Story Series: The Carnal Christians III

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About a month later, another group of evangelists met Bunbie fetching
water from a well outside his house. He responded politely to their
greetings for he was surprised to see Christians that way. He loved
everything about them- they dressed decently (no cleavage-baring
outfit, moderate hairstyles and dresses), they helped him draw water
and even asked if he had other chores.

"Wow! These people are different" he said to himself.

"Thank you very much sisters" He finally broke the silence that ensued
as a result of the work.

"Thank God sir" Kate, the leader of the group replied.

Knowing their mission, he gave them a "what-do-you-want" look out of
hatred for Christianity.

"If you don't mind, can I share the Word of God with you" Kate said,
noticing Bunbie's look.

"Is the Word of God for non-Christians? We have Christians inside, you
can go in" he said pointing to the house.

"Thank you sir. But, the Word is for everybody. We can share it with
you" she replied.

"Okay, go on but don't take much of my time" he replied giving a
'go-ahead' expression.

"Thank you sir" she replied.
Kate rendered a short prayer to God before starting her message. This
prayer opened way for both the preacher and the listeners as she
prayed in the Spirit.

"Before proceeding, may I ask you this question? What is your purpose
on earth?" she asked.

"My purpose?" He asked.
"Well, my purpose is to make money, to make it in life."

"Good! I love that" she remarked. "Do you know that making it in life
depends on God alone?" she paused as she saw the expression on
Bunbie's face.

Guess what! He was intrigued. Anyway, that is the Holy Spirit at work.

"It depends on the one who created the heavens and the earth" she
continued, "How do I know this? 'Cause the one who created all things
will care for His creatures by making them prosperous. That is why He
sent His only Son Jesus Christ to die for you and I so that we can
make it to the peak and even to make it to Paradise"

"But this is only possible if we accept Him as our personal Lord and
Saviour. We must do that now as tomorrow maybe too late, 'cause of the
destruction to come upon the unrepentant..."

"Destruction? Why that?" Bunbie asked.

"Oh! Thank you for that question"
"To answer that, I would love to hear your judgement on this"
"As a parent who labours over a child, how would you feel if the child
rejects you? What would be your reaction" she asked

"I will reject and deal with him or her mercilessly" he replied with a
stern look.

"That's the destruction- rejection and dealing with the unrepentant
mercilessly. We are God's children. He invested in us. Anyone who
rejects Him, His Son and His Word will be rejected and destroyed in
hell forever."

"Hmmm!" Bunbie sighed "Okay. What next?"

"Confess Jesus as your Lord and
Saviour; and invite Him to your heart", Kate replied.
Bunbie confessed his sins, accepted Jesus as his Lord, and he was
converted. He preached the Gospel to his neighbours thereafter.

[to be continued]

Oluwadamilola Funso-Adu Deborah

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