I once took a break from purpose- Sijibomi Aremu

Walk The Talk is an Interview Series on NELOC Blog. Today, we have Mr. Sijibomi Aremu, a principal member of  BeyondThinkers, an organization with the "Discover, Inspire and Equip" principle. Let's read his story in the next few lines, his salvation experience plus his break from purpose.

NELOC Media: Can we meet you?
Mr Sijibomi Aremu: My name is Aremu Sijibomi Olumide.
I hail from Osun state. I attended Yaba college of Technology with a degree in Business administration and Management. I'm currently serving at Loyola College in Ibadan, Oyo state where I teach Economics.

NELOC Media: What inspired BeyondThinkers?
Mr Sijibomi Aremu: What inspired us to start BeyondThinkers was Matthew 25 vs 14-30.
In 2015, Some young guys came together, with a scriptural reference {Matthew 25 vs 14-30}, they have experienced people in tears because those people couldn't achieve their dreams. We discovered that Education is gradually falling and everyone is losing value in our environment, everyone is in chase after money and fame regardless of how they get it... Our society especially teenagers are all losing focus because of the wrong information they have, so with God's leading we established the initiative where we discover, inspire and equip teenagers and youths with great talent in Nigeria.
At first we were called Positive Thinkers. But during the registration, we discovered that an organization already had the name. So we prayed and got the name BeyondThinkers.

NELOC Media: BeyondThinkers... Inspiring.
Mr Sijibomi Aremu: Thank you.

NELOC Media: You started in 2015, what are your achievements so far?
Mr Sijibomi Aremu: A lot... From Inspiring members and Hosting of an annual conference where we allow members to Exhibit their talents
We call it DFCC, which means Drive for Change Conference. We had the first version last which was tagged; The Giant Leap. This gave and encouraged BeyondThinkers members to look beyond their current status and take that big step towards greatest and in attendance we had 127 people in 2016.

NELOC Media: How tough has it been in fulfilling all these?
Mr Sijibomi Aremu: Sincerely speaking, I don't think we have encountered a tough situation in achieving them. Everything has being working for our good. It is all about Jesus.

NELOC Media: Beyond the societal relevance, Can you tell us about BeyondThinkers?
Mr Sijibomi Aremu: Wow! BeyondThinkers.
We do three things...
We discover, Inspire and Equip.
Let me take it one by one.
We at BeyondThinkers believe in the inert skill(s) that lies within every man. No man is born worthless or without skill/gift; this is the drive, the exact reason that propels us to creating value to life. We are set to search and dig out from as many youths and teens that enrich the nation.- That is one. 
1. Inspire- It is continuous thing. From Discover we move Inspire. Discovery of a purpose isn't the end of it"s process to becoming valuable; there's the refining moment. Every discovered treasure in its crude form gets to be refined. In the refinement lies the extent of its beauty and attractiveness.
That's what we do at this stage.
2. Equip- We don't just discover and inspire; We empower, We Equip you. It is the creation of platforms that enables people to exhibit their skills; showcasing what they have to the world. And we do this once a year #DFCC
Also, it creates a connection with professionals who have attained remarkable success in chosen fields. That's all we do

NELOC Media: What positive impact has the NYSC had on you?
Mr Sijibomi Aremu: (Plenty o)
I am the Treasurer of my CDS group. It taught me two things.
1) I must be accountable
2) I must be responsible.
And I thank God. NYSC is involved in a scheme called SAED Skills and Acquisition Entrepreneur Development. I joined the public speaking section of it, to improve myself professionally.
NYSC is fun I tell you.

NELOC Media: Do you follow the idea that NYSC should be scrapped?
Mr Sijibomi Aremu: No.
But it should be Optional as for me. coupled with an increased allowance.

NELOC Media: BeyondThinkers and NYSC? How have they merged.
Mr Sijibomi Aremu: It is not fun my Lady. I and the principals of BeyondThinkers had to rugged it to keep the two running, and we don't know how we did it. It is God. I can say what we did actually, was to delegate work and duties to non-serving individuals. Then we do monitoring.

NELOC Media: Please narrate your salvation experience?
Mr Sijibomi Aremu: Very funny serious experience. Long story though, but I will cut it so short
I was not that academically sound back then, though I loved God and everything about Him, yet I didn't know Him.So my dad came to see me in school that very Sunday, with a message for me, given to him by a pastor.
The message was I should always read Jeremiah 33 vs 3 and my life would change. I started it because I was desperate for that change. Friends mocked me then. Family members too. Istarted a personal prayer with the scriptural verse. To the glory of God my life changed. My brain opened. My memory was able to retain things I read.. I said to myself "Oh miracle! Life is coming up". I wrote all exams once and passed! Jamb, post Jamb. I got admission.
I joined YCTCU, Yaba College of Technology Christian Union. That was where my life changed totally. Baptism of the Holy Ghost and the rest. I give glory to God.

NELOC Media: At what particular point did you find true purpose?
Mr Sijibomi Aremu: Young age I will say. I found out I had this ability of speaking to convince you to do my will. So I used it as a strength. Motivating people towards their dreams. Especially the lazy ones!

NELOC Media: Have you ever thought of taking a break from purpose?
Mr Sijibomi Aremu: Yes I have done that before. Ask Why? Things were not working the way I wanted, so I stopped, and do you the message I got from God?. He said since you gave up on your purpose, can I give up on you too... for where!
I jumped up back and changed strategy about life and I've been fine since then.

NELOC Media: Based on the fact that youths are faced with a lot of distractions, what is your advice from your experience?
Mr Sijibomi Aremu: They should read their books. Fix their gaze on Jesus. Finish... With that, the sky is the starting point

NELOC Media: Your parting words to all BeyondThinkers and everyone with a purpose.
Mr Sijibomi Aremu: Expect the highest and best you can imagine, and work to make it so. But don't let judgment cloud the value that is already yours to live. Know that every moment is a beautiful moment. Open yourself, humble yourself, allow yourself to embrace the beauty in whatever form it takes.

NELOC Media: Thank you for coming sir. God bless you.

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