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Have you ever wondered the future of our events? The reality of a perfectly organized event or programme is not far fetched. KilenraEve...

Have you ever wondered the future of our events? The reality of a perfectly organized event or programme is not far fetched.

KilenraEvents, a brainchild initiative of the Kilenra Brand (an online sales portal) would be launching soon and guss what? It's gonna be yay!

The Kilenra brand would be creating a massive wave of aggressive online and offline publicity for the launch date of her new initiative on Monday, 28th August, 2017. Please see the publicity programme below

We would be creating a 5 day countdown anticipation for our launch; KilenraEvents has to go viral even before the site release and launching date.

Day 1: Wednesday ( Theme: KilenraEvents coming soon...)

Day 2: Thursday ( Theme: What KilenraEvents is really about)
This would Sound th alarm.

As your master grande planner for your events, KilenraEvents® is a platform that allows event organizers to plan, promote, and sell tickets to events and publish them across Facebook, Twitter and other social-networking tools directly from the site's interface, and also enables attendees to find register and purchase their favorite events tickets online.

We manage events ranging from:
Outdoors events, Sports, Competitions and Parties.

For Indoors events, we cover Cinemas viewing,
Lectures, Seminars, Shows and Presentations.

We’re also bringing a new dimension, and certainly rebranding the Online TICKETING industry.

Join our WhatsApp group chat via this link👌🏽


Day 3: Friday ( Theme: KilenraEvents amazing features and its affinity to skyrocket sales of events organizer )

Our amazing features for KilenraEvents includes:-

 Event Registration & Ticketing

It offers multiple ticket and registration types with various quantities and prices.

Easily receive payments online for ticket sales instantly in less than 24hours.

Attendees immediately receive an email confirming their registration and ticket.

Track sales and analytics, and registrations from your dashboard with our easy widget.

You could compile the lists of all your events attendees that paid for your online tickets, export it to a CSV file and Print.

.....And lots more!

_Let's make reference to our infographics too, it explains our features in just 4 slides._👍🏽


Day 4: Saturday ( Theme: Why use KilenraEvents?)

Day 5: Sunday ( Theme: KilenraEvents review and final anticipation for the launching day)
Now, can you pick up your phone and type in your space bar?

For Enquires, Partnership & Sponsorship
```Kilenra Events```🎫
☎ 08119818323
Instagram: @kilenra_events
Facebook: Kilenra Events

You can check out KilenraEvents to see a demo page by clicking below.

KilenraEvents- the grande master of events