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I'm sure the idea: 'self concept', does not sound strange to a large number of persons. If it does, here is a concise meanin...

I'm sure the idea: 'self concept', does not sound strange to a large number of persons. If it does, here is a concise meaning. Self concept {self worth or self esteem} is what you feel, think and see about yourself. It is an atmosphere of your thoughts and a picture of who you think you are.

So, the idea behind your self concept is this.
It can either be positive or negative and It has to do with areas you feel uncertain, either physically, financially, spiritually, mentally or socially.

You may feel uncertain with your physical appearance or physique. As a guy, you may not have the 'six packs' as other guys do, or the muscular and athletic body. As a lady too, you may have flat hips or may not like how your hair usually appear.

Trust me guys, you could fix these up instead of being uncertain and disjointed. I have a friend who didn't like how her hips were flat and decided to exercise regularly.

I remember she used to do a particular exercise I call 'frog jump'. But she would not hold her ears or jump. She used to place her hands on her waist and then try to squat gently. This really worked for her.

I'll advice you go for exercises and check your diet. Yours may be socially in your relationship with others. Or even spiritually, that is, in your relationship with God.

The thing is this, your self concept really matters and it determines how far you go in life. For example, if you constantly believe you can't be successful in something, may be an examination. Your belief may be due to what you have heard others say about you, or your previous test results.

Your mind assement here will creep into reality and you'll end up not performing well in the exams. The good thing is, you can eliminate such thoughts.

So today, I would advise you to start thinking big, dreaming big and acting big.

Never see yourself as an inferior person or as one that lacks certain ability in something.
Choose your friends or people that keep you company wisely. Make sure they are people who encourage and do not condemn.

My last take on this is that you should get closer to God. He created you for a purpose. Getting close to him makes the reality of that purpose more concrete!

-Philip Vincent Abayomi is a writer and blogger. You can reach him via Credit to Dr. Myles Munroe (of blessed memory), Bahamas Faith Ministries, International and Apostle Joshua Selman, ...

Credit to Dr. Myles Munroe (of blessed memory), Bahamas
Faith Ministries, International and Apostle Joshua Selman, Koinonia for their
mind opening teachings.

“Leadership is the ability to influence, motivate, encourage,
ignite, induce, inspire, move and mobilize others to passionately
pursue a common goal or purpose while maintaining commitment, dedication,
diligence as well
as momentum.” – Dr. Myles Munroe

National Alliance on Mental illness: “Mental illness is a
condition that affects a person’s thinking, feeling or mood. Such conditions
may affect someone’s ability to relate to others and function each day.”

Microsoft Encarta Premium, 2009: Mental Illness is a disorder
characterized by disturbances in a person’s thoughts, emotions, or

I have always heard and seen so many people term
themselves as leaders. Although, for a long time, that seemed to mean nothing to me but after a while I began to ask myself if we have as much leaders in our
society, why are we in such a depressing state? Why does it seems that
each passing day is a step closer to “only-God-knows-kind of mystery” to be
unleashed into the world. Why do we seem to keep exalting and praising the
wrong things high above what is right? Is there even a standard in this
world for judging what is right from what is wrong? Are even the
self-acclaimed-leaders even leaders? On what basis should
we term a person as a leader? All these and many more were what led me to
begin my research on what leadership really entails and if it has any effect at all
on the state of the society. After studying a number of books most
notably that of the great leadership tutor, Dr. Myles Munroe (of blessed
memory) as well as my bible and listening to some audio tapes on leadership, I
came across some interesting facts (that I would like to share) that
satisfied my curiosity.

So, what is leadership?
According to the definition of leadership given by Dr. Myles,
Leadership is influence not manipulation.

Leadership is the ability to guide,
direct, or influence people.
(Microsoft Encarta 2009).

Leadership is the
art of getting someone else to do something you want done because
he wants to do
(Dwight D. Eisenhower).

All these definitions of leadership have shown that leaders are
only called so if and only if they can influence, inspire, induce and
mobilize others to do what? To follow a vision that has been mapped out.
That is to say that leadership has nothing to do with the seat or position you
occupy or the amount of power you have been able to accrue unto
yourself but the ability to bring others to pursue a goal or sets of goals happily
without anyone feeling used or like a stranger. Having known what
leadership is then comes the next question of who is qualified to be a

Genesis 1: 26- “And God said, Let us make man in our own
image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over……….” The bible
verse makes us to understand that we were made in the image of God. Now, if God is a leader, what does that make us? Leaders of course! No wonder he
continued further by saying that man should have dominion (ruling power,
control, influence, authority). This shows that right from start, the essence of
man was to be a leader. Notice that God had already proclaimed the purpose
and essence of man before he was created- an image of himself (that is,
someone that looks like him in his external and internal characteristics. In short, a
small god). If you are still doubting my explanations, let’s do a
simple experiment.

