The President of The New Man Movement, Nelson Vincent mentioned that the motive of the prize gifts was to encourage the reading and study culture of students. He further included that the prize would be extended to other subjects very soon.

The Principal of the school, Evang. Mrs Stella Ajibola, while commending the efforts of the organization mentioned that the school would continually have her doors opened to welcome other programmes that would be of eternal benefit and growth to the students and the society at large. She thanked the President and members of the team which she revealed most of them to have graduated from the institution years ago.

See Pictures below.

New Man Movement partners with Flywaterz Media for Project SMILE '17

Got an inspiring story to share?

FLYWATERZ Media, in conjunction with The New Man Movement is set to launch a programme tagged

The S.M.I.L.E" is an acronym for "Sharing my inspirational life experiences"

Project SMILE is a project which is based on young transformed individuals who have experienced total change, help and salvation through God's love and people who have gone through various life challenges and troubles but have been delivered through the mighty hands of God.

These people will reach out to men and women going through similar challenges all over the world with their touching and inspirational stories, giving them hope and inspiring them to believe that there is nothing impossible for God to do

Submissions for this project opens on August 7th, 2017 through September, 10th, 2017.

If you want to be part of this Season's project SMILE , please Send us your Story through any of our platforms:

Gmail: *flywaterz09@gmail.com

Or Whatsapp: +2348078924058

You can help share this too



This project is powered by The New Man Movement

New Man Movement organises second annual online seminar- The Making of Men.

The Making of Men

The inner workings of 2 Corinthians 5:17 and Ephesians 4:24 is an

explanation of the Spirit.

Gift Agu wins The New Man Writing Contest 2017.

According to a recent release made by the Public Relations Officer of
The New Man Movement, who doubles as the coordinator of The New Man
Writing Contest 2017 Araromi Oluwatobi, he declared

Aimo (Ignorance) by Segun Arukuje

Aimo (Ignorance)
Each day, a blunt knife is driven through you
You do not see it
Others do- It is as evident as the sun
A botch of red behind your white garment
Increasing by day in multiples

Poetry: The Maze by Segun Arukuje

The Maze
Oh! He is dead
Had I shouted
He would scamper to safety
But that would have given me away
I learn from his mistake
He ran carefully, checking distance

Poetry: Rebelling Decisions by Segun Arukuje

Rebelling Decisions

What I dread most in life is my irretractable decisions
I am filled with continual strife
And scared of heart incisions
These are dire moment
The roughest decisions arise

This rebellion cannot be curbed
Kick against being kicked around
We have endured kicks from kicks
from the kick start till trouble ends
A desire not to forebear
Ultimately leads to demise

I enrolled in the school
of pandemic and endemic malady
I carry a bloody face about
the grace of deterrence abounds
Let us have a trial
and the head of man breaks with bricks
Endurance, patience are nourishing foods
Pampering destiny in her made or marred state
Rebellion begets rebellion

Segun Arukuje

This poem is an entry for the NMWC 2016. You can read about the contest here

Poetry: The Dark Mind

I will run out
As fast as my legs
can carry me
I have hidden here enough

Shivering in these shadows
At the fear of lurking death
In desperation and utmost want
I ask for freedom from this night
of the homicidal nonentities.

One by one I'll take each step
Not in same rhythm
But in simple succession, hasty steps
I launch into light

I preferred darkness
Until the fear of the unknown
Begun hunting me
Any moment
A brandished spear
Might impair my guarded life
With carefulness and sobriety

Looking behind me
The silhouette of those I run from chases me
My legs become jelly
Unwilling to lift me
I shut down at the sight of my doom

Arukuje Segun is a writer and poet.
This published poem is one of the entries in the New Man Writing Contest (NMWC) 2016. It is published here as a fulfilment of prizes.

Release: Winning Entries from The New Man Writing Contest 2016 (NMWC)

The New Man Writing Contest 2016, conducted between April 25th to May 22nd, having received entries from various parts of Nigeria has

Integrity: The Story of the Great Wall

Integrity: The Story of the Great Wall To protect themselves from the barbaric hordes from the north, the people of China built the Great Wall. It was so high that

The New Man Writing Contest

The New Man Writing Contest is a yearly prose and poetry writing contest powered by The New Man Movement, a body of young vibrant minds that desire a change in society that begins with the youths with the believe that writing has a power of changing men from the old to the new.

    Submission Modalities
Note: Entry fee is FREE
1. This contest is open to students of Secondary schools only and would be accepted from all states of Nigeria.
2. Entries should be typed in Microsoft word document format and sent as attachment via mail to neloc96@gmail.com or nelocworld@gmail.com
3. The biography of the writer should be contained in the body of the mail in not less than 100 words. The mail should have "The New Man Submission" as its subject.
4. Submitted poems should not cover any more than two pages. Short stories should not exceed 5000 words.
This contest is open from April 13- May 22, 2016.
All winners would be announced on this platform and other online literary websites and blogs.

1. 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners would have their works published.
2. Certificate of participation in this contest and an automatic membership of The New Man Movement shall be issued.
3. Other submissions shall be published on online literary blogs.

    Official Sponsors:  The Speaking Heart   |   GIVT Initiatives   |   NELOC

    Media Partners:   Flywaterz Media  |   Labari Blog
For further enquiries call +2348146798514 or +2348087939638

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