Motivation by Daniel Oni

Daniel Oni has done it again!!!

Daniel has actually shown between being talented and been skilled.

The song motivation is a blend or hybrid of electronic and jazz fusion music.
And he showed music remains the food of the soul.

A Jazz-fusion singer and songwriter-not signed to any label; Daniel Oni, is back with a follow-up to his amazing debut single Crossroads. The song is titled Motivation and it’s produced by Darrypee, with him also on mixing and mastering duties (mix engineer behind Pretty Mama: winner of the Next Top Rated Artist competition Season 8 hosted by Top Radio 90.9 station, and other creative sounds).
Motivation is a soft non-aggressive tell-on type of song, with bit of radical lyric accompanied by a beat that will have you thinking deep and gradually drawn out of despair from the onset. It’s more than just a man giving hope to the next. Daniel Oni summons all the emotion his heart can muster and lays it all out on this song for all. With every note hit, the tension heightens and the unapologetic sentiment can be felt. It’s simply stimulative stuff. A song about hope; and trusting Daniel Oni to serenade your ears is possibly one of the best choices you can make.
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