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Let's Walk the Talk with Mr Hezekiah Olujobi

"God himself is a Human Right Activist... See Proverbs 31: 8-9 "

- Mr Hezekiah Olujobi

Join Us today in Our Walk the Talk Series with Mr Hezekiah Olujobi, the convener of the CJMR as he leads us through his walk in prison, his salvation story and the "Bible-buttock tale"

Mr Hezekiah Olujobi, Convener CJMR

NELOC Media: Can we meet you?

Mr. Hezikiah: I'm Hezekiah Olujobi, born on August 8, 1963 to a Christian family, my mum was a junior sister to Late Apostle Ayo Babalola, the man whom God used for the revival in Nigeria and Africa in 1930. I was also by his mercy ordained as Pastor  in Christ Apostolic Church in 1995. I'm happily married with Victoria Mojisola Olujobi, father of 4 children, the Director and Coordinator for Centre for Justice Mercy and Reconciliation, a Christian non Governmental Organisation based in Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria with focus on the welfare of people languishing in Nigerian Prisons in Awaiting Trial and on Death row without a just cause.

NELOC Media: What inspired the CJMR?

Mr Hezekiah: The vision of CJMR was born from my personal experience as an ex inmate who had gone through the process of prison incarceration for six consecutive times in 3 different Prisons in Nigerian. I had my encounter with our Lord Jesus Christ during my detention period for six years in Agodi prison on 16th August, 1989 and I gained my freedom on 3rd of March, 1993 (I was remanded in the prison on 27,January, 1987 on allegations of armed robbery) the offence I knew nothing about.  After my freedom, I decided to proceed to the Bible school but very unfortunately I was turned down because I couldn't have school cert, I later opt for another bible school for Evangelist and Prophets which has no any condition or requirements than your calling.  Shortly after I completed my one year training I was posted to Pastor a church and I was ordained as a Pastor. 2 years after my ordination as a Pastor and as a Pastor of a church with fast growing number, I heard a voice from the Lord who said "go back to where I called you to go and bring out others who are still walking in the darkness, for this reason I have caused you to walk in the darkness so that you may bring the captives to the knowledge saving grace".

This was my entry point to the ministry.

At the initial stage I did not have full concept of what the ministry will look like than to go to the prison and preach, but along the lines the ministry was unfolding itself as people whom I knew when I was there are still coming to the prison. In the cause of my interactions with them I realised that same problem that I faced are the factors for their cycling of incarceration, I decided to provide them a room from my 3 bedroom apartment then and I identified the problem confronting them and I moved to solve the problems. In that process, I saw the need to advocate for many of them who have no lawyer, I connect them with some Christian lawyers who offered them free legal services, those detained without case files in the Ministry of Justice I looked for the police in charge of the case and I persuaded them to forward the case file to the ministry of Justice for prompt action. Those wrongfully sentenced to death I re investigated their stories, I connected them with lawyers who will file their appeal to the Court of Appeal or even to the Supreme Court and they get their freedom, those that their case have gone to the Supreme Court with proven evidence that they are wrongfully convicted, I personally writes the Governor and the Board of Mercy and they were released

NELOC Media: What are your achievements so far?

Mr. Hezekiah Olujobi: By the grace of God, CJMR has over 300 beneficiaries that have gone through our Halfway Home and over 200 beneficiaries of our legal intervention. His freedom was made possible as a result of our pressure on the Governor since 2008. He was commuted to life imprisonment in 2009 but our further investigations revealed that the man may not know anything about the death of his girlfriend. We have 5 people who have been set free from the death row as a result of our intervention. The recent achievements is a case of someone who was set free by the Oyo State Governor after 26year of wrongful conviction of his girlfriend, one Mr Olusola Adepetu of Olusola Naturally hospital.

NELOC Media: Human Rights? Is there a Biblical history for it?

