The Memoir of the Mad

With each passing day, I count my achievements and then give glory to God. 

However, deep inside me, I believe there is much work to do. The future too, seems very uncertain. In the last few weeks, the only solace after providence has been my pen. The words above have thus been inscribed deep in my hearts that I long to read them over and over again. At the moment, I have a piece of paper where it's scribbled and attached to the wall in my room.

At other times, I feel I need to learn arabic or some other strange language so I can write these motivation pieces, for myself alone.
Then, I found her.

I begun to speak to myself. At times, loud enough that my room mates would query my sanity. This language of the mind is a tough one, a battle field of the plus and minuses.

Then I discovered that madness is not the absence of a sound mind, but the business of a sound mind. It is thinking everything first and thinking again, those things you thought earlier, making a perfect dough off the flour.
If you ever thought up anything good and such thing became successful, then, you have been mad.

But then, knowing too is a battle of the mind. So, the day you know who truly wrote this, then, you become a mad man too and you have your lucid period only when in rest- temporarily or permanently.

Signed: Me.


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