The next goldmine called e commerce

E commerce is a broad concept a wide phenomenon.... A deep oil well.
Many have eaten their share. Some have a greater chunk.
Imagine what a do over 160 million Nigerians...

E commerce could be broken into:
1 The classified ads system
2 The online stores
3 Mini importation and drop shipping.

Classified ads are the , interface ,they make their money majorly  through boosted ads(people paying to make their products treated specially) and Google adverts.
Owning your store isn't difficult. You can use shopify, magneto or any e commerce Cms.

The cashcow here is mini importation.
You just need internet connection, a secured payment card(MasterCard or visa card) and you can earn a lot.
You import majorly  from China.

It's a very technical process. For more info send a mail to

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