Mr Hezekiah: God himself is a human rights activist. God hate injustice. Read Proverb 31: 8-9 "open your mouth and plead the cause of those appointed to death. Isaiah 58: 4-8 which says".... make your voice to be heard in the high Places, let the oppress go free.... You can see that God is a human rights activist. He want people to be fairly treated

NELOC Media: What's your greatest challenge sir?
Mr Hezekiah Olujobi: Challenges of getting adequate funding to mobilise the volunteers. Adequate funding to bring justice to the poor incarcerated. Adequate funding to even pay for the Halfway home which was due since. When you make appeal to the churches you will have little response.My greatest challenges is not money but people who can listen to my ideas so that those ideas will not die, government who will admit that there is error in the court proceeding which the affected poor whose rights have been denied should be given fair compensation. 
Definitely when you are treading unfamiliar terrain not many people will like to go far with you.
I strongly believe when we get more individual who can reason that prisoner deserved attention we can have a better justice administrative and poor people can have access to Justice

NELOC Media: What do you think about change sir?

Mr Hezekiah Olujobi: Change is necessary when the formal is no longer relevant and functional.
Where the old practice is no longer bringing positive results but negative there is need for a change.
Change of a cloths will be possible if a mad man can come to his senses that this cloths is no longer fit for him

NELOC Media: Sir, how have you managed family with all these? Especially during your detention period?

Mr Hezekiah Olujobi: I got married after my freedom. I married on 13th of December, 1997.

NELOC Media: Can you share your salvation experience with us sir?

Mr Hezekiah Olujobi: Prior before my encounter, I had open my mouth to deny the existence of God three times in my life. The first time, when I was young around 15 years, one afternoon I was in a prayer meeting with my parents, you know in CAC in those days there use to be observations of the hours of prayer. That day we were observing fasting and prayer, I just opened my eyes and I saw my dad sweating, praying, the voice just whispered to my ears "Why do people closed eyes in prayer? You open eye you cannot see God, you want to talk to him you have to close your eyes, don't you see that these people are foolish. Since that day Satan sew the seed of that rebellion thought in my heart. Second time I was in an operation, it was during the raining and heavy thunder, fear gripped my heart, but after the rain stopped I went away with the goods, as I collected the money, the memory of the event flashed through my mind about three times, I said within me again "is there God? The third time was when I was in the prison. I have been reading the Bible, but I woke up one day to use the book of Revelation to clean my buttock, the reason why was any time I read the book of the Revelation I always have a bad dream, and moreover any questions that often arise in my mind I could not find any answers to those questions, one morning I ended up tearing the book to clean my buttock. After I finished the Revelation I turned on the book of Job, the reason was all the questions God asked Job there was no answer to them, I used the book of job to clean my buttock.

My salvation took place during my detention on August 16, 1989. I have been using the Bible to clean up my buttock because there was nothing to clean, many people used to tear their clothes to clean and many used the Bible to smoke. On 4th of August, 1989 I was still on the toilet while reading through the next chapter of the book of job chapter 40 before I use it to clean my buttock, as I was reading through the chapter 40:1-14 by the time I reached verse 7-14 that was where my conscience was struck. When those questions were directly to me

 1  The LORD continued his response to Job by saying:
 2  “Should the one who is fighting the Almighty find fault with him? Let God’s accuser answer.”
Job Acknowledges His Limitations
 3  Then Job replied to the LORD. He said:
 4  “I must look insignificant to you! How can I answer you? I’m speechless.
 5  I spoke once, but I can’t answer; I tried a second time, but I won’t do so anymore.”
The LORD Continues to Interrogate Job
 6  The LORD answered Job from the wind storm and told him:
 7  “Stand up like a man! I’ll ask you some questions, and you give me some answers!
 8  Indeed would you annul my justice and condemn me, just so you can claim that you’re righteous?
 9  Do you have strength like God? Can you create thunder with a sound like he can?”
Can You Save Yourself?
 10  “When you have adorned yourself with exalted majesty, clothed yourself with splendor and dignity,
 11  dispensed the fury of your anger, made sure that you have humbled every proud person,
 12  stared down and subdued every proud person, trampled the wicked right where they are,
 13  buried them in the dust together, and sent them bound to that secret place,
 14  then I will applaud you myself! I’ll admit that you can deliver yourself by your own efforts!”

