I started writing at the age of five- Gift Agu, winner, New Man Writing Contest 2017

"I started writing far back at the age of five..." - Gift Agu, Winner, New Man Writing Contest, 2017.

Today, we bring to you, the moulding words of a nineteen year old. A story of literary bravery and courage
Join us as we Walk The Talk in the next few lines.

NELOC Media: Can we meet you?
Agu Gift: Well, I am Agu Gift Ihuoma.

NELOC Media: Wow! Lovely name. We would love to know more about you.
Agu Gift: (smiles) Thanks. I was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Ikechukwu Agu and  I'm from Umunekwuagbo in Isukwuato L.G.A. My State is Abia State and I graduated from Federal Government Girls College Umuahia.

NELOC Media: Wow!
Agu Gift: smiles. Yea

NELOC Media:  You're seeking admission right?
Agu Gift: Yes I am

NELOC Media: Wow! That's impressive.
NELOC Media: You recently got an extra feather to your cap. How did you feel when you were announced winner of The New Man Writing Contest, 2017?
Agu Gift: I must be honest, I was impressed beyond words. Its truly an honour.

NELOC Media: Your works are good. Keep it up.
Agu Gift: Thanks alot

NELOC Media: You are welcome. Tell us about your other achievements.
Agu Gift: Uhmm, I've been published in some international journals which includes Evergreen Journal which was actually my first. Then I also got published in other journals like International Poetry Journey in which the specific journal was titled Poetry from the heart and I was published also in the Tendai Mnwanaka's Best Poets for 2016 and also The 2017 New England Poetry Anthology and of course the winner of The New Man Writing Contest

NELOC Media: This list is impressive
Agu Gift: Thanks

NELOC Media: What are your aspirations for the future, say next ten years?
Agu Gift: Be our strength
Agu Gift: By then I aspire to be a well known author, I've always wanted to be able to beat Chimamanda Adichie and by then I hope to do that. I also aspire to be a fulfilled Nurse by then have a wonderful family of my own and of course I aspire to have touched more than a thousand lives through my work

NELOC Media: Tell us other things about you... the things you do apart from writing.
Agu Gift: Well to be honest wah I do mostly is writing but when I am not writing, I tend to read because it widens my horizons. So apart from writing, I read and uhmm...for fun, I hang out with friends.

NELOC Media:  Smiles
NELOC Media: Over your dreams and aspirations, What is your greatest fear?
Agu Gift: (thinking) my greatest fear is not being able to at last fulfill my dreams and aspirations.
NELOC Media: What inspires your writing?
Agu Gift: I must be honest, my greatest inspiration is my best friend. But other things inspire me like nature, my mood, things around me, songs. I almost draw my inspiration from everything.
NELOC Media:  Wow! From everything. That's good.
Agu Gift: Yea
NELOC Media: Who is your best friend?
NELOC Media: I mean, your inspiration
Agu Gift: Okay
Agu Gift: My best friend's name is Kingsley John. He has been my best source of inspiration.
NELOC Media: Could you please tell us how?
Agu Gift: Uhmm...my best friend is a kind of person who is always compassionate and always cares for people around him. He touches lives even without knowing it. When I see him do these things, an inspiration just comes and I would fell like writing about whatever it was he did that day.
NELOC Media:  Wow! This is a pointer for everyone to do good. We do not know who we inspire indirectly.
Agu Gift: Exactly
NELOC Media: When did you start writing?
Agu Gift: As far as I can remember, when I was 5
NELOC Media: Wow! Five years? That's impressive.
Agu Gift: smiles yea, thanks
NELOC Media: You're welcome. Thank you for your time. Please what would you love to say to encourage other writers?
Agu Gift: I would say that we one of d most creative people in the world so we should always strive to bless others because one way or the other we are angels touching peoples lives through our work. I would love to tell my fellow writers out there to keep their pen rolling and the Lord shall surely be our as far as we keep being determined and Strong.
NELOC Media: Thank you.

For details about The New Man Writing Contest, please visit www.thenewman.org.ng

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