Poetry: One Road, One Vehicle

By Nelson Vincent.

Iya Sikira,
Aunti Janeti,
If you have lifes, live.

Iya Sikira paddles her feet
From Genesis to Revelation
Her husband, Baba Suberu
Has no remote for his home

Aunty Janeti too
The first daughter,
In like manner
Strolls aimlessly from bed to bed
The glory between her legs
Is perused by cows and dogs

Boda Tamedo,
He has a long chain
Plus a market list of ladies
His roll call of the captured and the prey.

One, two, three and four
Baba Suberu numbers his concubines
This family is a nation
who do we blame?
Moral Negligence or What?

It's One Road, One Vehicle.

(This poem discusses moral negligence. It largely contains words in the yoruba language, a South Western dialect in Nigeria.)

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