Evolve Scientia: Bermuda Triangle, A Solution

The devil's triangle (Bermuda) has been solved.

After articles like:
1. Sea mystery at our black door

2. The deadly Bermuda's triangle

3. Invisible horizons.......

There had begun a quest to know much about this mystery. These
articles were written after the increase in the disappearance of
warships and planes which include the prestigious "FLIGHT 19" .

Don't let me raise your anxiety. Bermuda is an undefined region in the
western region of the North Atlantic ocean where unusual
disappearances have occurred. It's vicinity are major shipping routes
and air routes and it is predicted that it has magnetic forces
attracting all objects to it thereby exerting a downward pull.

Last week, it was announced that
the mystery behind the Bermuda
Triangle had been solved. A Science Channel show claimed to
have the definitive answer behind
the phenomena. But the scientist
interviewed claims that this is not
what he intended to happen.

Randall Cerveny, director of the meteorology department at Arizona
State University, was the guest. The report claimed that 170 mph 'air
bombs' were the answer to the Bermuda Triangle disappearances, as
these huge gusts are capable of taking down ships and knocking planes
out of mid air.

Araromi Oluwatobi Emmanuel, a writer and poet is an Undergraduate of
the Department of Biochemistry, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.
He is a member of The NELOC Team.

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