Get some water from a source (could be a well, stream or any
source) using
a bucket of any size. Now get five small cups. Transfer some
water from the bucket into each of those cups. After doing that, assess the
water in each
cup, does anyone differ in physical and external
characteristics from that of the bucket?

Absolutely not! This shows that since the water in each cup was taken out
of the parent, they possess the same characteristics as that
of the parent.

So, inasmuch as we were created from God, we possess his characteristics
so, we are all leaders.
I know by now you are already thinking that if we are all
leaders and we are all meant to dominate as I claimed we are, why do we
still have so many social, religious and economic problems? This is as result of loss of purpose which has led to lack of vision. No wonder the bible says according to Proverbs 29: 18 – “Where there is no vision, the people

Now, if you read the book of Genesis chapter 1 very well, you
will discover that when God wanted to make grasses, he spoke to the
earth and the earth brought forth grasses. That is why grasses must remain
connected to earth for life. Anytime a grass is not in connection to its source-
the earth, it dies and goes back to where? Its source (earth) also. When
he wanted to create fishes, he spoke to waters and the waters brought

Thus, fishes must remain connected to water for survival. For
birds, he spoke to the atmosphere. That is why you cannot find a bird
swimming in the oceans or walking about the earth. When it comes to man,
God spoke to himself (Let us make man in our own image……..). Thus, for a
man to fulfil his purpose as a leader, he has to remain connected to his
source- God and continually study the user-manual He has prepared for us
which is the bible. Or how many people can boast of knowing all what an
appliance can do without reading or studying the user manual prepared by the

Even asking other users would not reveal all the intricacies
involved in the use of the appliance. So also, not studying the God-given manual and asking other creatures like us or lower than us would not
provide the much needed answers to our search for essence.
Now what happens once a man disconnects himself from his
source? This is where the issue of Mental Illness comes in. I know most if not all of us are accustomed to the traditional definitions of Mental illness
just like those given above. So, would I say all these definitions are
wrong? Of course not! In fact, my own definitions were gotten from
these, albeit a bit broader. It is true that given what we have been taught, it could be so tempting to limit mental illness to just those who exhibit
abnormalities in their physical or social life. We have a limited description of who a mentally ill person is. We have often associated mental illness
with bizarre behaviours but even if that were true, the last time I
checked, something bizarre is something amusingly strange. Thus, it is
quite untrue that strange things can be done only by those we have
believed do them. So,
what is mental illness?

“Mental illness is a condition in which the victim’s sense of
purpose has been lost. It is knowing what is right but doing what is wrong. It is not only until such a person runs into the street and tears his or
her clothes before he or she can be classified as being mad.

Chronic mental illness is when you dress well, talk well, know what to do but still going ahead to do what you like which is often selfish and wrong”.

- Mental illness is when you buy a very good trouser in the
market and you decided by yourself to “beautifully” tear or make holes
in the trouser at well-chosen points. Gone are the days when the
only people with torn clothes were the very wretched ones or the mad people
on the streets but nowadays, we will see a person who talks well and a mentor to a large group of people wearing torn clothes all in the name of
fashion and you think he or she is not chronically mentally ill?

- Mental illness is when you decide to sag your trousers (at
times showing off your dirty shorts) all in the name of fashion.

- According to Dr. Myles Munroe in his book, Spirit of
Leadership, We

- Power without purpose
- Money without meaning
- Position without passion for living.
- Houses but not homes
- Children but not sons and daughters
- We protect animals but kill infants and unborn babies
- We pursue power at the expense of principles
- We sacrifice integrity for temporary pleasure.

Is this not a form of mental illness? We seem to have power
without influence and inspiration but manipulation.
- You will see so many people wake up every day to do
things they are so unhappy about be it relationships, work, school, etc. doing
the same thing over and over again but wanting different results.
- Mental illness is when you hold a position of authority but
instead of you to use that position to better the lives of your followers
instead inflict several physical and mental pain on them by owing
them several months salaries but you go on expensive trips, in expensive
aircrafts, buying expensive items neglecting the anguish of those
whose source of livelihood, those of their children and many people around them depend on the salaries.

