Doors and Grounds: A new Month

It's a new month

Daily, we knock several doors and step new grounds. Wherever we go,  how these doors are opened to us, and these grounds broken remain a mystery. Schools have alluded it to a supreme being- God while others have proceeded to call it fate.

Whichever case it is, (of which we believe God is ultimate) we have moved on from the other room into a new ground- the reason why we have a new month.

This month luckily is one of love- The February 14th Saga. A high number of Love filled birds, Love filled hearts and Love filled souls would show again to celebrate Love. Let Love continue- the spirit is strong and binding.

Over these typed marbled words that walk beyond borders, it is our prayer that this month reels fulfilment before us that we exhibit a non-pareil order of grace.

Happy New Month.

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