I could not proceed to use the chapter to clean my buttock, but I need to clean my buttock. So I decided to tear the book of Jude that day and I cleaned my buttock but shortly after that, a strange sickness struck me.
My sister this was the point of my encounter with my maker.😅 I was in a severe pain and headache for 3 days, whenever I want to pray the devil will bring the records of my sins to my memory, I will say within me "this sin is too much to be forgiving" I was Pilling it up in silence, I was in a severe pain and fever all of a sudden I exploded in tears, it was as if I saw the accuser with the records of my sin by my left side and I was standing before the judge waiting for the verdict but all of a sudden I busted into prayer asking Jesus to forgive me, the Bible says "though we do not know how to pray but the spirit interceding for us with groaning which cannot be explained"
You know I was in a cell with over 100 lucked up inmates, some of them came to me to comfort me, some were making jest of me but along the lines I slept off, that was around 2 pm and I woke up around 4 pm during the final counting, it was the noise of the crossing iron bar that woke me up but I couldn't get up to go out to be counted, when the wader came in he tab me to ensure I was not dead, I can hear someone telling him that "he is sick,". But before I was interrupted from my sleeping I had a dream I was in a class room, I saw a handwriting of the black board with these words

"Job - - - - - Jehovah
Jude - - - - Jehovah

I was meditating on the dream before the warder came in to tapped me to wake up. When I lying down back in meditation on the dream on what it meant, I came back to my sense that these three books are the books that I used to clean my buttock then I heard a spirit conversing with my soul.

The voice of the spirit in my soul.

What is the Alphabet letter that started with the Job?, I responded "J"

What is the name of God?, I responded "Jehovah"

In the same way he asked of the Alphabet of Jude and John in the same way I responded. The voice in a gentle manner asked me" what is the Alphabet letter that started with the name of Jesus? I said "J" all of a sudden my sense of understanding opened and I heard the gentle voice that said to me "there is no any finger behind these books than the hand of I Jehovah Jesus"

On the evening of the 16th of August, 1989 was the evening of my encounter with our Lord Jesus Christ.
On the night of 16/17 of August, 1989 I slept and I heard a dream of seen Jesus full of the circle of the moon, in the morning the man sitting by my side and a very good friend named Denis called me, he said he had a dream, as he narrated his dream lo and behold it was the same dream that I had dreamt. Subsequently, I had another dream, I saw the angels of God formed Jesus in every direction of heaven. Often time my common dream of fellowship in heaven is always on Friday night / Saturday morning.

This is my story of encounter of Salvation

Thanks for the refreshing of memories

NELOC Media: Wow! God is great! Thank you for your time sir. What would you love to say to inspire young people out there?

Mr Hezekiah Olujobi: Aren't you inspired with all these? 😁 the youth should put themselves under the instructions of their parents and they must learn to be contended with what they have

NELOC Media: I am sir. Thank you very much sir. We're very grateful.

To know more aboiut the CJMR, Please visit www.cjmr.org.ng

Let us know how this has blessed you. Please use the comments box. God bless you.

Walk the Talk: Ayobami Omomeji

We had a small chat with Ayobami Omomeji, the team lead of the GIVT Initiative. Hear his inspiring story this week on the Walk The Walk Interview series.

NELOC Media: Can we meet you?

Ayobami Omomeji: I'm Ayobami Omomeji.

A student. An entrepreneur. A child of God. A grand motivator that help to seek after discovering God's purpose and fulfillment for young folks and upcoming ones.

More to it.
I'm a philanthropist that sees a FUTURE in the lives of those that I help. I see them becoming better and they are also birthing generation.
I'm a Thespian also.

NELOC Media: Lovely info. You're a student of which school sir? And what type of job do you do?

Ayobami Omomeji: Alright.
I'm a student at Olabisi Onabanjo University, AGO-IWOYE, Ogun state.

