Story Series: The Carnal Christians II

[continued from part one. You can read the first part by clicking ]

About 4:30 pm on Saturday. The street was alive with people doing what
they do best. The boys, with their ball and the girls, playing
"luske". The gossips too were at it. The church took a time out to

Bunbie sat at the veranda of the rented "face me I face you" apartment
reading a newspaper.
He was soon interrupted by a trio evangelists of which Eunice was one of them.

"Oh! Here comes the religion of violence" he muttered.

"How may I help you?" he said even before they could utter a word.

"We are here to bring you good tidings..." the leader's statement was
cut abruptly by Bunbie's reaction.

"We are here to bring you good tidings" Bunbie mimicked, "Give this
one that good tidings!" he shouted, pointing at Deaconess Eunice as
her church members would call her.

"See, I don't have your time" he said and left for his room.

[to be continued]

Oluwadamilola Funso-Adu Deborah

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