Fridays and the Dress Sense Palava

Today is Friday and the average individual in this part of the globe believes that the dress code should be a "native wear," showing the belief in customs, culture and tradition, and possibly promote the #ProudlyNigerian Brand.

With the #TGIF (#ThankGodItsFriday) hastags flying around, the bet is made. What kind of outfit best suites a Friday? Do we rather say the white man's collar, skirts, blouses, trousers and suits would be preferred or the custom made local "agbada, buba and wrappers?"

Some adjoin the fact that Friday is practically a free day, a kind of
"free-styled" day in the Nigerian parlance. It is the start of a week-end and so the dress could possibly affect the sensation of the
period, either positively or negatively. In this extraction, the activities on a Friday actually matters, moving from clubs, vigils,
parties (especially the aso-ebi dominated ones), journeys and a longer market list.

Our fashion sense has largely evolved in years. The fact lies that
with every passing day, it either gets worse or better. The matters of
self esteem goes beyond the principles of "you are addressed the way
you dress." In whichever case, the position of choice can still not be
ruled out.

It goes far as which gender is mostly affected by the wrong dress
sense syndrome. This too remains a battle of the mind, even though, it
poses a glaring answer.

Well, the question remains: What dress would you pick this Friday?

Let's have you in the comments box below!

#WonderFriday #TGIF #WeekendMuse

*Agbada is a long flowing gown
*Aso-Ebi, a unique dress worn by a group of people usually for an event.

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