Well, I'm a serial start-up entrepreneur.
I'm into meal (food, snacks and drinks) delivery. A massive outfit that will be the first to ever occur in Olabisi Onabanjo University, AGO-IWOYE, Ogun State.
The meal delivery is an aid to help students, Lecturers and non-teaching staffs get their food whenever they are hungry and feeling weak to move, they could pick up there mobile phone to order. We see that food is a necessity, in betwixt of this, we are helping to solve a problem. A problem that is providing happy solution to indigenes and students of AGO-IWOYE.
You could follow us on IG- @mealnminutes.

NELOC Media: Wow! That's innovative.
Quoting from your words, "The meal delivery is an aid to help students, lecturers and non-teaching staffs get their food whenever they are hungry and feeling weak to move, they could pick up there mobile phone to order."
That means your service is 24/7. How do you cope, being a student? Considering time, etc

Ayobami Omomeji: Well.

Not at all, it's not a 24/7 service we are providing. We work on students availability inside campus.

We work from 8:00am till 4:00pm because we are just starting, anyway.

We are so Strategic about this, very strategic.

Plus, even being a student, I must confess, it hasn't been easy at all. Our team is just 9 (so little), but, we actually work with each of the team member class timetable schedule. Fortunate for us, none of our classes or schedules are clashing. It can be so hectic, I mean direly hectic but, we do this because we have created a solution we don't want it to turn into a problem again, so together we stay with it and we are happy.

Happily, everyone is doing fine academically.

NELOC Media: That's good to know. What inspired you to establish the Global Impact Visionary Thinkers Initiative?

Ayobami Omomeji: Beautiful.

I've always had a natural sense to help and make sure someone is influenced positively through. I feel gladdened about that, anyway.

Not until I got to meet the Saviour and I was rebranded and shown a new light. Now, at this time, I knew what to do.

Then, I started self development. I wanted to know more, I read books, meditated and sought God face in prayer to whom and who I want to reach out too.

Then, I met a friend, Ifelolorun and she told me she wanted us to start something together (Spirit led anyway, cuss I saw it coming). I asked her, What is your personal conviction towards this? Her response was so likely, Infact, exactly like mine.

Then, because she brought the idea of starting something together, we decided that it should be named after her. In honor, we named it Amanda Visionary Thinkers (AVT). After somedays, when we prayed along that God should give us something. Surprisingly, the only thing we got at that moment was the change of name from AMANDA VISIONARY THINKERS to GLOBAL IMPACT VISIONARY THINKERS Initiatives. The name was confirmed by three of members of the Initiatives while praying, Infact, we got this (the change of name) at the same time and day.

Now, My germain inspiration was this:

While we can avoid evil, why don't we go for good. Many lives and destinies are been perpetrated with, there should be an avenue, a platform to correct this ills.

Another inspiration is this:

Let us die empty while we enjoy definite fullness. What do I mean? Many are meant to fulfil, but because of societal, parental, peer and denominational influence, young folks are detrimented to keeping silent to WHO THEY ARE MEANT TO BECOME.

So, Global Impact Visionary Thinker Initiatives helps to build a predetermined future into reality.

I hope you are fine with this?

NELOC Media: Very well. I'm inspired.

Apart from Global Impact Visionary Thinkers  Initiatives, which other organization are you in? And state the aims.

Ayobami Omomeji: Okay.
First, The RAISE 'Preneur Group.
Aim- Raising Acute and Inspired Student for Exploits Supernaturally.

Second, The New Man Movement
Aim- Raising new men and re-dedication to destinies.

Third, Project Rescue Mission
Aim- Helping the less privilege and making them happy always. Leaving them better than we've met them

Aim- revealing the competency and buoyancy of the truth in Jesus and projecting business to another level

Fifth, Next generation of Leader Academy
Aim- where potential leader are hatched into breaking forth to there divine purpose

Sixth, ITWE(In touch with entertainment)
Aim- where raw talented are breeded and trained into becoming instruments for global use

NELOC Media: In all these, you might have faced a challenge in one way or the other. How did you overcome them?

Ayobami Omomeji: Yes. Definitely, I have. But, I kept on. I didn't loose focus.

God is the background, I'm the instrument(even when it's not ringing well).

