Problems Student Entrepreneurs face

I promised some time ago that I would write on some problems a student entrepreneur goes through. This is that article. I don't really know how I'd end up with this but then, I will try to be very real. I hope I will share a piece of your mind. Don't worry either- it won't be long too, because I would just go straight to the point in my listing below...

Academic Balance
I think this should top the list. Many times people ask how "the books" are doing, we just mention that we try to make a balance and "throway face". If we are further poked, the "time management" story comes up. I believe studentpreneurs will relate that time management can actually be a tough thing to do, especially when your business involves  a direct sale platform making the studentpreneur flow between grades of D, C and B (in rare times, an A). The good thing is, when you understand time management, you are good to go.

The "Last Price and Jara" Problem
Whenever I call a price for a fellow student, it is presumed, based on "studentship matters" that I have reduced the price and imputed all discounts, conveniently enough for you to be able to pay, and at the same time helping myself to make profit. It's worse when students claim, (and can even tell their fellow students) that : "you know I'm a student". Most times, I feel they see me as someone other than a student. I have come to conclude that the "jara" may not really be the problem- I could surely add that... The problem is the "last price" (bros and sis, I know you can price things well, why not kuku take it for free?)

The "rich man- belief" problem
Everyone thinks you have made it big and can never go broke again. I once went so broke and needed just a thousand naira. My dear reader, everyone I called a friend practically "slied" me. Some of them who pretended not to, tried instead to post me- I survived. The truth however is that most studentrepreneurs go broke much more than often. One investment here, a business there and all your money is used up. Many argue that a savings or miscellaneous amount should be kept, but the question is; even as pocket money collectors, do you not go broke?

I think I will pause here for now- I heard we have a class and the lecturer might take attendance. I will write my remaining story soon. Till then...

P.S: By the way, who noticed I used Studentpreneur, Studentrepreneur and Student Entrepreneur? Maybe a typo or just different spellings. What do you think it should be?

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