Christmas Eve: What shall I give to Jesus?

I dreamt that I was invited for the birthday of our Lord Jesus Christ.
I thought of buying Him a gift for this party and I decided to buy Him
a pair of shoes. I however asked what set of shoes would fit He that
uses the earth as His footstool?

I also thought of buying Him a three piece suit but what clothing will
fit He that His clothing filled the temple?

Moreover, I thought of buying Him a dinner after the birthday party
but I remembered that He fed 5000 men with 5 loaves of bread and 2

Consequently, I thought of buying Him a book to read but what
literature will I give the omniscient God that already knows all?

However, the more shops I visited, the more confused I became. I
thought off baking Him a cake but which earthly cake can be compared
to the heavenly manna with which He fed the Israelites in the

I thought of giving Him a ticket to fly in the best airline but I
remembered that the Bible says "When it was time for Him to ascend, He
just went up"

I thought of building Him a magnificient edifice but what house will I
build for an heir in whose father's house are many mansions?

I thought of buying Him assorted drinks, but I remembered that at the
wedding in Cana, He turned water into wine.

I thought of asking a group of Orchestra to sing for Him but what
group of earthly Orchestra can be compared to the best of angels in
heaven that daily sing His praises?

I thought of buying Him a cell phone, but what usefulness is a cell
phone to Him that is present everywhere at the same time?

I thought of giving Him money to buy whatever He wants but I
remembered in the Bible, He said: "Silver and Gold are mine."

so, I became very confused and in my confused state, I heard a voice
from Heaven saying...

"My son, the gifts He appreciates and longs to receive daily but never
gets enough are
1. A pure heart
2. thanks and quality praises"

So, I had a rethink and woke from my dream.

As we celebrate the birth of Christ this year, let us remember the
essence of His coming and glue to it...

From all of us at NELOC, it's a Merry Christmas to you!

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