Give out your best and be Happy- Akor Joy Ene

"Give out your best and be happy" - Akor Joy Ene on WALK THE TALK .

Profile: Akor Joy Ene is the founder/vision coordinator of GREATMINDS ORGANIZATION, an NGO whose primary mission is centered on human development and restructuring, which it dutifully carries out through humanitarian activities, counseling, summit organisation, conferences, personal branding, and coaching. She is a 400L student of English and Literary Studies at the Kogi state University. Ayingba

WALK THE TALK: Good evening Joy, you are welcome to Walk The Talk with Akor Emmanuel Oche.

JOY: Thank you very much, its a pleasure.
WTT: Give us a brief bio of yourself

JOY: My name is Akor Joy Ene, a 400 Level student of Kogi state university, Ayingba. I was born in the 1990's. I smile alot and I love putting smiles on the faces of others. I read voraciously and also love making friends.

WTT: You are the founder of GREATMINDS Org. Brief us on the organization and how it operates

JOY: Greatminds is an organization that started in February 2015, it came out of a strong desire to see people succeed. Though we do this using three core values: creativity, motivation, and affecting lives. We organise summits, conferences, outreaches to orphanages and schools. We are guided by a very strong and determined team. Membership is open to all who are interested in touching lives.

WTT: What projects have you been able to execute so far?

JOY: So far, we have been able to organise conferences (some where online) as well as outreaches to orphanage homes in Ayingba and primary schools in Ajaokuta.

WTT: We all know that philanthropism is a tasking venture, how do you source your funds?

JOY: We get funds from our partners, patrons, and friends. And we are in dire need of fund to help us carry out some projects we have lined up to do.

WTT: What is the driving force behind this organisation, considering that its made up largely by students?

JOY: God is our driving force, because he fills us everyday with new strength.

WTT: Any plans for the organisation, as to where you want it to be in the distant future?

JOY: We plan to touch as many lives as possible, to help then discover themselves and succeed. In no time, we see GREAT MINDS building schools as well as skills acquisition centers all over the country.

WTT: Are you working on any projects at the moment that you may like our readers to know?

JOY: We are currently working on pupils and students, ensuring that they have good learning materials.

WTT: Your advice to someone reading this

JOY: Give out your best and be happy.

WTT: Thanks for the time, its a pleasure talking to you.

For further enquiries, get through to GREATMINDS via email:

Or call them on

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