NELOC Media: God is the background. That's true. How did He help you? We read about the saints of old, how they overcame.
What's your story? Please share it with us.

Ayobami Omomeji: My story.

It isn't a sad one though but challenging. It's like a Manifold story.

I was born into the christian home where my parents are pastor and leader in the church.

I was raised properly, went to morally good schools (Oyemekun Grammar School) in Ondo state. I was properly warned against the cruelty of our society and how to run away, far, from them all.

But, through all of this. I had a mind. A focus. Determination that exceeds my parents, friends and everyone around me, ever than they imagine.

I envisaged things that were crazy, unexpected, things people will tell me that I CAN NEVER ACHIEVE. Imagine, I ever thought of earning 1million when I was 15years, during my SSS 3 days.

After my secondary school days, I had issues with my mum especially about my course of choice, she had problem with that. I want Theatre Arts but she wants me to study International relations or Political Science. I battled with this for 2years, during this 2years struggle, I determined, stayed on my ground, because I was shaken, battered, talked badly too and people around me discouraged me, thank God I'm studying Theatre Arts today.

During this time of struggle and prior, I discovered my purpose and thank God, ideas and how to strategise on it, has been God's directives.

I had a very heinous life that I wouldn't share for personal reasons. But, see, my parents are happy, everyone that didn't believe in me are challenging and encouraging and they say 'They'd love to see me at the TOP'

All along, I had total dependence and all round instruction from God and I heeded. The journey hasn't stopped, i'll continuing to heed till eternity because, there's always a price for ardent  obedience especially from God.

Let me say this again. My father was a driver of my purpose, I'd boldly say my father has been a contribution to what I am becoming in the process.

Well, i overcame because I was obedient and i'll continue to overcome because I'm an freak to been obedient.

My life is a testimony.
NELOC Media: Wow! Inspiring

Ayobami Omomeji: Thank you ma'am.

NELOC Media: With all of these, Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Ayobami Omomeji: A successful and sorted Entrepreneur making waves rightly.

One of the youngest global impacters that folks/people will point after, that HE was a blessing.

A successful settled Family man (if probably)
NELOC Media: (smiles)

Ayobami Omomeji: Definitely ma'am.

NELOC Media: What would you love to say to inspire young people out there?

Ayobami Omomeji: My simple verdict about life is this:

We don't need to be told what to do because we know what is right. Perhaps, a lot choose the way of perdition because of a temporal-destructive fun.

There's a way that seemeth right to a man, the end thereof.... DESTRUCTION.

Young folks, there's something within you that cries out for an outburst, you've got no choice than to explore because that singular gift in you is a massive solution to the world's problem.

So, definitely, We all can be a solution if we identify a problem (gift).

There's no one better than you, you're the best and you're unique.

In conclusion, put your trust, total trust in God. He's not a failed God. He will surely do, cry out to him.

Stay connected!

NELOC Media: Thanks for your time sir.

Walk The Talk: Gift Agu and The New Man Literary Prize

"I started writing far back at the age of five..." - Gift Agu, Winner, New Man Writing Contest, 2017.

Today, we bring to you, the moulding words of a nineteen year old. A story of literary bravery and courage
Join us as we Walk The Talk in the next few lines.

NELOC Media: Can we meet you?
Agu Gift: Well, I am Agu Gift Ihuoma.

NELOC Media: Wow! Lovely name. We would love to know more about you.
Agu Gift: (smiles) Thanks. I was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Ikechukwu Agu and  I'm from Umunekwuagbo in Isukwuato L.G.A. My State is Abia State and I graduated from Federal Government Girls College Umuahia.

NELOC Media: Wow!
Agu Gift: smiles. Yea

NELOC Media:  You're seeking admission right?
Agu Gift: Yes I am

NELOC Media: Wow! That's impressive.
NELOC Media: You recently got an extra feather to your cap. How did you feel when you were announced winner of The New Man Writing Contest, 2017?
Agu Gift: I must be honest, I was impressed beyond words. Its truly an honour.

