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Isaac Success

Isaac Success is the founder and coordinator of Dreams From The Slum Initiative(DFTSI); a development cum charity project geared at improving the life of vulnerable children living in remote and desolate communities through education, empowerment and mentoring. The Award winning ambassador of the poor masses, also doubles as the CEO of Isaac Success International; a human capital development firm, that is into building human value system. A life transformer, social activist, humanitarian and philanthropist, he works as consultant and agent to top leading firms and agencies in Nigeria.

NELOC Media: Good evening sir, you are welcome to WTT with Akor Emmanuel Oche

NELOC Media: Dreams From The Slum Initiative (DFTSI) has been on the fore front of providing support for less privileged children in Africa. Tell us how it all began.
ISAAC: First I will love to say a big thank you for this opportunity to share with you today. Dreams From The Slum started in 2013, with vivid observation on how children in undeserved communities roam around the street, not going to school, so we decided to do something about it by taking action.

NELOC Media: I happened to bump into your most recent project "feed the school children". Apart from this, what other major projects have you executed since inception?
ISAAC: Oh yes! We observed that most children do not go to school because of food, while others go to school without eating, and reports have shown that, children who go to school on empty stomachs often find it difficult to concentrate, so we provided free meals for children, aside providing them with their basic school materials and we give scholarships to those out of school. To ensure that the initiative is sustainable, we tend to empower their parents too, so that they can be self empowered and better cater for their children, which will prevent them from dropping out of school.

NELOC Media: Considering that your NGO is non-profit oriented, and knowing that funding often pose a problem to such endeavors. Tell us, where and how do you source your funds?
ISAAC: We are involved in strategic partnership with other organizations to achieve our goals. While a good number of individuals serve as our ambassadors by supporting when a there is a call, cooperate sponsorship came majorly in materials and we are in dire need of support for us to make more impact.

NELOC Media: How do you operate, in terms of location and where to render your services?
ISAAC: We work to make the dreams of vulnerable children in Africa a reality. Aside reaching slums in Lagos, Kogi, Delta, Edo and Imo states, we are also reaching slums in Ghana and Uganda.

NELOC Media: At a time when it is most needed, philanthropism is fast fading away in Africa. What, in you view, is responsible for this?
ISAAC: That is why we have sustainability measures for initiatives like ours. In our sustainability plan, aside sending the children to school, giving scholarships e.t.c we ensure that their parents are trained via our entrepreneurship, cum skill acquisition programmes, and using art education. Last year during the international women's day, one of the single mothers we empowered now makes 70% more profit, than her usual, and can conveniently fend for her children.

NELOC Media: What projects are you working on presently and what are your plans for the future?
ISAAC: We are currently on a mission to build an educational center which will be a school and a library in Araromi Community, Ajegunle, Lagos state, and also working towards enrolling out-of-school children back into schools. We have a vision to have a center in 4years time, a center where children will have access to their basic needs.

WTT: For further enquiries, how do we reach the initiative?, , .
Tel: 07052824587, 07060515189/(sms only).

WTT: Thanks for the time, its a pleasure talking to you.

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