- Mental illness is when you have lost your sense of
purpose and all you crave for is wealth. Ecclesiastes 5 vs 10 says that whoever
craves for wealth cannot have enough. I rephrase it by saying whoever
craves for wealth, power or money cannot have enough and would
keep on craving
those things until he or she meets his or her waterloo.

- Mental illness is when you bring your marital, family and
problems to the internet thinking that would make you feel
better (You need
to listen to “Prophetic Implication of Association by Apostle
Selman Nimmak).

- Mental Illness is when you can’t think on your own but
your brain has been overthrown by the spirit of colonialism and slavery
that all you think about is to adopt the various rubbishes going on in the
world most especially the western world.

This is why a person who is a true leader and has discovered
the leadership spirit inherent in him or her will not manipulate election
results. True leaders don’t manipulate people to gain their votes. They
don’t use force or heresies to win elections. They just influence. True Leaders
don’t make empty promises. That’s why they rarely make one because
when they do, they try to fulfill it come rain, come shine, whether it is easy or
hard, whether there are oppositions or not because they treasure
their words.

Leaders don’t run blindly after power because they know that
it doesn’t matter whether you are president or governor-general, if you
don’t have the
spirit of leadership, you just occupying a useless chair.

Leaders are glorified servants. Leaders don’t spend millions or billions of naira on personal stuffs while refusing to pay the salaries of their followers or
turning a blind eye to their pains and sufferings. A true leader would
always find ways to improve the self-esteem of his followers.
A true leader leads other leaders not servants.
Leaders don’t come out every four years to sing songs of
battle in order to canvass for votes and after the election, resort to looting the
money and wealth they could have used to enrich the lives of those that
voted for them. Leaders are upright and principled.
The truth is that most people know these but still refuse to
act on them. That was why the issue of mental illness came in.
Our society is in grave danger because many of the people we
put in positions to rule are just sitting on empty seats.

- Our homes are fatherless. All we have are figure heads.

- Our children no longer take trainings from home but go to
the internet for the information they need which are often wrong.

- Our country is made up of people always at alert for
opportunities to steal from the coffers of the nation.

- Our religious homes are made up of people interested only
in financial gains.

- Our schools no longer impact the necessary morals
needed to train leaders.

- Our media are made up of several illicit materials that can
the minds of oncoming generations.

- Our role-models are setting bad examples in their talks,
actions, dressings, marriages and various areas of their lives.

- We keep doing the wrong things all in the name of

- We are scared of giving sex education to our children but
keep producing children who are so naïve and gullible to engage
themselves in immoral sex leading to unwanted pregnancies and most
times abortions.

- Our education sector is made of individuals ready to grasp
every opportunity to maximize personal profits at the expense of
impacting necessary knowledge.

Ecclesiastes 10 vs 16 says: “Woe to you, O land whose king
is a servant and whose princes feast in the morning”. In other words, a society is in great trouble in every aspect as long as the people who hold the
reins of power have not imbibed the spirit of leadership, as long as they
have not combed out their mental illness. If we read further (vs 17): “Blessed are you, O land whose king is of noble birth and whose princes eat at a proper
time-for strength and not for drunkenness”. In other words,
when the leaders of a society know the proper things to do and are doing them then, the society is blessed.

These bible verses have shown that it is of great necessity to
ensure that we equip ourselves with the necessary things that would
ensure that we are mentally sound because whether we believe it or not, we have
a leadership spirit inherent in us and everyone is a leader in one area or
the other be it at work, home, school, community, association, etc. Thus, it
is very important for us to take every necessary precautions that
would enable us to walk in line with God’s laid out plans for us. This can only
be done by reconnecting to our source…….God.

If a pond’s source of water is cut off, it would soon become stagnant. Just like an electrical appliance is useless without a power source, so also are we useless without our source because he is the one who knows our essence.

OJO Cornelius Ayodele (AKA Hyquebaba), a final year student of the Department of Architecture, Federal University of Technology, Akure is a blogger, writer, motivational speaker and designer.

A sluggish cut, a thousand bleeds, upon my inner hut,your marchet breeds. A broken heart is shrivel roses!

A sluggish cut, a thousand bleeds,
upon my inner hut,your marchet breeds.
A broken heart is shrivel roses!