NELOC Media: Your works are good. Keep it up.
Agu Gift: Thanks alot

NELOC Media: You are welcome. Tell us about your other achievements.
Agu Gift: Uhmm, I've been published in some international journals which includes Evergreen Journal which was actually my first. Then I also got published in other journals like International Poetry Journey in which the specific journal was titled Poetry from the heart and I was published also in the Tendai Mnwanaka's Best Poets for 2016 and also The 2017 New England Poetry Anthology and of course the winner of The New Man Writing Contest

NELOC Media: This list is impressive
Agu Gift: Thanks

NELOC Media: What are your aspirations for the future, say next ten years?
Agu Gift: Be our strength
Agu Gift: By then I aspire to be a well known author, I've always wanted to be able to beat Chimamanda Adichie and by then I hope to do that. I also aspire to be a fulfilled Nurse by then have a wonderful family of my own and of course I aspire to have touched more than a thousand lives through my work

NELOC Media: Tell us other things about you... the things you do apart from writing.
Agu Gift: Well to be honest wah I do mostly is writing but when I am not writing, I tend to read because it widens my horizons. So apart from writing, I read and uhmm...for fun, I hang out with friends.

NELOC Media:  Smiles
NELOC Media: Over your dreams and aspirations, What is your greatest fear?
Agu Gift: (thinking) my greatest fear is not being able to at last fulfill my dreams and aspirations.
NELOC Media: What inspires your writing?
Agu Gift: I must be honest, my greatest inspiration is my best friend. But other things inspire me like nature, my mood, things around me, songs. I almost draw my inspiration from everything.
NELOC Media:  Wow! From everything. That's good.
Agu Gift: Yea
NELOC Media: Who is your best friend?
NELOC Media: I mean, your inspiration
Agu Gift: Okay
Agu Gift: My best friend's name is Kingsley John. He has been my best source of inspiration.
NELOC Media: Could you please tell us how?
Agu Gift: Uhmm...my best friend is a kind of person who is always compassionate and always cares for people around him. He touches lives even without knowing it. When I see him do these things, an inspiration just comes and I would fell like writing about whatever it was he did that day.
NELOC Media:  Wow! This is a pointer for everyone to do good. We do not know who we inspire indirectly.
Agu Gift: Exactly
NELOC Media: When did you start writing?
Agu Gift: As far as I can remember, when I was 5
NELOC Media: Wow! Five years? That's impressive.
Agu Gift: smiles yea, thanks
NELOC Media: You're welcome. Thank you for your time. Please what would you love to say to encourage other writers?
Agu Gift: I would say that we one of d most creative people in the world so we should always strive to bless others because one way or the other we are angels touching peoples lives through our work. I would love to tell my fellow writers out there to keep their pen rolling and the Lord shall surely be our as far as we keep being determined and Strong.
NELOC Media: Thank you.

For details about The New Man Writing Contest, please visit www.thenewman.org.ng

Interview with Joe Aito on WALK THE TALK

PROFILE: Osemebge Joseph (Joe Aito) is a Nigerian renaissance writer, social commentator, and blogger; an active member of the

Nigerian literary community. His story "The List" was shortlisted for the prestigious 2016 writivism prize. He lives in Port-Harcourt, southern Nigeria and blogs at www.thedarknotes.com.

WALK THE TALK: hello Joe, you're welcome to WALK THE TALK with Akor Emmanuel Oche

JOE AITO: hi Emmanuel, thank you.

WTT: for the readers out there. Who is Joe Aito?

Interview with Ray Ndebi on WALK THE TALK (part I) by Akor Emmanuel Oche

Interview with Ray Ndebi on WALK THE TALK (part I) by Akor Emmanuel Oche PROFILE
Ray Ndebi, is the author of THE LOST GHOST: sons of struggle; a cameroonian living in Yaounde and the co-founder of

Feminism ends in the Book: An Exclusive interview with Gift Foraine Amukoyo (II)

GIFT FORAINE AMUKOYO: formost, Gift Foraine Amukoyo is a liberal lady.

WTT: Alot is being said about female participation in literature in Africa. As a female writer, what are those peculiar challanges you face?