Wandering in the Dark- Charity Omoregie

I wonder what the word "wandering" means. I wonder what it takes for the twenty second letter of the Alphabet to start a word. I remember back as a four years old, where I'd go about and around with my little understanding of what life seemed to be.

I played around and smiled at the tickles of pleasant smiles or the times mama would be in the kitchen and I was left alone.

I was little, yet did I know what it meant to wander.

Lo, I am a wanderer.

Years kept by and growth was sure. Suddenly I climbed on a stair that seemed so far away and the reflection of darkness flooded my eyes. I opened again, but yet, I found dark paths.

I asked myself, where I was. It was the stairs of life that left me with two choices to choose one. I thought for a moment, but so many feeble questions that life has no answers to kept playing games in my heart.

I moved an inch forward to another step on the stair. I felt the pain all around me. I called out for mama, but I heard her say... "My dear, this is a race of your own."

Almost at the verge of giving up, I heard a still small voice... "Follow me, I will lead you to your destination".

Finally, I smiled. This is Jesus, the beginning and the end.

Charity Omoregie is a writer with NELOC Media.

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