Giveaway: Share the Grace or Say the Grace?

The many issues that surround the English Language stares us in the
eye. As ESL (English as Second Language) users, we tend to bend
towards what English is and what it is not as the occassion deems fit.

The technicalities of this language has made us come up with the
Language test. Regularly, we would pick up words that complicate and
try to analyse via a comment poll.

For this month, we have the
"Share the Grace or Say the Grace"

We recall the preacher at the end of his sermon each sunday say "Share
the grace" and at another point "Say the grace"

Our comment poll this week says:

Which of these is correct?
(a) Share the grace in fellowship
(b) Say the grace in fellowship

Please, answer (a) or (b) in the comment section stating your reasons
why you pick such option.

Prize: Winners would get five hundred naira airtime bonus.

O.A.U+ bonus: If winner is a student of Obafemi Awolowo University,
his/her airtime gift would accompany an INTECU recharge card covering
wifi service for one month.

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  1. I know my pastor says "Say the grace in fellowship"

  2. I know my pastor says "Say the grace in fellowship"

  3. Lol...

    Share the grace... That's how it's been since primary school nah.

  4. "Share the grace" has been the norm nah

  5. "say the grace in fellowship"

    let me try

    The Grace is a prayer, we don't share prayers but we say prayers.


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