Who's the next person?

In anything you do, please, consider the next person. 

When I came on campus about a session ago, I began to write the diary of an undergraduate. No sooner than I expected, the first diary went full. If you saw me in part one with one big book like that, you got it. The diary is home now (I vividly recall the corner of my room where I dropped it.) though I see the possibility of it becoming
published soon.

Resuming this session, I chose not to continue the diary. I felt it
was time consuming. But then each day, I see myself turning back to this diary. As I type, the second book is finished.

You may wonder why this seems a deviation from the title above- a title that sounds more like a warning. The next few lines will contain the last story that filled up my second diary- "The diary of an Undergraduate".

It was a bright afternoon, barely 1:00pm. That day, I had only one class scheduled for late noon. I had spent the bulk of the day at the upper reading room in my hall of residence before I chose to prepare for my class. I closed my books and headed to my room.

Minutes later, as I walked down the passage that led to the bathroom with my bucket in one hand, I saw this young man waiting patiently with a bucket of water and a tissue roll. A further look made me see the feet of another guy, revealed by the lower compartment of the toilet door. There, I guessed the guy outside was waiting for the other to finish his poo before going in.

I swerved right and went for my bath.

"Hey bro! Come here!"

I had barely poured water on when I heard the loud call out. I went silent.

At that point, the guy had summoned a fast moving "brother" (who apparently just came out of the toilet). He drew close, sluggishly with this "Ehen, wetin happen?" look.

"Baba, why you no flush nah?" was the interrogation that followed.

There and then, "Brother" went silent.

I had rushed out of the bathroom by then. Then I saw brother. He was the same one who used to do big boy at academics. I vividly recall his roll of "big and classic girls" who run after him at the faculty basement and the large numbers he believes he controls with his "big boy", "town guy" and "rich kid" lies whereas... (you can imagine)

I wondered why this stakeholder in the ministry of feminine affairs would do so. Funny enough, running water was available at the time.

(What's my conclusion?)

Silently, I conclude this episode of my diary by saying that the need to be real cannot be over-emphasized. One neat lie could become dirty and dirtier in the cause of time. Let it be known too that the next person is watching.

Culled from my Diary.

Nelson Vincent


  1. Hehehe. I can relate. Awo Toilet!

  2. Hehehe. I can relate. Awo Toilet!

  3. Adetunji Wuraola3 March 2017 at 02:50

    Thought provoking one.. I saw this on your facebook wall. Nice Nelson


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