Poetry: Iyalaya


I went to deliver your message
When they attacked me
He who sends on an errand should be feared
Not he whom would receive such errand
You can kill the messenger
But never the message
Then, they send me with another,
A message, willed and heavy
"Tell Iyalaya to prove herself"

Iyalaya oh!
How daring?

Let us conquer their threats
Show of your strength and might

I nod negatively
Memory fails he who does the poo
Rememberance is for he who packs stool


The puppet is called thrice
This silence, is not my wise

Silence is the loudest scream
They say, if uttered, it could dry a stream

Let us see.

(C) Nelson Vincent Ayomitunde.

Inspiration: Verbal altercation between young men in a motor park

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