I believe so much in referrals for any business- Apelegan Omotolani Elizabeth...

On this first episode of our Studentpreneur Interview Series (#SIS), Omotolani shares with us her studentpreneurship story, the positives and negatives. Let's walk the talk with her in this episode.

NELOC Media: Can we meet you?
Tolani: I'm Apelegan Omotolani Elizabeth, a part 3 law student of Obafemi Awolowo University. I'm a Christian and here on campus I attend Communion Christian Centre. I'm a very active person, I love to be busy and productive. Adding value is key in whatever I find myself. And, I'm an entrepreneur

NELOC Media: How has Nih Mixes grown over the years?
Tolani: Nih Mixes is a fast growing cocktail brand. We make the finest cocktails at simple charges and offer affordable luxury. *Nih Mixes* clocked one in May this year and I can say that it's been awesome all along. Considering the fact that Cocktails are not very known in this part of the country or better put, people around here do not really see cocktails as an essential part of their events and as such, proper orientation must be given to your clients or prospective clients while trying to convince them about your services.
I can categorically say that Nih Mixes has given some level of awareness to people in this environ that cocktails are integral part of of any party, especially when you want it to speak classs

NELOC Media: In building a brand and a personality, what challenges have you faced?
Nih Mixes Logo
Tolani: I'm a kind of person that believes so much in that saying of preserving your name instead of amassing silver and gold. I love my name so much that I wouldn't do anything to soil it. So me being an entrepreneur, I try my utmost best to provide services that cannot be matched elsewhere, I prove to my clients and their guests that the money they paid me, they spent judiciously.
You know when a flop comes from my end, the first thing anyone will say is, "you know that Tolani girl, the one that owns Nih Mixes, she's so unprofessional". Such statements hinder the growth of any brand and even soils the name of the owner of the brand. So what I do basically is to meet and surpass the expectations of any one who hires my services so that such person will refer me to others. I believe so much in referrals for any business.
For the challenges, my greatest change so far is transportation. Conveying my tools down to the venue is always very difficult, at times, I'm even discouraged but on such days, I remind myself the reason why *Nih Mixes was birthed.
Other challenges are petty, like party guests talking without respect to you while you're working, but you know a customer is always right so most times, I just calm them down and continue my work.
NELOC Media: Do you intend to practice Law or go the business way?
Tolani: Definitely, I'll practice law. It's a childhood dream for me and that dream must be realized. That doesn't stop me from doing business anyway. I'd love to be a renown mixologist and bartender all over the world, along side being a Lawyer, isn't that beautiful?
NELOC Media: Beautiful. Is business for you, Nih Mixes or nothing else? Is there any other thing you'd have ventured to excluding Nih Mixes?
Tolani: I'd like to go into the hospitality industry, not now though. I'd also do well in trading.
NELOC Media: Finance, Capital issues and investor management How have you matched these in your business?
Tolani: Financing is quite difficult owing to the fact that cocktail tools and syrups are quite expensive. But you know nothing is impossible when you're focused.
My capital was rather on a very low budget. I expanded with time. Also, I've never had an investor, but I'm looking forward to having one.
NELOC Media: What's the future for Nih Mixes? What should an investor expect (if you love to accommodate one)?
Tolani: I'm taking *Nih Mixes* out of the walls of OAU and out of Ife. I look forward to having a very big cocktail bar in the big cities across the country. I want *Nih Mixes* to be an household name. Investors too should be rest assured that their money will be spent wisely and their profits will never be shortchanged.

NELOC Media: The question of balancing business amongst other things tail the answer, time management. Asides this how have you balanced business with other assignments?
Tolani: It's not been very rosy. I mentioned earlier that I love to get busy and be productive, in the real sense, I'm a very busy young lady.
I'm actively involved in so many organizations and associations on campus. I also do not joke with church. I have other engagements too and remember I'm also a student, a law student at that which requires that I read well.
I only try to juggle them together, try not to let one affect the other even though it's almost impossible.
I just make sure that premium attention is given to what matters at every point in time.

NELOC Media: What's your biggest boom in business and your worst experience so far?
Tolani: My biggest boom has always been from referrals. It boosts my brand so much that I have no choice than to deliver. For my worst experience, I can remember lobbying for a particular job for months and eventually, I was not given. It really affected me and weighed me down. I got over it though.

NELOC Media: What advice would you give to a fellow student in business, or one who intends to venture into business?
Tolani: Know your market. A lot of student Entrepreneurs do not know their market which is very inimical to the brand. Knowing your market will avail you the opportunity to give that wonderful service you should
Also do not let your business affect your academics. The very first reason why you were sent to school is for you to make good grades, know how to balance it.
Put God first and every other things will fall in place.

NELOC Media: Thank you for your time. We appreciate your feature in our interview series.
Tolani: Thank you for bringing me on it too

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